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Ode to Celebrity Inmates & Their Mailing Addresses

OXYMORON – (ŏk’sē-môr’ŏn’, -mōr’-)  n., pl.,
A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist.

The message stated with incarceration today is that it does not discriminate. The odds are still typically in the favor of a celebrity who is well to do with a “dream team” of lawyers, but 2010 brought to the forefront that a celebrity can be sent to prison by receiving everyday Joe Justice in which the odds are normally with the house. The system is definitely flawed and targets whom it wills.

Here are more”celebrity inmates” and their mailing addresses:

Orenthal Simpson  1027820

Lovelock CC

1200 Prison Rd

Lovelock, NV 89419



Cory Miller (C-Murder) 556633

Camp J – BUSS


Angola, LA 70712



Phillip Spector G63408


PO Box 5248

Corcoran, CA 93212





 Take the time to send some encouraging words. You never know what will make a difference.

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  1. Jasmine | | Reply

    Hi I’m jasmine Higgins and I want to say I been a boosie fan since the age of 13 years old. Iam his number one fan till the death of me I can relate to every word he has spoken, he’s very talented, great poetry writer, strong minded a leader at what he do, Iam anticipating him to come to our city, I will forever love him so much

  2. De Streetz | | Reply

    Congrats to Boosie bad azz & his team of Lawyers. Im yo #1 fan and ready for you to come home and drop dat hott shit. NC got you bruhh

    • harli | | Reply

      Aye nc stand up. free boosieboo!!

  3. Anthony | | Reply

    To: O.J. Simpson, Jeff Atkins(Rapper Ja Rule), Reminisce “Remy” Smith

    “One of my biggest struggles is unanswered prayer. Maybe you can relate. You ask God to rescue a friend from addiction, to grant salvation to a loved one, to heal a sick child, to mend a relationship. All these things you [may] think must be God’s will. For years you pray. But you hear nothing back from Him and you see no results.
    You remind the Lord that He’s powerful. That your request is a good thing. You plead [ just as Esau did to Issac for blessings]. You wait. You doubt-maybe He doesn’t hear you, or maybe He isn’t poweful after all. You quit asking-for days or months. You feel guilty about doubting [ just as Jacob did before approaching Issac for a blessing]. You remember that God wants you to take your needs to Him, and you tell Him your requests again.
    We may sometimes feel we’re like the persistent widow in Jesus’ parable recorded in Luke 18.* She keeps coming to the judge, badgering him and trying to wear him down so he’ll give in. But we know God is kinder and more powerful than the judge in the parable. We trust Him, for He is good and wise and sovereign. We remember that Jesus said we ‘always ought to pray and not lose heart'(v.1).
    So we ask Him, ‘Summon Your power, O God; show us Your strength, O God, as You have done before’ (Ps. 68:28 NIV). And then we trust Him…and wait.” Anne Cetas

    * William Tyndale(1494?-1536) also Tindal or Tindale, an English reformer, translated the New Testament which is the basis of the King James Bible.

  4. Jasmine Lewis | | Reply

    I love torrence Hatch. I’m by far his fan all the way. I never thought you could love a celebrity. but he is by far the illest rapper in the game. I ask god to lead him and direct his path. A lot of people dont want to see him make it, but God has a plan for his life, just like any of us. This is a inspirational message that I hope finds its lifting words to his heart. Jasmine

  5. Royce Jones | | Reply

    Im a very huge fan of Lil Boosi & I love his music I can relate to everything he rap about… It’s that real shittt I can’t listen to no other, but him. I can’t buy burn CD’s I get the Real! Deal! Holy Field! I will like to know all the infomation I need to write gim & be supportive in any way we gon do this bid 2gether…..I love you Lil Boosie ( If u my NigGa!!! U my NigGa Then!!!) We was born in it!!! Can’t take it we Thugg Out….

    • Jeannie | | Reply

      I feel bad for OJ ! I think he has had a unfair shake ! Hang in there J !!!.

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