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Times Are Hard – Inmate Poetry


Times are hard

When you’re in a big cold,

Empty cell.

Wishing you was in Heaven

But it feels like you’re in Hell

Times are Hard

When the one that you love

so deeply

Is so far away.

Alot of pain comes with true love

and this I must say.

They’ll last forever

Hoping at night that you

receive a letter.

Times are hard

When everyone screams

That they love you

But as the man passes

You’re cell with the mail

He smiles and says – f#$@ you.

Times are Hard Baby

Yes I’m talking to you

Keep your head up

And always know that

I Love You.

Times are hard

We will overcome and prevail

Over our enemies together

It’s too late in the game

To give in now

This is the Time that we must show

The world what we are about

Times Are Hard

so think of me always

When you’re feeling down

and I’m sure that I can

turn that frown upside down…

when times are hard.

Jack Branch R17203

Florida State Prison

7819 Northwest 228th St

Raiford, FL 32026

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  1. Ian Peake | | Reply

    A beautiful piece of writing – speaks volumes! Wonderful.

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