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Lifestles with Rufus and Jenny Triplett on Prisonworld

Lifestyles with Rufus and Jenny Triplett is coming to AIBTV in the Fall. You can be a part of the show by submitting a video. It's very simple. Be sure to submit it here, on Twitter or Instagram and hashtag it #RufusandJenny We want to make YOU a part...

Social Media Workshop – 3 Part Series

Social Media Workshop on Dawah International, LLC

Social Media Workshop! Jam Packed 3-Part Series By Poular Demand – Rufus & Jenny Triplett, Ebony Magazine’s Couple of the Year 2012 and Mashable’s Social Media Power Couple are conducting a social media workshop to help you stand out amongst the crowded social media platform. Here is a breakdown...

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Prisonworld 2008-2011

Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon from Tupac Shakur’s Outlawz – Best of Prisonworld (Acapella) Radio Hour 2009

Mutah Beale on Prisonworld Radio Hour

Mutah Beale on Prisonworld Radio Hour

Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon from Tupac Shakur’s Outlawz – Best of Prisonworld (Acapella)Radio Hour 2009

Mutah Beale (AKA Napoleon from Tupac Shakur’s Outlawz), presents himself for an interview to discuss his conversion to Islam and his days in the music business chats it up with Rufus & Jenny Triplett on the Prisonworld (Acapella) Radio Hour.



Bilal Mustafa – Ummah One and the Myths of Social Media – Prisonworld Radio Hour – The Lost Interview

Ummah1 on Prisonworld Blogtalk

Bilal Mustafa – Ummah One and the Myths of Social Media – Prisonworld Radio Hour – The Lost Interview

There are many reasons why social media is such a vital part of our society today. Many niches of lifestyles have their own URL’s and forums. Bilal Mustafa (also known as Bilal Intl) is an around the way type of guy and devout Muslim and felt the need to gather Muslims together in a networking atmosphere. He explains the who’s, what’s, when’s, why’s, where’s and how to’s of his platform with co-hosts Rufus (Ismai’l) & Jenny Triplett of the Prisonworld Radio Hour.


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Guantanamo Bay

The United States of America Does not torture people. It just has other people do it for them and they stand in the corner watching over their shoulders. The reality is that movies portraying corruption, torture, deception, and even murder sometimes come from somewhere. Those ideas are put on the big screen for people to ask questions. America got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. The great American lie that rang around the world….America does not torture….at least not at Guantanamo Bay. CLICK HERE to read additional blogpost

Prisonworld 2008-2011



Likely Suspect is composed of three brothers (Rufus, Lonell & Afua Triplett and a cousin – ElHajj Triplett) from Flint, Michigan. The group sings current and old school tunes and also original songs in melodic four part harmonies. Their concept is a variation on a theme of groups which makes it more of a “project.”  This project is a collaboration whose primary focus is Acapella music with a message. The airwaves are full of music that is degrading, sexual, vulgar, and to the point where most people just listen to the beat and not the words. For children ranging in age from 9 months to 19 years, the Likely Suspect Project uses their message to “Change the Game.” Their current release, The OG Collection has created quite a buzz and is making its way around the country through Amazon.com and The Prisonworld Radio Hour.


You can find the CD titled The OG Collection on Amazon.com in the music category. CLICK HERE to see Amazon listing.

All proceeds benefit  The Prisonworld Outreach Program.