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Sexual Predators are still stalking the internet everyday. To Catch a Predator made us think that cyberspace was just a little bit safer with them on the job.

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1. How many ounces are in a gallon?

2. How many children does Bobby Brown have?

3. Name the largest state in the US.

4. Who are the three NFL teams with five Super Bowl rings?

5. What was the character “Bookman’s” first name from the TV Show Good Times?

6. Who was Prophet Abraham’s oldest son?

7. Where was the 2004 Summer Olympics held?

8. How many inches make up a yard?

9. In what movie is the famous phrase “Say hello to my little friend?”

10. Name three Prophets that are all in the Torah, Bible, and Quran.

11. What time zone is Michigan in?

12. Who was President Ronald Regan’s vice president?

13. Name three countries in Africa.

14. What is the first Commandment of the 10 Commandments?

15. At what degrees Fahrenheit is freezing?

16. Who is the NBA’s leading all-time scorer?

17. Name three Looney Tunes characters.

18. In what movie did Eddie Cane lead sing for a group?

19. What Prophet lost his wife to Soddam & Gomora?

20. Who created the Heavens and the Earth and everything between?

The mission of Community Oriented Correctional Health Services (COCHS) is to help local correctional facilities improve health care delivery to inmates by brokering partnerships between jails and local community health care providers. COCHS recognizes that, while jails are required to provide health care to inmates, their top priorities are safety, order and security. However, improved inmate health care reduce violence in the jail and in the community.

Love Does NOT Look Like This – Domestic Violence PSA

It’s never too late to get help. The first solution is realizing there is a problem.

CLICK HERE to read about Chris Brown

Domestic Violence has plagued this country throughout the test of time. No one is exempt from it. Not even COPS. Some are protected by it, including COPS. It is never too late to get help or to get away from the pain and the abuse. Physical abuse is just as bad as verbal abuse. Recognize the signs and get help. National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)