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Parents of Teens who Drink Need More than an Ounce of Prevention

Benjamin Franklin had well intentions with his famous coined saying “An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure.” Even the least cautious person can pull meaning from the renowned scientist quote. Unfortunately, Benjamin Franklin did not live in the times of now. The now generation has coined their own phrases with “chug, chug, chug,” being one of their most famous. Parents in need of help or teens who need a place to turn can always reach out to http://www.centers.org.

Rufus and Jenny Triplett, owners of Dawah International, LLC, are the parents of three boys 18, 20 and 22. The Triplett’s were recently showcased as advisors on Dr. Phil as “expert parents.” Being African-American, the boys have beaten the odds of being a stereotype by never have been in trouble with the law before age 17. During this month of Drunk Driving Prevention the Triplett’s are taking to their radio show, The Prisonworld Radio Hour, to discuss the challenges of growing up as a teenager in America today.

“Whatever happened to the 80’s? Those years are now referred to by our generation as the good ol days. Drinking was such a taboo and anyone who did it was considered a person you did not want to hang around. Today, teens that drink seems to be the ‘cool ones’. I am old enough to reflect now to see that family members can be very influential on kids from a young age. We use to have family get togethers and beer and alcohol was everywhere. My parents did not protect us from what we were seeing. Thank goodness I protected mine and did not take them around people who drank or allow drinking in my home. I felt it was my job as a parent. I can honestly say that it worked because none of my boys drank as teens.” say Rufus.

National Holidays in America are becoming known for drinking. New Year’s Eve, The Fourth of July, Labor Day and even Christmas Eve with a glass of eggnog is the acceptable norm. Wine connoisseurs bless Christmas and Easter with a glass of wine because it is said to be what Jesus did. Those that are educated know that wine, in its current form, did not exist in Biblical times but a pure, non-intoxicating liquid of fermented grapes was satisfaction to a class of people.

Jenny, who is always the more outspoken says, “My father was an alcoholic. I saw it destroy him and the problems that it caused in my parents’ marriage. As a teenager I did not want to do anything that impaired me from accomplishing my goals. Vomiting was not attractive and I always considered myself too cute for anything that alcohol caused you to do. Teenagers need to look at the big picture. Underage drinking is not cool. Drinking at an early age is a preliminary form of an addiction. Parents who drink currently or drank as a teen tend to empathize with their children. My teens knew better because of two reasons. One, it is against the law. Two, it is against my law. Once the parent sets the boundaries and rules they should be strictly monitored. My husband and I are former military. We ran our home like a boot camp. It resulted in a few good men.” says Jenny.

Celebrities, such as Drew Barrymore and David Arquette have been open and honest about their drinking as teens. Other celebrities who teens admire and emulate such as Snooki, Lindsay Lohan and Shia LeBeouf have been less outspoken as to how drinking has contributed to their destructive behavior.

Teens that drink become teens who drink and drive. Parents who allow their teens to drink at home are addiction enablers. Parents need to be more responsible.

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