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Prison Life

It’s waiting on letters when you’re doing time.

and your friends forget you;your brother can’t send a dime

It’s waiting on visits that rarely takes place

From friends or loved ones who forget your face

It’s hearing them lie and saying they are trying

Making you promises but you know they are lying

It’s making plans with someone who you thought you knew

But their plans suddenly change and it didn’t include you

It’s hearing them promise and it goes straight to your head

But when push comes to shove they leave you for dead.

It’s feelings , love, horror and pride

Pain, emotions and hurting inside.

It’s e expressing yourself to your loved ones, and friends

But they can’t feel your pain becasue you’re in the pen.

It’s calling and hearing a block is on the phone

But you maintain because life goes on.

It’s really messed up when you’re doing time

But that’s prison life, out of sight, out of mind.


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  1. James | | Reply

    Prison life makes a person to feel very much unhappy. They can’t play with their child, they can’t have fun with their friends, etc. Prison life is like a hell…

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