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Father’s Day Thoughts for Father’s In Prison


His Daddy never showed up

His Daddy never growed up

His Daddy was sure a bust

His Daddy never had no trust

His Daddy only use to cuss

His Daddy just gave up and alcohol was a must

His Daddy only beat his mother up

His Daddy was in a drug bust

And went to prison and now he fuss

His Daddy came home and still hadn’t grown

His Daddy had a new prong

Dope was his new home

His Daddy was a true fake

Now his mother went on her way

His Daddy never would say

But come to find out, his daddy raised him the same way

His Daddy never showed love all the way to his grave

And now he pray that he can be a better father than his daddy was back in the day

Samuel Karim R-10346

PO BOx 112

Joliet, IL 60434

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