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Jaki McCalvin – Secrets of an Inmate’s Wife – Prisonworld Radio Hour Best of 2009

Author of “Secrets of an Inmates Wife” had a nice little chat with the Prisonworld Radio Hour about the trials and tribulations of supporting a husband in prison as well as sustaining a life of her own. Incarceration affects millions of people across the country and this insightful interview gives some great tips on how to survive.


Best of Prisonworld (Acapella Radio Hour) Damon Amin Meadows-Best-Selling Author (Explicit Warning)

The Prisonworld Radio Hour has interviewed some of the most interesting characters regarding the prison system but you might want to tune in tot his particular interview as Essence Magazine Best-Selling Author Damon Amin Meadows keeps it real about life behind bars and the strange addiction that straight me fall into regarding homosexuality.

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Click Here to listen to the Show – Explicit Warning