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Georgia Governor Nathan Deal talks about lowering the Prison Population – [VIDEO]

Keep your eyes on the State of Georgia. The War of Crime and The War on Drugs failed massively. Even the War on Immigration put the state in great shambles. All of the people with all of the brains down at the State Capitol has realized that it is a new day and can’t keep doing the same on thing and expecting different results. Insanity is not the new black.

What’s the 411? Beware of Parole Scams

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There is almost nothing worse you can do besides for scamming inmate’s families who are desperately seeking legitimate help. Daryl Baptiste, a former inmate, has done just that. After release from a Georgia State Prison in December of 2010, he formed a company, Parole Advocates, with designs of helping inmates receive an early parole. His entire set up was a scam. He charged unsuspecting people extravagant fees for services which the services were never completed. He has a few complaints on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and citizen complaints which lead to this Fox 5 I-Team investigation.


Daryl BaptisteWe have had personal contact with Mr. Baptiste while he was incarcerated. He sent us packets of paperwork which he wanted uploaded to MySpace (at the time it was the hot social network) in order to seek money for his cause. His cause was his incarceration. I had a bad feeling about it when he sent it and the service was never completed. His money was refunded by mutual agreement.

Beware of his company if it comes across your radar. Mr. Baptiste has not made an update to his Facebook page since August of 2014. Possibly he is on the run.

Please note…all inmates are not bad people. Many upon release go forward and become productive citizens. Unfortunately you have a few bad apples that want to continue down a road of deception and criminal activity. So now…you’ve been warned.