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#Prisonworld Magazine REWIND (2008) – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Prisonworld Magazine November 2007
Prisonworld Magazine November 2007

#Prisonworld Magazine REWIND (2008) – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

“Why can’t we all just get along? Rodney King – 1992. Who knew that 15 years later his words would be prophetic? Sometimes I wonder the same thing. Why can’t we get along with one another and
deal with people for who they are? I have come to the realization that the problem is we are all human and have a brain. Yes, that’s right, our brain. It is our brain that is at the center of all thoughts, silent or spoken. We are for the most part emotional and not rational. For if we were not irrational, we would not be distinct from all other creatures that just act on instincts.

When facts and truth are presented to us, because of free will, sometimes we choose not to believe. It is a contradiction for humans to be judges if they choose to deny evidence and truth. Feelings are
one of the most powerful attributes of a human being. They can make you and break you. Sometimes it feels good to assume a situation instead of actually knowing the truth about a situation. Most often times the truth is a let down.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the main three religions that have been around for centuries and from what I have seen are not going anywhere. Yes, we must agree that there are definitely differences. An intelligent person can acknowledge the difference and agree to disagree. An emotional person would more so want to engage in a conversation that is full of dispute, misconceptions, and enmity. I consider myself an intelligent person so let’s take a moment to discuss the differences.

Judaism was revealed to the Israelites. Prophet Musa (Moses) brought them the Ten Commandments and told them to worship one God. They do not believe in Prophet Isa (Jesus) or Prophet Muhammad; they worship on Saturday; they do not eat pork; and believe in Kosher (special foods); and have their own special holidays. Christianity was labeled after Prophet Isa (Jesus) and told the people to worship one God. They believe that Isa (Jesus) died for their sins; they do not believe in Prophet Muhammad; they worship on Sunday; they eat pork; and have their own holidays. Islam was revealed by Prophet
Muhammad (SAW) and he told the people known as Muslims to worship one God. They believe that everyone will account for everything that you do on the Last Day; they worship on Friday; they do not
eat pork; and believe in Halal (non-pork products and meat slaughtered with the name of Allah); their calendar follows the moon and they have their own holidays.

We can also examine the different sects that the religions incorporate. The Jews either follow an Orthodox or conservative teaching. Also, can be included are the Hebrew Israelites. Christians have many different sects of the religion which includes, Baptist, Southern Baptist, Lutheran, Protestant, AME, Catholic, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Seven Day Adventist, Episcopalian, Mormon, and even Jehovah Witness is close. Islam has many schools of thoughts either because of culture or interpretation. The different sects are Orthodox, Sunni, Shiite, Nation of Islam, Al Islam and 5% ‘ers and Bahai claim some form of Islam.

Now, these are the main differences and there have been wars declared on these basics by nations present and past. When you don’t understand something, you tend to fear it. When you tend to fear something, it becomes a threat to you. You cannot make anyone conform to your beliefs, violently or non-violently, but you can ask that they be respected. This is also part of the problem. You cannot respect someone’s beliefs if you do not respect the person. Do not mock or taunt someone for what they believe. All differences will be decided on the Last Day. Please do not waste precious time and breathe disputing about matters in which only God has control.

Coexisting takes Respect
Coexisting takes Respect

If you look past the surface, you will be able to find that all three of the religions have similarities. We have to learn to relax, release and relate. For instance, all were given a messenger that told the people to worship one God. The Laws that were sent down from Musa (Moses), the Ten Commandments, were to be followed and have never changed. Charity, fasts, prayers, cleanliness, community fellowship, fairness, humility, righteousness, modesty and seeking truth and forgiveness is all required. If we can all reflect on these requirements for all of mankind, we can “check” ourselves before we decide to “check” someone else regarding what they believe. It is only then can we be compassionate, tolerant, loving, kind and in a state of peace. It is only then that we can consider ourselves the best of examples.

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Once we realize that we are a test for each other, we can challenge ourselves to establish peace. It is a choice that we decide to make or not make. Being from different environments and different levels of exposure, conflicts over politics and religion, which most times seem all one in the same, are bound to happen. Rodney King was not a Prophet, but he offered a solution. So ask yourself today, are you part of the problem, or are you part of the solution?

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