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#Prisonworld News – Write A Prisoner – Bill Cosby

#Prisonworld News – Write A Prisoner – Bill Cosby

Interesting turn of events wouldn’t you say? You don’t think that someone is going to go to prion in their 80’s but if you follow us on our radio show or via social media, we always say, never say never. Everyone is going to prison…from CEO’s to every day Joes. And now, America’s dad, Cliff Huxtable.

One thing you won’t have to worry about when writing him is that your mail will be intercepted by an agent, a publicist or a fan club gate keeper. You now have direct access. He may be behind the wall but prison breaks down the wall of not being able to reach celebrities. Even the fallen ones. So if you’re feeling like you have a few things to say, put the pen to the paper and drop a line.


William Cosby #NN7687

SCI – Phoenix

1200 Mokychic Drive
Collegeville, PA 19426



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