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Funny Lady Luenell (Katt William’s Sidekick) – From BET to Incarceration – The Lost Podcast

Funny Lady Luenell (Katt Williams’ sidekick) talks about her Incarceration. How does someone go from BET to incarceration? This podcast was posted some time ago but for some reason fell off the site. For those who did not get to enjoy it previously, here is your chance.

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HOT TOPICS – 15 Minutes of Fame – Prisonworld Radio Hour – 9-25-11

Co-hosts Rufus (Isma’il) & Jenny Triplett are back from summer hiatus and discuss high profile cases that they missed while gone.

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15 Minutes of Fame Paved the way for High Profile Criminal Cases and Trials

Andy Warhol, who said in 1968 that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” In a new millennium where ordinary people can gain notoriety by posting a video on YOUTUBE or by being an over the top personality on a reality show, the criminal justice system is having its fair share of those who may be unconsciously bucking for their 15 minutes.

2011 has provided a listing of cases and trials that have sparked national outrage as well as thousands of tweets for those voicing their opinions to anyone who will listen. The Casey Anthony Trial and subsequent acquittal garnered the attention of an audience bigger than the super bowl. Hundreds of people who wanted to be in attendance for the proceedings paid thousands of dollars to travel from other states and even other countries. The melee of stampedes and fights for courtroom seating only added to the hoopla of the circus atmosphere.

The current trial of Conrad Murray, accused of killing Michael Jackson, the King of Pop and the greatest entertainer in the world, is surrounded by similar melee with fans that have traveled from all over the world to be it the midst of the trial circus in the name of seeking justice. This is probably 15 minutes that he wishes he did not have to endure and that will probably last for another half an hour.

Names that will be remembered from their 2011 brush with the criminal justice system are Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French billionaire who allegedly sexually assaulted a hotel maid; The Dougherty Gang, the three bank robbing siblings who took the police on a cross country chase and brought back memories of Jesse James and his gang; Troy Davis, the death row inmate whose case was sentence was not commuted even after seven of his nine witnesses recanted their statements and he proclaimed his innocence up until last breath; and even Shane Sparks, America’s Best Dance Crew judge who pleaded “no contest” for child molestation charges.

The Prisonworld Radio Hour airs on the Prisonworld Radio Network. The network attracts over 1.2 million monthly listeners globally, which includes those within the prison systems across the country. “Prisonworld brings a curiosity to people. We deal with inmates and the prison systems on a daily basis but there is so much more to what we do. We are on the grass roots level of a people movement, as Barack Obama would say. A lot of people say that they do what they do to help people. We truly mean that. If we can help just one person, then we have accomplished our goal. And since we are still around, people must really be feeling what we are doing. It is so exciting to have listeners all around the world. Maybe this is our 15 Minutes of Fame,” says Jenny Triplett, co-host and co-Editor-in-Chief of Prisonworld Magazine.

The Prisonworld Radio Hour draws listeners from over 100 countries including the UK, France, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Korea, The Netherlands, Turkey, Austria, Norway, Japan and Indonesia, just to name a few. Prisonworld has broadened its brand into a global market in just two years by covering a variety of topics that brings awareness and keeps the attention of the listeners.

“Having inside information from inmates, celebrities, family members, etc. allows us to have an edge over mainstream reporting. People reach out to us in order to get on our airwaves knowing that we allow them the opportunity to speak their side. We hear from the wrongfully convicted every day. Hopefully we are doing apart to bring their stories to light. The celebrity cases overshadow the everyday Joe’s cases,” says Rufus Triplett, Jr., co-host and co-Editor-in-Chief of Prisonworld Magazine.

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