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#Prisonworld View on Prison Food – Want Bones With That JELL-O?

Assortment of Jello
Assortment of Jello

#Prisonworld View on Prison Food – Want Bones With That JELL-O?


What Classic American Dessert Is Made From Animal Skin and Bones?

There are many hidden secret ingredients in foods. Consumers should be made aware, especially vegetarians and those who do not eat pork, of products that have animal by products or parts in any way.

Jell-O gelatin is basically purified glue. They are both made from the same stuff – boiled animal hooves, bones, and hides. Gelatin is just a
little more refined. Since the seventeenth century, people have been boiling down calves hooves to make jelly. After boiling, the liquid was
strained, allowed to sit for a day, skimmed of fat, sweetened, flavored, and set in molds. Powdered gelatin had been around since the
1840s, but it wasn’t until Charles B. Knox of Johnston, New York, packaged it in easy-to-use form in the 1890s that gelatin desserts
started to catch on.

Jell-O is about 85% sugar, 10 percent gelatin, and 5 percent artificial flavors. This does nothing to help sales among today’s health-conscious consumer.


Inmates are fed jello at least once or twice a week. Most food fed to inmates are not fit for human consumption. This information just solidifies that the inhumane treatment forced upon inmates by the powers that be.


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