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Does Anyone Out There Really Care?

America’s spending on the criminal justice system has gone from $33 billion dollars in 1980 to $216 billion dollars in 2010. Seems to me the prison system has become the government’s main housing program for the poor. Find a poor White Community and put a prison in it! Fill it and everything else will be ignored. Brutality, questionable fatalities, the innocent and wrongly convicted, why are they all so called  minorities?

This is not a charade but something like true life “Orwellian Fantasy.” But hold up, wait a minute. There’s no need for alarm! You got pigs in the media, prison organizations, prison programs, in the cell right next to you. Maybe even in your family or your own bunky even. They haven’t just taken over the farm so plese excuse my earlier statement. There is cause for alarm.

I just heard on the radio some company has made suspenders to help keep your “baggy, saggy pants” down.What’s next…oversized shoes? From Queens to Bitches…From Kings to Clowns. It’s sad…

It’s no need to wonder why almost everyone around is either already dead, in the process of dying or sinply withering away like a corpse left to rot away in some deceptive grave you see…


De Andre WIlliams 99A0052

Upstate Prison 8B1-3-Cell

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  1. Charlie Carter | | Reply

    If Charles Dickens was writing today, he’d be setting his books in our prisons to demonstrate the social inequality.

  2. Ace | | Reply

    When will people get it? EDUCATION NOT INCARCERATION!

  3. Sophie Melbourne | | Reply

    I’ll tell you who cares! You people at PrisonWorld! Its such an important thing to do. Few people do it, but you do it so well. Thank you all!

  4. Olivia | | Reply

    Its basic economics! If we spend more on improving these areas rather than just imprisoning the people, They will contribute to society and we wont have to spend thousands each month keeping them locked in.

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