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The Prisonworld Radio Hour shines the AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT on Glen Langhor

Glen Langhor - Author
Glen Langhor – Author

Formerly Incarcerated Author Glen Langhor joined co-hosts Rufus & Jenny Triplett on the Prisonworld Radio Hour to discuss his 11 years of incarceration, four of that within solitary confinement, and how he has sold over 60,000 books.

Check out his books – www.lockdownpublishing.com


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  1. Author Glenn Langohr | | Reply

    Thanks for the interview! Man it felt like I was under investigation and I did my time already! Keep entertaining and informing the public. Blessings, Glenn P.S. If Roll Call is to long for you to read, go to my Amazon page and listen to my books in audio to get into the nitty!

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