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Real Housewife X-Husband Apollo Nida – Write Him Here

Apollo Nida on PrisonworldApollo Nida Prison Pic on Prisonworld

Real Housewife X-Husband Apollo Nida – Write Him Here

The many shades of Apollo. If you are not familiar with who he is, an ex-husband of Phaedra Parks, on e of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and now habitual offender. But hey, everyone has a past…right? Not to bore you with all of the details regarding his conviction (GOOGLE IT), but instead, giving you the opportunity to drop him a line. Maybe you were a fan of the show. Maybe you didn’t like how he treated Phaedra. Maybe you have a job for him upon his release. Or maybe you just like to write inmates. Whatever the case, you can write him here>>>

Apollo Nida 65725-019

FMC Lexington

PO Box 14500

Lexington, KY 40512

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