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Poectic Justice – Staying Game-Conscious and “Sucker-Free” (Inmate Thoughts)

Inmate Poetry
Inmate Poetry

Staying Game-Conscious and “Sucker-Free”

There should be a way that you could duplicate a prison scenario on the street. A simulation that places a person in an environment that accurately conveys the experience of being incarcerated. To me it’s the only way someone can truthfully gauge the authenticity of the people in their lives.

Right now, most of you reading this are comfortable in the knowledge that the person you’re sleeping with, the friends whose company you enjoy and the family you have faith in, are in your corner unconditionally. There’s no doubt in your mind that if anything happens to you, these support groups will run to your aid immediately, regardless of the circumstances. But are you sure?
Can you say with absolute certainty that the people who claim to love you now, will still be around if an injury, illness, or unfortunate situation left you debilitated? We want to believe in the loyalty of those we hold dear to our hearts. But the reality is that we never know what anyone is truly made of until their feet are placed firmly into the fire. It is only then, when our backs are against the wall and the bottom has fallen from under our lives, do we see others for who they really are, or until that point, we depend on blind faith, pledges of camaraderie and flattering pillow talk to determine the level of trust we should instill in the individuals who occupy our inner circle.

Prisons tests these relationships to the fullest extreme. They’re the only entities on earth that can place a level of strain on a commitment that will either break it completely, or make it even stronger.
From the way people act when you’re sent to one of these institutions, you would think you were eulogized rather than sentenced. The friends you thought you had suddenly developed amnesia as to your whereabouts. The woman who acted as though she couldn’t breathe without you, conveniently finds someone else to feed her oxygen. And as far as family is concerned, even they have the prosperity to leave you stranded when you need them the most.

This situation is unlike anything you could possibly imagine. But the saving grace (if that’s what you want to call it) is that once you’ve gone through the betrayal, the backstabbing, and the double-crossing, you feel a certain sense of relief. It is almost like going through a purification process. Those who weren’t as thorough as you thought are exposed for what they truly are. While the rest of the pretenders and fakers, who you would have otherwise continued to maintain relationships with, fade off into memory.

What you’re left with is a clean slate to start all over again. The game-consciousness you learn during the process allows you to stay “sucker-free” and more focused on the people who really matter, on the one’s who were there from the start, and the ones who played their part! Knowing who really deal with you!…PRICELESS…

Johnny Lamb 65339-004
Federal Prison Camp
Maxwell Airforce Base
Montgomery, AL 36112

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