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PRISON RECIPE – Gourmet Wild Pigeon

An International Recipe for Wild Petersburg Pollo (a Federal Penitentiary Delicacy)

(1)    Capture – by any means necessary – one wild, fat & juicy Rock Dove Pigeon wandering the compound.

(2)    Slaughter – with extreme prejudice – dress.

(3)    Marinate for three days in your favorite jailhouse hooch – keep iced in your cellie’s clean trash can

(4)    On the eventful morning, saute’ in olive oil and/or butter, onions peppers, tomatoes, or whatever else you an appropriate ( you know what I mean) with Goya Sazon Seasoning

(5)    Boil two cups of rice – steep

(6)    Microwave whole carcass for about one hour.

(7)    Make a fluffy, even bed of cooked rice in the bottom of a large bowl.

(8)    Gently, lovingly, center the delicacy on the bed of buttered rice.

(9)    Smother the entrée’ with the hot sautéed vegetables.

(10)Reheat the rare morsel in the microwave as desired & serve with the whole Shabang or stuffed Jalapeno chips & ice cold hooch.

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