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My Best Friend (Inmate Poetry)

My Best Friend

As I sit here gazing at your pictures,

My mind starts to wonder,

How you captured my heart,

Like lightening and thunder.

Deeply reminiscing as the words just flows,

In the next few lines there’s

Something I want you to know.

Thank you sexy for coming into my life,

And I pray to God,

That someday you’ll be my wife.

You have given me so much love,

And support in such a short span.

Can I please take your hand,

And lead you to love land?

There’s no true words in

The dictionary to truly express how I feel,

But there’s one thing I can say my love,

What I feel is real.

So please take what I say at heart,

Because I must bring this to an end.

You’re a special kind of lady,

My lover and surely my best friend.

Jack Branch R17203

Florida State Prison

7819 Northwest 228th Street

Raiford, FL 32026


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