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Former Bad Boy Rapper G. Dep Gets 15 Years – Write Him Here

Former Bad Boy rapper G. Dep was sent to prison yesterday for a two-decades-old fatal gunpoint mugging — a cold-case murder that was solved only when he walked into a Harlem station house two years ago and turned himself in so he could square himself with God.

“The circumstance of your being before the court now suggests to me a maturity and decency that wouldn’t have been evident at the time,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus said of the 15-year sentence, the lowest allowed by law.

“It was the right thing to do, even though it landed you in the position you find yourself in now,” the judge added, calling the rapper by his given name, Trevell Coleman.

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Write Him Here:
Trevell Coleman 12A2293
Downstate Correctional Facility
PO Box F
Fishkill, NY 12524
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  1. Jhanlyod | | Reply

    it would be interesting if he came out and went right back to beienfg wit 50. i mean he did the bid, which is what these kids today certifies you as a real o.g. nigga. and 50 career sorta went the same way his did. singing and harmonizing on records, hit a big wave, then crashed hard wit album sales after a few years. 50 just did more side business then ja rule did and made a truck load of cash wit those side deals. the time ja rule was supposed to be doing side deals he was in the middle of beienfg wit 50 instead of diversifying his portfolio.

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