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Prisonworld Magazine receives International Recognition from Lagos, Nigeria

Prisonworld Magazine is a known source for information on prisoners and the prison system. The co-editors and co-publishers have provided valuable information for media sources across the country and around the world. Dawah International, LLC, publishers and distributors of the magazine, was recently contacted by the Lagos Times, in Lagos Nigeria.

The international prison system is somewhat of a complex situation. Prisoners in third world countries are in rough shape and are most of these countries deny prisoners the basics needed to live and sustain in prison. Africa and several of its countries are some of the richest economies globally. Nigeria boats an economic structure that treats its politicians as royalty, a fashion industry that is coveted and a movie industry that is third in the nation with productions.

Behind all of the pomp and circumstance lies a prison system in desperate need of repair. Prisonworld Magazine started shipping to Africa in 2009. In a recent interview with a newly released inmate, Prisonworld Magazine was cited as “the only magazine that kept him sane during his incarceration.” This news travelled fast in the media world as the Prisonworld website received international visits from Egypt, the UK, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, The Netherlands, Turkey and several other countries.

Rufus and Jenny Triplett have been consulted by various countries as to programs that can be implemented into their prison systems in order to help with human rights and recidivism. They are coordinating with organizations to embark on humanitarian trips abroad to offer their expertise and assistance. Their success with prisoners in the United States has paved the way for the international outreach.

Prisonworld Magazine celebrates four years in print in June.  During that time it has touched, inspired, and motivated the lives of hundreds of thousands of inmates. The magazine boasts a loyal following of readers, advertisers and supporters. As an out-of-the box publication, the magazine has broken down barriers regarding Freedom of Speech in The United States of America and freedom of information for prisoners. Prisonworld currently ships internationally to Canada, The UK and Africa.

Rufus and Jenny Triplett are co-Editors-in-Chief of Prisonworld Magazine, which is published by Dawah International, LLC, a multimedia company. The magazine is printed on a bi-monthly basis and has a yearly readership of 350,000. They are co-hosts and co-producers of the weekly radio show the Prisonworld Radio Hour. For more information about the magazine log onto www.prisonworldmagazine.com. For more information on interviews contact Jenny Triplett 678-233-8286 or dawahinternationalllc@gmail.com.

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