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Top 5 Prison Slang Words

Top 5 Prison Slang Words
Top 5 Prison Slang Words

Prison Slang

Prison may be one of the last places you would like to go, but the life that the inmates lead and the culture that is established behind the walls is a hugely popular voyeuristic phenomenon.

Prisoners have their own form of “Ebonics” as society would say and is known widely as Prison Slang. Here is our Top 5:

(1) Shank – a popular term for a prison made knife or sharp object used to injure or possible kill another prisoner

(2) Kyte – (Kite) – a term that is used for a note, message or letter meant for another prisoner, guard, administrator or outsider which may or may not include a loved one

(3) Package – an encompassing term used for a prisoner that is living with HIV

(4) Celly – an endearing term for a prisoner that shares the same cell or living quarters

(5) “To the Door” – this is moreso a phrase that is used for inmates who have to do all of their time or rather max out their sentences



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