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In September 2000, prayer sought relief on a Life Without Parole conviction by filing for a DNA request motion on the Superior Court Judge, Frederick N. Wagner Jr., in Dept. 114. This was granted November 1, 2001. All  prior petitions (1997/98) were denied. (Documents are available upon request.) Alan Devon MOVEMENT FOR JUSTICE can be discovered in many volumes of court documentation, Case #BA065141, from conviction to post conviction filings.

The big INQUIRY on this capital conviction, maliciously prosecuted by the California State prosecutor and judge, in orchestration with the State’s public defender is why no DNA testing was made readily available on such a horrendous crime when blood and saliva samples were extracted from Mr. Devon. Furthermore, once a judge had granted a motion for testing, why did the Los Angeles Police Department request that all biological evidence be destroyed. And why was this request processed without notification to Mr. Devon? (The destruction dates were Aug. 1998 to Jan 2001.)

PRAYER FROM ALAN DEVON TO THE PUBLIC FOR A VOICE: Nearly 2 decades have passed on this injustice by state officials. It is a constitutional violation for a person to be unable to confront evidence/allegations and it is contrary to the foundations of this country.

Alan Devon E43780

Fac c#3-131

PO BOx 5246

Corcoran, CA 93212

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