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What Does it Mean to Be Real?

  What Does it Mean to Be Real?

The answer to the question is lost.

A bright light in the land of the blind,

We’re made to pay at all costs.

Because we try to put into action that which has yet to be defined.

Some of us have lost our lives and our freedom;

In the name of keeping it real

Never knowing the real deal…

Basing our actions not on what we’ve come to know

But only what we feel.

Real can be defines as both accepted and absolute

This knowledge…your life it could save;

Having success or access to this and not using it

Will keep you forever someone’s slave

Real on the accepted plane is like judging a tree based only on its fruit

Real on the absolute plane would be digging   it up, exposing, dissecting, and studying it’s roots.

On the accepted level we’ve been reduced from man to mankind, made dumb, deaf and blind.

A predator has stolen us and our spines.

On the absolute level, it’s like having clear vision in the midst of night

Ask yourself, how do we determine or develop a criteria to discern what’s determine what’s wrong or what’s right?

(to hear more of this inmate’s thoughts you can write him here)

William Powell 890711

Telfair State Prison

PO Box 549

Helena, GA

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