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Austin Brown on PrisonworldBlogtalk.comAustin Brown #318804
Roxbury Correctional Institution
18701 Roxbury Rd
Hagerstown, MD 21746

Peace & Blessings B upon U. My friends & fam call me Asar Pepi. I’m mixed wit Brazilian, Black & Native American. I’m 37, a Pisces & Universal wen it comes to religion (a simple non judgmental spiritual man) I let my actions speak my faith!

Although I am currently single, I am seeking friendship only. Also, I am placing this add for networking purposes, in order to promote, advertise & God willing, take my art career tot he next level. Az for me on a personal level I enjoy good conversation, reading, help’n others, making music, good “holistic” food, solving problems & the spirit of being a natural entrepreneur.

I love a great sense of humor. It’s one of the qualities that I look for in a friend along with honesty & being down to earth. Race & Religion is not a factor for me. So with this being said, hit me up if you have room for sum positive energy & upliftment in your life. One Love.


LeMable McKissick on MyPrisonworld LeMable McKissick #080294
Chillicothe Correctional Center
3151 Litton Drive
Chillicothe, MO 64601

Doing Life. Looking for people to keep me company.
Vernon Nelson on Prisonworld BlogtalkVernon Nelson #80689
ESP PO Box 1989
Ely, NV 89301


Hey Everybody,m y name is Vernon Nelson. I am the author of Emotion Stirred Beyond Beauty and The Lost Writings of Vernon Nelson. Feel free to check out and Google my books. Would love to hear your thoughts. I’m 33 yrs. 6’2″/190cm, 205 lbs/93kg. I’m looking to meet cool pen pals who are down to earth, open minded and sincere. I enjoy exercising, nature, traveling, reading, writing novels, jazz & R&B, Hip, Hop and various music. I was born overseas and raised between Amsterdam, Germany (Europe) and California. It doesn’t matter who you are, boy or girl, black or white, Christian or Muslim. If you want a genuine friendship, I will be glad. It would really be nice to hear from some people from Europe and Saudia Arabia as I plan to visit there some day. Looks don’t matter but I do like to see who I’m writing so please do send your pic.


Dewey Johnston  #33690-044
FCI Gilmer
PO Box 6000
Glenville, WV 26351

Hello! My name is Dewey Johnston, D.O.B. 12-22-1972, 185 lbs, green eyes and brown hair. Ethnicity: Irish and German. I am from Rockford, IL near Chicago. I am serving a federal sentence for possession of a firearm. I have been incarcerated since 10-02-2006 and counting the good-time and halfway house, my earliest release date is 03-12-2018. The good news is I am looking at huge relief with pending meritorious appeal due to an unconstitutional enhancement and I am expecting to be free much sooner. We will see.

I am not sharing downtime with anyone special. I am engaging, deeply learned and energized. I am down to earth and I never think the future to be far away because I am incarcerated. I think it makes the future look bright with many possibilities and opportunities that are out there waiting for me. I hope to catch your attention, as well as your time. If you think the Sundown is with purple, blue and gold enhanced colors in the skies, means another a beautiful evening filled with splendor then we should talk. If you like the outdoors, walking in nature and believe solitude can be found anywhere, we should write. Should you also enjoy the occasional hustle and bustle of the city, maybe great food, great conversation, great views and great shows, then when I am Free we should meet! If you love a good book, can laugh out loud and enjoy life, we should communicate. If you want to be heard and want to be an equal or more than equal, you have that here. If you want to express yourself from the Alpha and to the Omega without criticism, but with honesty, this is the place. If you like physically fit and smiles interest you look no further. If your love of music is marked by a good beat that makes good sense, tune in here. If you can listen to most genres of music, this is the station for you. If you like your bread and butter at a secluded Bed and Breakfast or your toes buried in the silky sand somewhere in a Caribbean type atmosphere, we should go in the near future. If you just want to be heard, you can talk. If you just want to listen, I can be heard. I you are searching like me and so many others, you can look in this area. If you want someone who is honest, not a game player, hard working and can forgive a person for making a mistake in their past, as that person is non judgmental, caring and also looking, let’s take a chance. Do you want an intelligent word or maybe more? Then please write! Life is beautiful even under the most unusual of circumstances. We have to be ready to grasp a hand as it’s extended to us or risk losing one of God’s greatest blessings – Companionship.

Ricky Wright #AE5391, Kern Valley State Prison 7-119L, PO Box 5103, Delano, CA 93216

My name is Ricky Wright. I am a 42 year old Puerto Rican male looking for someone to correspond with (male or female). I love all kinds of music and I also read a lot. I’m not into games or any type of drama – please feel free to ask me anything and I will respond asap.

Hi, my name is Lee, I am a 41 year old Italian/American male. I am a divorced father of two boys ages 15 & 10. I enjoy lifting weights and running. I spend a majority of my days helping others with legal work. I am from Chicago, where my profession is to buyout distressed companies and invest. I am a very open minded and liberal guy who enjoys all aspects of life. I write short stories, especially ones pertaining to sex and love. I am hoping to find someone who enjoys talking often. Race, age, etc do not matter to me, I enjoy all people the same. Send your info and email to me at Lee Anglin 18600-424, K-3, FCI Sandstone, P.O. Box 1000, Sandstone, MN 55072 Hope to hear from you soon!!!

Robin Jones 41382-050

FCC Unit E-3, Cell #132 up

Yazoo, MS 39194

Hi there,
My name is Robin Michael Jones and I’m a 44 year young African-American male. I’m six feet tall, 195 pounds with a muscular athletic build. I have a dark brown skin complexion with jet black wavy hair, and I’ve been told that I have a gorgeous smile. As a result of my being on this website I’m hoping that I will attract and meet interesting women from all over the world. Your age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, breast, hip, and waist  measurements all don’t matter. What does matter is that you are a sincere woman. I’ll be right here waiting.

Roshaun Hoggard 18041-014, FCI Berlin, PO Box 9000, Berlin, NH, 03570 – My name is Roshaun Hoggard, I’m 33 years of age I’m presently living as a prisoner of the us government.
Let me be clear, I’m a victim of my own actions, also at the time a judge of bad character. The boy i was yesterday, has nothing to do with the man i am today! I’m a firm believer that the creator of creation is the best of planners,  this time in my life is not a hindrance, it’s a lesson cherished cause of my ability to constantly learn from this! I came to see how short life is, the ability to laugh, to share in joy, to also be a trusted person to someone is what this journey is all about! I would like to add a queen to this journey,  that’s understanding, loving, caring open-minded,trusting, smart, strong, ambitious, etc…. i would love to start off as friends and see were we could end up at hopefully some were special were lover go. Here’s a little about my self, On my down time i like to read write workout watch the news and study for my goals i plan to go after when !’mm released
my favorite music is soft-rock country R-B and oldies but goodies and jazz blues. So if that special queen is out there feel free to contact me. (smile)


Looking For A Good, FREE, Muslim Man

Muslimah serving a LIFE sentence looking to get back into court. Seeking a good Muslim man of any nationality. Please send a letter of detail about your self to: Juahl Ganaway 1082677, Lee Arrendale State Prison, PO Box 709, Alto, GA 30510


Need Someone To Write Badly

Hello, my name is Eugene Martinez. I am 27 years old. I am a Hispanic male 5’6″ tall. I weight 145 lbs. I am well built, with a light complexion, black hair and brown eyes. I am very laid back and down to earth. I am very artistic, creative and deep in culture with a great sense of humor. I was born and raised in San Antonio. I am looking for a lady with the same interests. I don’t really care about physical attributes in a woman as long as she is open-minded, understanding and positive. I am more into a mental and spiritual connection. If you would like to get to know me, please drop me a line. I would love to tell you more about myself. Hopefully, I will hear from that special someone soon. I think his release date is 10/2012, but I am not sure about that. This guy is in bad shape. Eugene Martinez 1386855, Ferguson Unit, 12120 Savage Dr., Midway, TX, 75852

Looking For Pen Friends

Man of the world, held captive. Would like to have pen friends. As I try to distance the deafening silence and a life broken dreams, a short letter of introduction will suffice. Release date 2062. Robin Zakia Elliott #24941, PO Box 665, Somers, CT, 06071

Fun loving guy

Hello, My name is David Clark.  I am a 42 year old 6’0″ Caucasian male. I am looking for someone to start a friendship with.  I am a trustworthy, honest, fun loving guy. I have made a few mistakes in my life but I have changed.  I look forward to hearing from someone soon. David Clark T17467, MCSP  14-246, PO BOX 409060, Ione, CA, 95640

Looking For An Open-Minded Person

Looking to Connect

My name is Rufus Depree Washington, but call me Depree. I’m 5’8″ yellow bone and looking for someone that’s comfortable with them self, easy-going and confident. With my time I workout, draw, tattoo and educate myself. Just give me one chance and I’ll make your head spin like the exorcist. Rufus Depree Washington 1374330, Estelle Unit, 264 F.M. 3478, Huntsville, TX 77320


My name is Stanley Hedger serving 20 – Life while coming up for parole in 2018.  My birthday is March 5, 1968 – white – 6 foot – 185 pounds. What keep me busy is daily exercise for my body and daily scriptures reading for my mind, along with writing romantic poems with hopes of finding someone that would be attracted to me on a personal level. I am interested in corresponding with a woman who enjoys spirituality, dreams, goals, poetry and who has inner beauty of a loving, kind, gentle heart – someone that can express her feelings honestly.  I will answer every letter.  If you wish to communicate with me I will guarantee your privacy and I will not ask you for money or gifts.  My motives are pure! Thank you for your time and consideration in reading my ad and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Stanley Hedger  #307222, M. C. I., P. O. Box 57, Marion, Ohio  43302

I Need Your Help

Femme sole seeks redemption from fiasco in bible belt. Currently attempting post conviction relief. any help appreciated. Quid pro quo. faute de mienz (desire something better). Laura Dunkle 476574, MBCC, C1B-108, 29501 Kickapoo Rd, McLoud, OK, 74851

Nice Amigo Seeking Friends

I’m a very lonely Spanish male looking for friendship of any race and religion. I’m 5′ 9″ tall with a slender build of 165 lbs. My hair is Black and I have brown eyes. I am disease free and single. I have a light brown complexion. All responses will be replied to urgently and sincerely. I hope to hear from someone soon. Tony Rodriguez Jr. 392037, Eastham Unit, 2665 Prison Rd #1, Lovelady, TX, 75851

Laugher looking for Pal

My name is Dwayne Green. I am a 29 year old black male equipped with a good sense of humor and a great personality. I’m looking for a pen pal between the ages of 29-40 who possesses the same qualities as me. All races are accepted. Dwayne Green 1569772, Eastham Unit, 2665 Prison Rd. #1, Lovelady, TX 75851

Honesty counts with Me

Single Black Male 34 years young, seeking a meaningful and genuine friendship. I enjoy a variety of music, sports and pursue academics to quench the thirst of mind. I am delighted with the written word and intrigued by politics. Currently serving life. T. Turner  K-15855, PO. Box 4670, Lancaster, CA 93539

I believe in Karma

Sayah ladies, what it do? Its Bernard here knocking at the door to your heart. Can I please come in? You came to the site for a reason. I’m that reason. I’m single and seeking friendship. I do not have my hands out nor am i seeking any donations. I’m just seeking friendship. I’m 35 years old, sign virgo, no children, so no baby moma drama. 5’7′, 176 pounds shoulder length hair, brown eyes, white teeth. I enjoy reading, writing, and exercising. I’m born and raised in south area of Sacramento California. My last employment in society was welding and attending American River College. I’m open and honest. I’ll respond to all who write. Must be 18 years of age or over. Race and weight is unimportant. I have a nice personality and am fun to be around. I believe in good karma. If you like what you see and read then holla back. I look forward to hearing from someone who’s open minded and very understanding. Release date not set currently serving life under 3 strikes law. Bernard Wildee H-83205, High Desert State Prison, P.O. Box 3030, C-6-205L, Susanville, CA 96127

 Age and race are not important

My name is Donald Ray Craig an I am a Federal Correctional Inmate.  I am in my late 30’s, 6′ tall, 265 pounds, beautiful brown eyes, brown hair, and a smile to die for.  I am a Christian, and am a single white male looking for that special someone to capture my heart. Serious replies only…age and race are not important.  Thank you for taking the time to write to me. Donald Ray Craig 21270-058, FCI Williamsburg, P.O. BOX 340, Salters, SC  29590





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  1. Robert James Dennis 927784 | | Reply

    I’m placing this ad in regards of seeking relief for wrongfully convicted. I’ve been incarcerated for 20 years, since April 22, 1997, on a void indictment on charges of burglary, armed robbery, malice murder, aggravated assault, poss of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and forgery. At time the crimes occurred, I was 17 yrs old, which was illegal sentencing as a juvenile. This was a capital case and the state was seeking the death penalty, but I plead guilty to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. 15 yrs after, I was sentence the united states supreme held in Miller v. AlObama that a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for those individuals under the age of 18yrs old at the time their crime violates the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment of the eighth amendment. I filed a pro see motion to correct void sentence, among other motions, stating what the supreme court ruled on. The state agreed, and filed its motion to amend my sentence in compliance with the above listed united states supreme court case. This was Oct 14, 2015, on Dec 9, 2015, I was resentenced from life without the possibility of parole to life with the possibility of parole. Here, I have cried out for help and prayers. I have lifted up my voice and shared with you these hidden errors involving my void indictment. There are many, many, more errors. I will discuss on another episode if allowed. God bless you all..
    Mr. Robert James Dennis

  2. ANTHONY BURRIOLA© [61171] | | Reply

    UCC 1-308
    From: d.b.a – ANTHONY BURRIOLA© [61171]
    [ESP] POB – 1989
    Ely, Nevada Republic [89301]
    Re: Request for aid

    I have been railroaded into prison by corporate government agents in order to cover their liabilities.
    Since construction of the attached affidavit, crucial evidence which could exonerate me, new evidence has been uncovered, and new decisions of law passed which apply to my case. E.g., Riley – v – Mc Daniel, No. 11-99004, 9th Cir., May 15, 2015, ruled that the KAZALYN instructions used to convict me are unconstitutional; There is also a total lack of jurisdiction, which has no time limit to file on. I beg you to please review the enclosed affidavit of this manifest in – ju$t –u$, and let me know if there is anything at all your group can do to aid in getting relief. Contact me at the above entitled address, or my executor off trust & attorney – in – fact, at Marla A. Polson, 17982 Wisteria St., Hesperia, Cal. 92345, (760) 244-8961; (760) 662-9121; marlaplsn@aol.com ~ Affidavit of ANTHONY J. BURRIOLA© ~ “Indeed, no more than (affidavits) is necessary to make the prima facia case”. United States – Kis, 658 F.2dat536 (7th Cir. 1981) cert. denied, 50U.S.L.W.2169(March 22, 1982). I, Apollyon A. Abaddon©, (herein – AB – a pure trust/UBOT), am competent and authorized to depose in behalf of the Ens Legis/trust, willing and able to testify as to what is deposed herein, SAY: 1) That, in January of 1997, a junkie had left his truck parked near my mobile home, which also was blocking the access road into the park. The owner and the manager asked if they could push the truck into my drive-way to get it out of the way. I granted permission to them. 2) That, later that day, I was at a neighbors; my wife came over and told me that the drug addict who owned the truck, had gained consciousness, went over to our residence and was yelling at her blaming her for stealing items from his truck. So I went to my residence and chased him off without having to get physical or violent. 3) That, a couple weeks later, a man began stalking my wife and I; pounded on our front door while brandishing a sawed – off shot gun; confronted us while we walked back from a store, and issued threats on our lives; he was spending nights in abandoned trailers next to ours in order to spy on us (revealed in his girlfriends diary, submitted as evidence). We did not know who this guy was, so we asked around the park and found out that his name was “chip,” and he was the “enforcer” for the drug addicts in the park. And the junkie (who I did not know either) who I chased off earlier, the reason “CHIP” was going to “blow are F-ing heads off, and burn our trailer down, and kill all of our pets.” A couple of days later, chip was barred from partying at the park, and from even stepping foot on the property since he did not live there, and only came there to deal drugs and threaten people with the sawed-off shotgun he named “Susie-Q”. But, a couple of days went by, the wife and I were speaking with the owner of the park. Upon leaving his office, CHIP confronted us again, issuing death threats in the same manner. Rather than calling the police for the threats he just witnessed, the owner diffuse the situation by inviting me in the wife to take a drive with him, and we accepted. 4) That, upon returning from that drive, we noticed CHIP (JOHNNY CHIP MARTINEZ) hiding and watching us, moving from cover to cover, following us stalking us again. 5) That, as a result of that last stalking incident, my wife called 911; the cop who came out in response heard the facts, viz, JONNY CHIP MARTINEZ was stalking us while issuing death threats, selling crack, heroin, meth, and weed, brandishing a sawed-off shotgun, dagger. The cop told us that MARTINEZ wasn’t doing anything illegal, and that “we should call me back when someone is bleeding”. And he was arrogant enough to write that in his report: Event No. 9703261552, March, 1997. 6) That, on March 28, 1997, I decided to walk up to the neighborhood store. Upon stepping into the access road, right in front of my residence, a neighbor – Johnny Knight – hobbled up to me (he just had both hips replaced, and was on crutches) and said to watch out because the guy who was going to kill me was parked in feet off of my front door, with two other men, and two women in the car. They had just came out of a drug dealer’s house – who was actually an undercover narc – and CHIP was an informant. 7) That, MARTINEZ got out of the car pointing the sawed-off shotgun at me, yelling that he was going to kill me. The men and women also got out of the car, and all of them had knives and guns, and very encouraging MARTINEZ to kill me – yelling “Shoot him, kill him.” 8) That, I did try to walk away, but realized that I could not out run fire arms, so I stopped walking away. When I turned around to face the attackers, MARTINEZ cocked the gun so I ran into the attacker. I grabbed the gun and we struggled over it, as MARTINEZ begin to stab me with his dagger while holding the gun with the other hand. I grabbed him in a bear hug – trying to prevent him from getting a bead on me, and at the same time, I drew my Buck knife and stabbed him. 9) That, after I stabbed him I felt his gun fall at my feet, and as soon as I did, I backed off since I was not worried about him shooting it at me. But he was still very much alive and attacking me with his dagger as I was back peddling; stabbing my left arm several times, cutting my left hand in several places, and cutting a knuckle (cartilage) in half. 10) That, MARTINEZ’s male accomplice (one of them) picked up the shotgun and chased me to my house. Fearing that he would shoot into the residence, I left out the back door, but he did not follow. In the ghetto the cops shoot us first, and if you live, you may be able to give your story later. So I let them cool down, and turn myself in the next day, still naive enough to believe I could receive justice. [with no money to pay, in Nevada, Inc. all they know is ju$t – u$] 11) That, I was held without bail – later set at a million FRN’s – for trial. At the preliminary hearing, the public pretender did not say anything, but just waived also so – called rights to defense, and not knowing anything about “public law” at the time, I did not know enough to try to complain, although I knew I was being treated wrong: it was self-defense NOT murder! 12) That, the public pretenders office had to withdraw due to a conflict of interest, viz, they were representing all of my attackers in the courts for their criminal violations. The presiding judge – J. SOBEL – did all he could to prevent the appointment of a private attorney, but one was eventually appointed to me, ROBERT LUCHERINI, (herein – RL), and that was only due to the public pretenders office refusing to go along with SOBEL’s demand that they ignore their conflict. 13) That, (RL) was very enthusiastic, confident of getting me an acquittal, and told me that my case would look good on his resume. But at the calendar call the judge removed him from the case over both of our objections, and in violation of law. (RL) told me to get him 10 K; as a retainer, and that would prevent the $tate /D.A. from removing him. But I, being so naive, had decided to see how the new – “Special Public Defender Office” – handled my cause. This office was created to handle only capital murder cases, and I was the very first client/victim, MIKE CHERRY, was the head of the office. (This removal is cause for mandatory acquittal) 14) That, at the date of the calendar call in August of 1997, when (RL) was removed from representing me, the state violated the right to speedy trial, thereby leaving it without jurisdiction. Although it is mandatory that an acquittal be entered in such an event also, the gangsters with a badge ignored these laws & Rights by moving on with the persecution. I did not waive this right at any time, and invoked the right to speedy trial at most hearings. 15) That, I was coerced into an Alford Plea with the promise that I would receive probation and be released to house arrest until the sentencing date. And if I refused, I would go to prison for life or receive the death penalty. At that time I did not know how they trick people, or how the fraud($) were operated, so I did not read the pile of documents that I was coerced to sign, I just believed the dump truck CHERRY as he told me (Promised) I was signing agreements to receive probation. I was actually signing several versions of the so-called “Deal”. CHERRY told me that I “would find me very ineffective” if I kept insisting on going to trial rather than agreeing to a plea, even though the per$ecutor MICHAEL O’ CALLAGHAN – (herein (MO)) stated that he knew that he would not get a conviction for first or second degree murder as (MO) believed it was an “imperfect self-defense”. ( 6.18.1997, Entry of Plea Agreement) 16) That, realizing that no one in the ju$t – u$ system of Nev. Inc., was interested in getting justice done in my car case, but only and covering up the state$ liability for the 911 response, I asked family members to retain (RL) with the (10 – K) that he requested. But when (RL) was contacted he was very scared, and told the family and me to forget what he told us; to never call him again; and he refuses to respond to my letters requesting his statements regarding the events which forced him off of my case, and are making him scared to communicate with me. 17) That, the cop who transported me to the house arrest residents refused to accept the required fee, I found out why very soon. He put the ankle monitor on me, then pounded it on with the handle of the large screwdriver and stuck the sharp end into it and pried and twisted it until I asked if he was trying to break my leg, and I heard pieces rattling in the unit. Ten hours later, the two cops that released me to house arrest came to take me back to jail on the pretext of attempted escape, even though I was in the backyard of the authorized residence. I wasn’t charged! To add insult to evil, one cop fondled my wife while “frisking” her, AND went back to see her at 3 A.M., professing he lost his radio in her backyard. She was too scared to file a complaint on him. 18) That, judge SOBEL is notorious for coercing prisoners into “Deals”, then accusing them of violating the terms; SOBEL has been reprimanded for such illegal behavior, but nothing has ever done to prevent this illegal behavior. 19) That, I appeared at a hearing (08.19.1997), judge PAVLIKOWSKI, in which he didn’t relinquish jurisdiction to SOBEL; PAVLIKOWSKI would release jurisdiction to SOBEL on this date, and told me that SOBEL must reinstate my right to a speedy trial. When I demanded SOBEL obey my speedy trial right due to his lack of jurisdiction rendering the “deal” void ab initio, he kicked me out – twice – and issued terroristic threats if I continued to assert that I had rights. 20) That, the “deal” I signed, stated that I must do (16) years before being considered for parole, and NOT receive probation. AND SOBEL could add time (blind plea). Of course I wanted a trial, still ignorantly believing in there ju$t – u$. I am invoked my speedy trial right at every hearing, but I had no helper. Wolfson & Glass was appointed to represent me at trial two (2) years after I was attached / kidnapped/made a scapegoat, violating speedy trial and thereby, lack of jurisdiction to per$ecute. 21) That, JAY SIEGEL (herein JS) associate of WOLFSON & GLASS, “represented” me at trial; Yet (JS) didn’t call one witness in my defense, nor any “expert witness in order to counter the persecutors expert witnesses, did not object to the lack of DNA testing of many items of evidence, etc.. Although there were eye witnesses available to testify in my behalf, (JS) did not contact them, and an eye witness that (JS) did depose and who gave a statement to the police during their response to the incident, was not allowed to be presented nor testify. At the same time, the accomplices of MARTINEZ who all admitted to making up the story, and to a plan to kill my family, were allowed to keep testifying without objection. There are many – many other things which the persecutor/state did, and continues to do, to convict me in violation of constitutional Rights, laws, statutes, and morality, and to do even more egregiously illegal things to cover it up, which are so numerous that I cannot list them in this affidavit; including but NOT limited to prosecutor misconduct, unconstitutional jury instructions – ineffective assistance of counsel (IAC), inter alia. e.g., Johnny Knight (JK), the friend on crutches, was being accused of fighting off all of the others with MARTINEZ so I could “murder” him, by the persecutor. Yet, no one ever sought (JK) even though he was accused of being an accessory to murder? Since (JK) was an eye witness to the truth, he showed up at a hearing and on a day of the trial to testify on my behalf. Both times, he was forcibly removed by the state investigator, who took his statement and warned (JK) not to show up anymore. Not only would the jury see that (JK) could NOT possibly have fought the others due to his condition (you could sneeze on him and knock him down), the jury would also hear his eyewitness account that it was self-defense. The persecutor/state denied ever contacting (JK) or taking a statement, even though I have affidavits of witnesses to this “Brady Violation”, and no attorney would help me enforce a complaint, even though this violation is cause for a mandatory acquittal. 22) That, after I was convicted, my father retained GARY GOWEN to file an appeal in my behalf. He never filed it, but did convince the court to also appoint him so he was paid twice to do nothing. I filed a Notice of Appeal in pro-se. 23) That, JO NELL THOMAS was appointed to perfect an appeal, and was a pretty good attorney for me she got an en banc hearing but I was still denied any form of justice. I believe THOMAS sand bagged on a few grounds so I could file a habeas, which I did immediately in pro-se. 24) That, I filed the boilerplate opening petition forms as required, with the caveat that a brief would soon be filed in pro-se. And when I tried to file that brief the clerk kept sending it back to me on unfiled, without an excuse. After numerous letters to the clerk, I found out that the judge LEE A. GATES, had appointed CRISTINA A. HINDS, to sabotage my pro-se habeas. In Nevada, the law demands that explicit authorization (signature) must be granted to validate representation. But I filed two (2) motions demanding my pro-se Right to representation, and asserted my disapproval of HINDS professed representation in that I refused to supply the required signature. Judge GATES denied both motions, stating that I do NOT have a right to represent myself in a habeas; which is that antithesis of Federal and state laws and constitutional/Rights regarding self-representation. 25) That, HINDS did not present one ground for relief I listed in my boiler plate habeas form. And while HINDS and GATES carried on this fraud in the state district Court of Nevada Inc., I was submitting my own – AUTHORIZED – petitions and motions (in pro-se) for relief in all of the higher courts, but not one court would accept my pro-se documents under the pretext that HINDS was counsel of record so I must let HINDS file any documents; even though HINDS was illegally inserted into my pro-se action and this was what my grievance was to the higher courts. 26) That, once HINDS and GATES concluded their conspiracy to deny justice and HINDS withdrew from the fraudulent representation, I resubmitted my only legally authorized habeas petition to all of the courts. But all of them treated me as if I was submitting a successive petition, and refused to address the illegal appointment of HINDS. I found out through research, that this is a notorious tactic used to cover up the illegal convictions in Nevada Inc.. 27) That, the 9th circuit passed a retroactive law holding that the Kazalyn Instructions (the jury instructions regarding a murder trial) are unconstitutional, and that a group of hundreds of Nevada prisoners must be afforded a new trial or be acquitted do to the use of these jury instructions. I am in this group, so I found for relief pursuant to this new law, but the courts in Nevada refuse to obey the law – AGAIN. How do they get away with it, you may wonder? Me too! 28) That, I filed and Ministerial Action; Petition To Correct/Reverse An Illegal Sentence, due to lack of jurisdiction, mainly, which may be filed at any time. Then the U.S. Supreme Court made a new decision of law: MARTINEZ – V – RYAN, 566 U.S. ___(2012), which pertains to my cause, so I filed a motion for relief pursuant to this new law. This motion was added to the already filed Ministerial Action, so I receive notice that a hearing would be held on the 14th of November 2012. I received the notice on 10/22/2012. I received the states response on 10/31/2012. This response was heard on 10/29/2012, so I was denied the Right to file a Reply. I called my sister/agent to request that she retain counsel for the 11/14/2012 hearing. The attorney informed her that the 11/14/2012 hearing was held on 10/29/2012, instead, so I was completely cut out of the litigation – AGAIN! The court refused to tell me who the judge was, the dates of the hearing, the Right to file a Response/Reply, and refused to supply decision until I filed an appeal to the Nev. Supreme Court and they ordered the district court to supply there decision. The – Findings Of Fact, Conclusions of Law was merely the opinion of the D.A., and was constructed by the D.A. and signed by the judge, there is NO adversary system in Nevada; for me, anyway. 29) That, in that decision, only the – New Law – issue was “addressed”, in a way that has nothing to do with the facts of my cause, but the Ministerial Action, along with the ADDENDUM’s I filed which commenced the action were not addressed in the Findings of Facts, Conclusions of Law. So now I’m waiting for a response from the Nev. Supreme Court regarding the petition for Mandamus I filed to get the decision on the rest of my action(s) so I can move on. But considering the egregious corruption I’ve experienced from the courts to cover the states liability, I cannot expect any form of justice, e.g., although I was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after 20 years, SOBEL stated in open court that he was making sure I never get paroled; A fact verified by several attorney’s contacted who got on their special good ol’ boy network – to check how much play they would be allowed for me. 30) That, while seeking relief from the illegal conviction, I have been forced to commence several civil suits due to retaliation for seeking redress in the court for that conviction, and: for denial of medical attention, violations of Human/Civil Rights, violations of Property Rights, inter alia, etc.. I am currently in the “hole” (SHU), sentenced to four years, because upon transfer to a medical yard (prison) for an operation , a guard stole a box of legal documents, and almost all of my personal property, and made sure to tell me several times that “If you wouldn’t be suing my officers and friends, I wouldn’t have to do this to you.” And threats of violence, i.e., terrorism. 31) That, I had become a Secured Party Creditor and a Trust the very week of this violation, trespass on my collateral/corpus and my security agreements, thereby leading to the process whereby I became the trespassers authorized representative. This trespass was preventing my litigation of an ongoing Federal Civil suit due to the sum of my documents being in the box stolen. 32) That, I filed a petition for Writ of Replevin in that suit to regain the legal documents, and the rest of the corpus which the trespasser confessed to stealing. The A.G. had a hissy fit and demanded that I be sanctioned, but the judge decreed that I did nothing wrong. 33) That, the A.G. NATHAN L. HASTINGS (NH), sent the court documents I filed, with directions to find something to put me in the hole for, (and the staff wrote this in their fabricated Notice of Charges.) I’ve been in solitary since 2011; it’s now – 08.24.2017. 34) That, I filed administrative appeals as required, but the warden’s here are using the old corrupt tactic that I filed too late; documentation and affidavits of confession show irrefutable proof of this conspiracy. Yet, now, I must complain to the Satan about the way his demons are treating me, viz, I filed a habeas in State District Court for relief of this injustice, but so far, they are refusing to reach the facts of this latest injustice; even though all of the stolen corpus which started this latest retaliation was returned to me at the order of the State Attorney General, which goes to reinforce the righteousness of my cause.35) That, while I was fighting for justice over the years of this nightmare, I discovered yet another reason for the trial judge –SOBEL – would not allow me to present evidence, eyewitnesses, or a defense, viz – the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline, Case # 0405 – 248, found SOBEL guilty of extorting money (inter alia) from attorneys who contribute money to his political rival JACKIE Glass, of Wolfson & Glass, the corporation that “represented” me in front of him! SOBEL told attorneys who appeared in his court that if they did not give him as much or more than they gave GLASS, they would be “FU- – – -“in his court. I NEVER HAD A CHANCE IN HIS COURT. 36) That, while I’m in the hole still, my human Rights continue to be violated, e.g., the guards stole my boots and refuse supply footwear to me, or let me buy my own; they have instituted “Diesel Therapy” upon me, viz, constantly transferring me to a maximum security prison and back, etc. These are some, but by no means all of the horrible injustices being done to me for calling 911 for help, and seeking redress for grievances in the courts, without the money required to pay for justice in the courts of JU$T – U$ in NEVADA Inc. 37) WHEREFORE, promises considered, I require all of the help I can get in seeking relief from the injustices imposed by a horribly corrupt system. I declare under the penalties of perjury that all of the above is true, with the explicit reservation of my Sovereign – Secured Party Rights pursuant to UCC 1 – 308.

  3. Sharon Velie | | Reply

    My husband just got the book, “The Colossal Book of Criminal Citations 2017” . He thinks its a great value for your money. Check it out at the barkeanresearch.com website. He feels the book will help with his appeal to get him out of prison.

  4. Denise Miles | | Reply

    I, Ronald Miles #1067348, have been incarcerated in Virginia for a Robbery Conviction in Arlington County since 1996, despite many red flags. I have been unable to obtain legal help due to fear of reprisals by attorney’s if they expose misconduct in the system. My Pro-se litigation and credible evidence have fell on death ears in the courts.

    I am 61 years old and currently at Coffeewood Correctional Center, and have been incarcerated for over twenty years for a robbery that I am innocent and I have had a petition for clemency before the Governor for 30 months, because I have been unable to get justice from the courts. I have submitted credible evidence to support my innocence, and also much evidence of misconduct.

    I was arrested for robbery when I was a youngster, and in March 1996 for removing an inspection decal from a windshield, that I was told I could have, I was then questioned by two detectives for possible involvement with other crimes, based on my prior record. I was then released. However, when I appeared in court on June 27, 1996, for the minor inspection decal charge, I was arrested by detective Robert Carrig, for a robbery at a Arlington County hotel that allegedly occurred January 22, 1996, although no witness had identified me, not even by photograph. This detective has a long history of wrongfully arresting people and framing their cases, including a famous 1984 Rape-Murder case, where the Governor had to pardon the man.

    After Detective Carrig failed to get a confession from me, I was walked over to the jail, where I was booked. I was fingerprinted by a deputy sheriff, Bryant Townley, whom I later discovered was not a trained certified booking deputy. This deputy was intentionally placed in booking for my arrest, to place my thumbprint of an evidence card, which I didn’t know at the time. The assigned deputies would not do it.

    Detective Carrig gave deputy Townley a card, that I later discovered was a fingerprint evidence card, and whispered something to Deputy Townley’s ear. Deputy Townley placed my whole left thumbprint on the card and the gave the card back to Detective Carrig. They later falsely alleged that my whole left thumbprint
    on the card and then gave the card back to Detective Carrig. They later falsely alleged that my whole left thumbprint was found on a flat vertical door at the crime scene, and that it “allegedly” took 4 ½ months to make a match.

    At my preliminary hearing on July 22, 1996, I was denied counsel without a valid waiver. The record was later falsified to make it appear that I had waived my right to counsel. I have proof to the contrary. I was falsely identified at the direction of the prosecutor and Detective Carrig.

    I in no way, fit the description of the perpetrator given by the victim the night of the incident. This is only the “tip of the iceberg”. There are so many other red flags of misconduct.

    I also now have letters from the state lab, indicating that there is no record of them ever matching my thumbprint. In addition, I demonstrated in court, to their surprise, that it is impossible to leave a whole thumbprint on a flat vertical door as the prosecutor falsely alleged. The thumb automatically turns sideways when the hand is placed in this awkward position, leaving only the side of a thumbprint.

    Despite these many “red flags” in the prosecution case, I was still found guilty by this “deliberately set” all-white jury. There was only one black in this 22 member jury pool, and that was my own sister, and my only relative in Arlington County. The prosecutor alleged she didn’t know she was my sister. Arlington County has a history of selling all white prosecution juries.

    I am now hoping to obtain some legal assistance, and even some help to encourage the Governor to expedite an in-depth review of my case. Since I continue to lack help, it appears that I continue to be ignored.


    Ronald Miles #1067348

    Coffeewood Correctional Center

    P.O. Box 500

    Mitchells, VA 22729

  5. Brandon W | | Reply

    Dear Potential Friends.

    My name is Brandon and I’m in search of friendship from a kind, honest, and loving person that can make my mind travel beyond these prison walls; a person that will not be quick to vilify me for the mistakes that I have made, nut someone that understands me as being a man who is capable of capitalizing off his mistakes. As an incarcerated man, I have much stacked against me. The list is long (mistakes, stigmas, stereotypes, ect.), but I have come to believe it’s not what happens to you, rather what you do about it. One does not have to be content with his surroundings. Everyone needs someone to uplift them and share their experiences and be reminded of the blessings. I enjoy reading, writing, and working out, but I want to experience more. If you mix in a little street swagger, passion, and goofyness that’s my personality in a nutshell. I hope to put the spotlight on a soul that has not given up. I offer 100% if you’re willing to embrace it and cherish an opportunity at true friendship with me!! Peace.

    Gender: Male
    Race: African American
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color:Black
    Marital Status:Single
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Hometown: Dallas, Texas

    Contact Address:
    Brandon Washington #1263656
    Robertson Unit
    12071 FM 3522
    Abilene, Texas 79601

  6. Geneva Kellum | | Reply

    Dear Ad Readers,

    My name is Geneva Kellum. I’m 24 years old, soon to be 25 on October 8th. I’m 5’7″, 130 slim. Brown skinned, black hair, dark brown eyes. As you know, I am currently incarcerated in Florida for 2 counts of armed robbery that I’m factually innocent of. I’ve been incarcerated since July 17th, 2009 and I’m fighting hard for my freedom back. The purpose of this ad being placed on this website is to receive friends or acquaintances who will be true friends, who are very loyal, honest, dedicated, and supportive in every way. I do not discriminate, so anyone who would like to write me, support me, and be a true friend is more than welcome of any age range, it doesn’t matter. I’m very open minded, and very understanding. To find out more about me, my information is:

    Geneva Kellum – J41462
    3700 NW 111th Place
    Ocala, Florida
    34482 USA

  7. Olivia Mosley | | Reply

    Olivia Mosley
    Your Administrative Support
    Legal documents

    Looking for inside development to assist those incarcerated.

    You name it I can help you get it accomplished.

  8. Nadeem Khan | | Reply

    Hello, I hope this message finds you well. My name is Nadeem Khan. I am a funny, handsome, and easy going man. I enjoy traveling, nature, sports, movies, music, animals (especially dogs), comedies and studying God’s word. I have done so much to improve myself while in prison, and I keep myself busy with positive things, but at the same time I have become lonely. My hope is to find someone who will hear with their heart, and give me a chance to show that I am sincere. I believe that friendship is a gift, the love of family is the best, but a friend is someone who gives a part of their heart with no blood ties, and to me that means much more. Friendship is a promise, spoken only by the heart, a promise that is always kept be love.
    Please write and tell me about yourself. Take care.
    Yours Truly,

    Nadeem Khan #1113005
    PO BOX 1900
    Pound, VA 24279

  9. Chuck Cardenas | | Reply

    Hi, my name is Chuck Cardenas and I am a 50 year old Mexican American. I am 6 ft. tall and weigh 220 lbs. I would like to correspond with women between the ages of 50 – 60 years old. I prefer women with blue or brown eyes, to be about 5’6’’- 6’ tall and weigh between 120 lbs – 150 lbs. I’m outgoing and fun loving. Some of my interests that I enjoy doing are playing golf, camping, fishing and I love to cook. I consider myself a good listener and sometimes I just like to sit at home, watch TV and reminisce about our day. I would like to meet someone from Minnesota or a nearby state. My release date is 10/03/2017. I hope you are interested in writing to me as I am looking forward to writing back to you.

    Please write to me at:
    Charles Edward Cardenas, #218406
    MCF Lino Lakes
    7525 Fourth Avenue
    Lino Lakes, MN 55014

  10. Charles Perroud | | Reply


    My name is Stanley Corbett Jr., but most people call me “Natural” or “Knowledge G.”. I’m brownskin, 5’10, 145lbs, with light brown eyes, and dreads to my back. I was born and raised in Lexington (Lex-Vegas), North Carolina, USA. I’ve been wrongfully convicted since 2003. In which, I was sentenced to serve 26 to 33 years for 2nd degree murder & robbery. But, don’t let that discourage you from writing me. I’m far beyond what this system has labeled me to be.

    I would love to correspond with good-hearted people. People that are business/open-minded. I’m a poet/author that would also like to correspond with poets, authors & publishers. If you like poetry, then get my book The Heart & Soul of a Poet at amazon.com or Barnes & Noble, or just read some of my poems at http://www.prisonsfoundation.org/poetry.html. I think that you will enjoy my work. I also think that if you took the time to read this ad you shouldn’t hesitate to write me. Below is my address:
    Stanley Corbett Jr., #0716025
    Warren Correctional Institution
    P.O. Box 728, Norlina, NC, 27563

  11. Andrew Walters | | Reply

    Hi, my name is Andrew Walters and I’m interested in corresponding with women between the ages of 23 – 30 years old. I’m 26 years old and currently at a Minnesota correctional facility. My release date is October 2016. I like to keep busy as much as possible. I have a great sense of humor and I focus everyday to maintain a positive attitude. A few of my interests are enjoying being outside, reading books and magazines and sometimes watching sports on TV. I also like to stay active by participating in both indoor and outdoor sports activities. I hope you are just as interested in learning more about me as I am about you and I’m looking forward to receiving a letter from you soon.
    Best Regards,
    Andrew Garret Walters #235298
    MCF Lino Lakes
    7525 Fourth Avenue
    Lino Lakes, MN 55014

  12. diane alexander | | Reply

    Hi, my name Jermain from North Carolina. I am serving time in a Laurinburg correctional facility. I am set to be released in 2016. I am 30 years old and a virgo. I enjoy reading books, writing stories, and drawing. I am looking for female pen pals to communicate with an exchange ideas. I enjoy all types of movies and music including hip hop. I do not have much time left incarcerated therefore I am looking for pals to pass the time and also get to know. I would enjoy a letter from you and will definitely write back. In the meantime, take care and hope to hear from you soon.

    Write to:
    Jermain Clemons #0760725
    p. o box 1808
    Laurinburg, Nc.

  13. Tool Taylor | | Reply

    No matter what the accusation, a jury has the right, and THE DUTY, to decide a person’s guilt or innocence based upon the presentation of what the prosecution and/or the defense know to be the facts of a particular matter. JUSTICE is the point-and-purpose of a trial; and a TRIAL is SUPPOSED to be THE HUNT FOR THE TRUTH. I was denied a fair trial, and subjected to wrongful conviction, because the prosecution twisted/fabricated, and even hid the actual facts of my case from the jury in order to secure my conviction. Although I readily admit and accept the fact that I have had my fair share of brushes with the law- I AM NOT the person that they’ve made me out to be! I simply did not have enough knowledge about the actual facts of the accusations (or the actual PRACTICE of law!) to defend myself/stand-up-for my rights. it is my objective, my HOPE, to reverse this wrongful conviction by exposing the things that were hidden and used to coerce and prejudice the jury. Some interest has been generated, concerning my case; but it has been an impossible financial burden to supply people and organizations with copies of the documents filed, as well as police, lab reports, etc., in my possession, to adequately evaluate my case. However, I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to have a page at Prison Inmates Online (www.PrisonInmates.com), which has a Legal Documents Section that will allow me to post all my paperwork for others to view and/or download! BUT!- I still have to pay for postage (to send the documents), and the scanning and posting fee- which brings me to the purpose of this ad. I am in dispirit need of financial assistance (which can be donated directly to the website!) in order to make this happen! ANY donation would be greatly appreciated (whether it be $1-or- $100 )! I am also in need of legal book donations, new or used (including Legal Dictionaries!), as I am trying to learn and absorb EVERYTHING that I can about Illinois Criminal Law Practice & Procedure! Thank you for your time and consideration..!
    Toola Taylor
    IDOC# B41154
    711 Kaskaskia Street
    Post Office Box 1000
    Menard, IL. 62259
    Email: Taylor.toola@yahoo.com
    (SEARCH for me on Facebook!)

  14. Marjolijn | | Reply

    I payed 15 dollars for putting a potrait picture with the ad I placed for Michael Green, someone who can really use a friend. This is almost a month ago, and still the add is in the ‘responses’ section and not in the ‘ad’ section and the picture not placed. I feel you simply are making money of people that mean well and try to help people in prison. Shame on you.

    • Rufus-Jenny Triplett | | Reply

      Shame on you for inquiring this way. Have you sent an email? Do you know we received the payment? How do you know it did not go to SPAM as some emails/payments do? Have you received any response before accusing? Hmmmm… lots there to think about…we’ll wait.

  15. Spencer L. Andrle | | Reply

    I am 6’2″ tall and 210 pounds. I have dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

    My hobbies include reading, camping, fishing, and all kinds of outdoor activities.

    I love working on farms and working with animals.

    I am an avid Civil War buff.

    I have a 10 year old daughter.

    I am looking to write to ladies from around the world.

    My release date is scheduled for approximately 9-1-2015. I am at Oshkosh correctional Institute serving a three year sentence for illegal computer use. It is in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA.

    I am looking forward to corresponding with someone!

  16. Michael G. Green | | Reply


    My name is Michael Green and I would really appreciate it if you would write me! I am 49 years old, white, male. I was raised in Southern California but also lived in Austin, TX, Spokane; Tacoma in Washington State and Mesa, Arizona, but the places I loved the most were in Orange and San Diego Counties. Last place I lived in was Carlsbad, North of San Diego.

    Since I have been sent to life in prison in 1999, I stayed in several prisons in California. Life in prison is, well, it is life in prison – it is hard, but I try to keep my sense of humor. I love music, sports, history, cross words, newspapers; people, animals. I used to have two cats; nowadays I feed the birds in the yard.

    There is lots to tell – ask me anything you’d like – write me and I’ll write you back!
    Honestly, I’ll be grateful for every letter – it will light up my day.

    My address:

    Michael G Green
    PO Box 500
    Chino, CA 91708-0500

  17. Jose Sierra HH 5713 | | Reply

    Name Jose Sierra
    HH 5713 at SCI Benner, 301 Institution Dr., Bellefonte, PA 16823
    I am a single Puerto Rican male, slim athletic build, early 40’s.

    Hello! My name is Jowie and I am interested in having someone to share my thoughts and poetry with. I enjoy sports as well as thought provoking conversations. One of my interests is drawing, I would enjoy sharing some of my art with you. My release date is not until after 2017 so I have plenty of time to share with you. I look forward to receiving your letter.

  18. Joshua Clemons | | Reply

    My name is Joshua Clemons. #844839 – DHS/TDF I am 31 years old, 6’4″, 200 lbs. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I enjoy music, outdoors, reading, writing and drawing. I am seeking:Pen-Pals, women 28 – 50 years old. I am allowed to write to inmates. Please send letters to: Josuha Clemons, 1680 E County Farm Road, Rushville, IL 62681-2000 Looking forward to hearing from you!

  19. Eric Verby | | Reply

    I’m writing on behalf of my friend Carlos Corrales Rubio. He was born on 7/2/63 and is serving a sentence until 2/5/2030 in Suwanee Correctional Institution in Florida. He’s Hispanic, with brown eyes and slender build. He is a deeply spiritual, Christian man who is seeking pen pals to correspond with him. He is in maximum security prison and would appreciate all friendships with honest outsiders. He loves to write letters and poetry. He is working on his criminal case to regain his freedom. If you are looking for a true friend who is capable of sharing his life with you, write him at:
    Carlos Corrales Rubio
    078872 Mu. Cm. F. Dorm
    Suwannee Correctional Institution
    5964 US Hwy 90
    Live Oak, FL 32060

  20. Jason Goudlock | | Reply

    Would you like to be a pen-pal and/or assist with correcting an injustice? If so, go to freejasongoudlock.org.

    Jason, 38, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, is a progressive activist embedded in the struggle for true justice against the exploitative United States prison industrial complex. He is a writer and the author of an unpublished novel, Brother of the Struggle, and the ambitious student of Garveyism. Upon being released from prison, he plans to become an entrepreneur in the philanthropic interest of furthering the advancement of educational self-empowerment for disadvantaged at-risk youth. Jason is an avid reader who enjoys learning and listening to eclectic music.

    Thank you for your consideration and for your help.

  21. Jose Sierra HH 5713 | | Reply

    Mid 40’s Puerto Rican male serving 15-20 year sentence, won’t be released until after 2017. I am serving my sentence at PA State prison – SCI Benner at 301 Institution Dr. Bellefonte PA 16823. I am a thin built, athletic man who would love to share my poetry with a nice female. I am a kind hearted, spiritual man who would love to share my time with you. I would genuinely appreciate your time.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    My regards,

  22. Jeremy Mundorf | | Reply

    Hi my name is Jeremy Mundorf. I am an inmate at Mike Durfee State Prison in S.D. I am from PA and have been away from my family for 11 1/2 yrs now. I am 6’3″ tall with short light brown hair and gray blue eyes. I am in search of some new pen pals. I could really use a few new friends. There’s not much to do in here and I love to read letters and magazines. My id#is 6577 and the address is 1412 Wood St, Springfield,S.D. 57062. I am a good hearted person with a strong faith in God thanks to my mother. I look forward to hearing from someone out there. Thanks for reading my ad.

  23. connie | | Reply

    I’m 41, I’m looking for a sincere friendship. I’m a man of understding one who seriously thinks’ I’ve been through my share of ups and downs. now looking for the kind of friendship that can weather any storm or potentiality with communication and understanding. I enjoy bonding, cooking, sports and appreciate people as myself being able to embrace their person and personality and or comfort zone. I believe life is too short to live in stress, unhappy, etc. I would like to exchange snail mail, photos and build on being friends.
    Joseph Brewer
    #H63211 E1-120
    P.O. Box 5242
    Corcoran, CA 93212

  24. connie | | Reply

    my name is Christian. I am 5’9, 180 lbs, Puerto rican, I enjoy sports, reggeton, salsa & merengue. I have a passion and love for art, looking for a down to earth laid back person to get to know in hopes of enjoying a real good friendship. I enjoy working out, drawing, reading and doing all I can to keep busy and focused on life and all that is going on in the world. I have a very positive attitude and outlook with an open mind, never worry about the past or judging one on yesterday.
    I’m just a completely upfront, honest, loyal guy looking for nothing but the same in return with hopes of becoming that rock solid non-judgemental friend everyone needs in life. take a chance and write. I do not discriminate and would love the opportunity to put a smile on your face and brighten your day.
    Christian Figueroa
    #1445468 Stiles
    3060 FM 514
    Beaumont, TX 77705

  25. connie | | Reply

    I am looking for a friend to help pass the last year I have to do in prison. I would like to get to know new people and possibly find a good woman to make a life with. age is not a major factor as long as you are of age. I am an easy person to get along with, I love watching movies, also love to read. I am 5’11, 173 lbs, brn eyes, black hair and I’m 28. I have a lot more to offer, but not enough room to get it all into 150 words. Please write if you would like to know more about me. thank you for taking the time to read my ad. I hope to hear from you sometime.

    Eddie Benavides
    1616929 Clements
    9601 Spur 591
    Amarillo, TX 79107

  26. Jeff Hopson | | Reply

    In the name of Allah? The Most High? Dear Reader Well first of all let me say hello? also, Allah willing this letter finds you in the best of health. Let me introduce myself: My full name is Jeffery Arthur Hopson 6′ 4′ 250lbs. I was born 04/02/1966, so come April I will be 48 yrs young? I am an only child, before coming to prison I was a brickmason, I’ve been in prison for 18 yrs. I am doing life w/o parole for defending my mom.

    I am looking for a female or should I say a woman that is educated at least 30 yrs of age, race human, someone who can go this rocky long journey with me through the good times and the bad. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Jeff Hopson 341-371
    2001 E. Central Ave.
    Toledo, Ohio 43608

    All the praise belongs to Allah? (Alone)?

  27. Carlos Revuelta | | Reply

    My name is Carlos Revuelta and I’m 44 yrs young. I’m from the beautiful city of Baldwin Park, Los Angeles California. I want to say thank you for stopping by to check out my profile! Hopefully as you read these few lines they make you smile and laugh, and open your heart to a new friendship. If you’re in between 18 yrs old and 100 yrs old and you have room in your life for a new friend I’d like to hear from you.
    I’m respectful, I speak two languages and I draw a little. At the moment I find myself in my room for 23 hours a day. SoI stay busy as much as I can, I love to read about other cultures, draw and workout to stay positive. After 17 years I decided to put my profile up in the hopes I might meet a new friend with an adventurous heart and curious soul and the willingness to discover someone who’s down to earth enjoys to laugh at a great joke even at my own expense, I’m a loyal friend and respect others. Beauty comes in many forms, shapes, sizes, and colors. As you can see I’m no movie star, so please don’t hold that against me. What I lack in looks I make up with my personality and sense of humor. I’m an easy going guy just reaching out to share some laughs and create some smiles. I will answer any and all letters I may receive.

    Take Care Hope to Hear from You
    Fondly Yours,

    Carlos Revuelta # E-11975
    PO Box 7500 D-5-201
    Crescent City Ca, 95532
    Earliest release date: 01/02/2022

  28. connie | | Reply

    Hi, I’m Gabriel and am glad you are on my page today. A little about me is that I’m very outgoing, energetic, vibrant, romantic, dynamic, always smiling and very optimistic. I love my family, friends, paintings, the ocean and being social.
    unfortunately, I made a mistake in the past, but have changed and am beyond ready to move forwards with positivism in life. I am a legal assistant but want to finish law school soon.
    I’d like to meet positive adult pen friends with good personality who are open to cultivating a long term friendship and for networking on some legal issues. Anyone is welcome to write, I’d be honored.
    Are you familiar with law? What brings a smile to your face? Tell me about yourself, I’d love to hear from you. Be well, smile and God bless you – Gabriel

  29. Joseph Pulliam | | Reply

    Hello World! Joseph is my name. It thrills me to life-yes, to life to meet and spend this moment in time with you. My hand and heart is extended in a warm gesture of friendship. Should you want more, I am open to exploring the possibilities.

    You already know that I am in prison. But this circumstance does not define me. My belief in Jehovah God, however beleaguered and tenuous, along with daily meditation and prayer helps to lift my spirit. As you might imagine, this can be a stressful and depressing place. So all encouraging and helpful contacts are welcomed.

    Because I am conscious of my health, I watch what I eat and exercise regularly. My body is fit and strong, as is my mind. And of course I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or engage in any other high-risk behavior.

    enjoy: hearty hone cooked meals. My beef stew is to live for! Creative writing-samples to follow. Listening to music – my tastes range from rock to Bach. Reading for both recreation and intellectual stimulation. Recommended reading: Centennial, James Michener. The Isis Papers, Dr. Francis Keys. Chess-the ‘Brain Game’. It fascinates: how the strategic and decision making processes involved in playing chess parallel, those which entail life. Shall we begin a match? l.e4….Your move!
    Finally, I enjoy the company, conversation and consideration of compassionate forward thinking people. To develop this acquaintance, you can contact me at:

    Mr. Joseph Pulliam/D24735
    Corcoran State Prison
    3B04-146 Low
    P.O. Box 3466
    Corcoran, CA 93212
    Phone no. 209.992.8800

    A Page of Poetry By: Joseph R. Pulliam
    “In Uncertain Liberty”
    Will I
    Do once free?
    ‘Cause of times lost
    Dare I pause, and breathe the sweet scent of Rose.

    Do I savor the life left in each day?
    Or live in haste
    Grasping for

    Poem No. 1: United
    By virtue of the fact that
    You and I
    Have already been given
    The Divine commission – to:
    ‘Have life and it in abundance’
    We are destined to be together.

    Where, again it saids:
    ‘Two are better than one’.
    Because they have a good reward
    For their hard work.
    If they fall, one will lift up
    The other.

    [But woe to them that fall
    And there is no other:
    Who then, will help do the lifting?]

    ‘If two lie down together
    They will keep warm.
    But how can one keep warm
    Yes, love is intensely hot.
    So as to meld hearts, our hearts.

    You are there I am here.
    Let us permit passion
    To bridge the void:
    In time,
    By circumstance, of

    Poem No. 2: Marina’s Garden

    More than fruit and flora
    Will I plant.
    I will sow, too.
    Myriads of the goodness of life.

    Like constant supply from
    Mother Earth,
    Or the warm haven
    Of the womb,
    So too –

    Will I tend every seed.
    Until I’ve given all that I can,
    To all whom I can give.
    In due time –
    Enjoy the
    And feel the
    That was grown in my own garden.

  30. connie | | Reply

    I go by Bry, I’m a mature male seeking communication with lawyers and open minded women. I’m young at heart, 52, 5’6, 161 lbs, dark brown eyes, brown complexion, honest, curtious, often curious, do not smoke, drink or use drugs, no children of my own, never married, trapped in a man made hell and longing for mail. please write to:
    Bryant K. Williams
    FSP M07349
    7819 NS 228th St.
    Raiford, FL 32026-1000

  31. connie | | Reply

    my name is carlos, I’m seeking a fresh start at friendship. I enjoy writing long snail mail letters, music reading and being around and acquainted with positive people. life’s about being happy. your friend to be –
    Carlos Burnett
    K51273 E1-132
    P.O. Box 5242
    Corcoran, CA 93212

  32. Debbie Ward | | Reply

    A friend of mine would like to put his name on here for pen pals:

    Curtiss M. Jones #891402
    Washington State Penitentiary
    1313 N. 13th Avenue
    Walla Walla, WA 99362

    I’m a 5’9″ African American, black hair and brown eyes. I enjoy music, reading and writing, looking for friendship through correspondence while serving my prison sentence. I will be released April 2016, I am looking for an honest, loyal woman and marriage a possibility. So please write, and I will get back with all. God Bless!

    Thank you for your time, have a great day!

  33. Scott Munro 112197 | | Reply

    Hi my friend’s name is Scott Munro 112197.He gets out in 2037.He is at Suwanee Corr inst 5964 USHighway 90 Live oak Florida 32060 He doesn’t have any family he lost his mother a few years ago my mother adopted him until her death in 2011.He needs someone with a strong moral compass to give him light in a dark time of his life.

  34. Ricardo Noble | | Reply

    Ricardo Noble January 2014
    S.C.I. Greene
    175 Progress Drive
    Waynesburg, PA 15370

    The book of “Erie ,Pa Betrayal of a Child” by Ricardo Noble is available free online at http://www.prisonsfoundation.org. It is detail of what really happened in my controversial 1991 homicide, conspiracy to robbery case at the age of 15, how I was unjustly/wrongly convicted, and the error an injustice of sentencing, placing, and defining children (juvenile) as adults.

    My name is Ricardo Noble. I’m from Erie, Pennsylvania. I have been the adult prison system since 1991 at age 15 for charges of homicide, robbery, and conspiracy to robbery and sentence mandatory life without parole. I was charged along with alleged co-defendants Antonio Howard and Stephon Johnson.
    1. On 10/16/1991, I came across Antonio Howard (“Howard”) walking down the street. I have known Howard since the 4th grade but had not seen him in a few years before 10/16/1991. On 10/17/1991, Howard introduced me to Stephon Johnson. Johnson and Howard grew up together, were related to each other, and Howard of ten lived with Johnson. On 10/18/1991, the shooting (‘homicide’) happened.
    2. I did not kill or shoot anyone May 1992 decertification hearing, Judge Shad Connelly admitted that I met statutory burden of presenting evidence to show my ” need” and that ONLY reason he refused to place me into juvenile was his false unsupported statement that: ” uncontradicted evidence proved that defendant Noble fired at fatal shoot”
    3. I did not kill or shoot anyone. I don’t know who was the actual shooter. I was unjustly convicted in June 1992. However the prosecution stated in its August 4th 1992 motion sentence; ” NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE EXISTS NOR EVER WILL EXIST TO ESTABLISH THE ACTUAL SHOOTER.”
    4. The oldest defendant 9″Stephon Johnson”) was transferred to juvenile system by Judge Shad Connelly and released to society many years ago after completing his very short sentence, despite the fact that: (a) Antimony and Barium tests showed that THE ONLY defendant with gun powder residue on their hands was defendant Johnson; (b) THE ONLY defendant with blood on their clothing was Johnson; (c) THE ONLY defendants fingerprints found on the victims possessions were of Howard and Johnson; (d) defendant Howard testify at the trial that Johnson was the actual shooter (killer) AND THAT HE AND JOHNSON CONSPIRED TO FALSELY ACCUSE ME OF THE ACTUAL SHOOTER; and (e) the prosecution’s expert witness recommended that Johnson NOT be transferred to the juvenile system.
    5. Many jurors who decided my case should not have been on my jury. Most of them personally knew the prosecutors, police officers directly involved in the case, and/or friends who worked with the victim. For example, juror Mary Hayes tried to get the judge Shad Connelly to remove her from the jury on two different days because she could not be fair or impartial. Even on the first day of trial, juror Mary Hayes ask judge Shad Connelly to remove her from the jury because she personally knows Erie police officer Jerome Odom and the prosecution witnesses. Officer Odom is directly involved in the case and is defendant Johnson’s cousin. On the night of the shooting, defendant Johnson went to officer Odom house to discuss the shooting. Then, officer Odom’s took Johnson to the police station.
    My case was obviously “rush to judgment.” In the beginning (1991), Shad Connelly and the prosecution believed every statement (“lie”) that defendants Howard and Johnson made against me. But when the investigators report and forensic evidence come out NONE OF IT matched or supported any of their statements against me. Instead of judge Shad Connelly and the prosecutors doing the right thing, they decided to “down play” and hide the facts of my case, continued to “railroad” me and wrongly convict me.
    I am in serious need of legal representation and assistance. Any legal assistance or advice anyone is willing to provide would be appreciated. Also, any emotional spiritual, or other support anyone is willing to provide through correspondence is welcomed.
    M book, ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA’S BETRAYAL OF CHILD,” is available for free at; http://www.prisonfoundation.org. Please, check it out and spread the word about my case. I can be contacted at;
    Ricardo Noble #BX9351
    175 Progress Drive
    Waynesburg, PA 15370


    • Ricardo Noble | | Reply


  35. connie | | Reply

    my name is Michael, I’m heavily tattooed, I’m interested in writing mature, classy people for long term loyal friendship. I should make parole in 2016. I’m an artist and write poetry, sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, to teach a lesson or help you figure out who you are or who you are to become. you never know who these people are, s they assume a myriad of forms of age, creed, color, gender, etc. and these people are so full of life, so full of promise, of fun and assistance, but also so often overlooked. you know that from that very second that they will affect your life in some profound way.
    allow your brilliance to help me navigate through the murky waters and unlit paths, help me turn my negatives into positives. lets be friends to compel each other with levity, serenity and convivial companionship. CHALLENGERS BECOME CHAMPIONS

  36. connie | | Reply

    my name is Dewayne Dale Billings, I go by Lil crazy. I am 28 years old (1-22-85) I am from Odessa, TX. I am 5’5 tall and weigh 136. I am white, I have glue eyes and dirty blonde hair.
    I would like to meet some new people, maybe find someone to love. my favorite colors are red, blue, black, white and hot pink. my favorite music is green day, icp, ac/dc 50 cent and usher. feel free to ask me anything, please write so we can get to know each other.

    Dewayne D. Billings
    1716200 Stiles
    3060 FM 3514
    Beaumont, TX 77705

  37. Robert Hastings | | Reply

    HELLO WORLD,I am a federal U.S. prisoner. I am White/Native American, 46 yrs old and I am in prison for possession of a firearm in violation of U.S. federal laws. 15 year sentence with 10 yrs left to serve. Before prison I enjoyed spending time with my son, camping, fishing, riding motorcycles, driving fast cars, doing crafts and enjoying a good dinner and of course music. Since i have been in prison I’ve grown to enjoy long walks by the guard tower, writing and just trying to make my day as positive as i can in a place like this. The day’s get boring here and getting mail is a special thing. I would like to hear from positive people and about positive things anywhere in the world. So, if you are positive in nature and would like to bring a touch of joy to someone behind these walls I would like to hear from you. Once again only POSITIVE people need reply, we have enough hate in the world…Where’s the Peace and Joy? CONTACT: Robert Hastings #15651-041, FCI Williamsburg, inmate mail, P.o. box 340, Salter’s, SC. 29590

  38. connie backes | | Reply

    My name is Curtis, I’m stuck in prison until 2026, I would love to have s many friends as possible to write to, to help pass the time.

    Curtis Reap
    #1489554 Hodge
    379 FM 2972
    Rusk, TX 75785

  39. connie backes | | Reply

    My name is David and I ask that you write. I offer a free, open and honest interchange of ideas and beliefs. I would also like to afford you the opportunity to share your hopes and your dreams, your fears and your aspirations. IN return, I ask only for genuine effort at correspondence, that you make an honest endeavor to know the person that I’ve become.
    I am looking for a lasting and meaningful association on a very basic human level. I am very heterosexual, ages is not important. I have no physical preferences for I’ve found that the most beautiful people are rarely the most attractive.
    I ask that you show me the inside, show me yours and I’ll show you mine – SMILE! PS, I also think I’m witty – OK – down right hilarious! Please look just once, be surprised by who you find, thanks.
    I look out my window and see my reflection.
    People walk through me as thought I’m not there.
    I don’t feel a thing, I step back and find
    I’m “on the street” again, but it’s no use.
    I can’t be touched from this side
    and on the other I lose my reflection,
    and there’s nothing left to touch.

    please write me at:

    David Mundy
    P.O. Box 2624
    Reno, NV 89505

  40. connie backes | | Reply

    I am a 37 year old male caucasion in prison for having caused the accidental death of a friend in our youth. I will be released sometime between now and 2017. I welcome all correspondence, I am very open minded. I’m single, never been married and have no children. I enjoy volunteering, training service dogs for the handicapped and social interactions. I am a hopeless romantic!! I don’t drink, smoke or indulge in any vices. I exercise and try to live healthy. I’m still waiting for that someone special to come into my life. If you are reading this I would love to hear from you. Give me a shout out, I’m a great best friend.

    Michael Lenz
    #73691 EDCF
    P.O. Box 311
    El Dorado, KS 67042

  41. connie backes | | Reply

    my name is Simon, I’m 40 years old, my nationality is Haitian, I’m 5’11, 190 lbs, I’ve never been married and have no kids. I speak French-creole and English with an accent. I dropped out of college to come to America. I’m just looking for a few good friends. Please write me at:

    Simon Nelson
    DC# L59498 FSP
    7819 NW 228th St.
    Raiford, FL 32026

  42. connie backes | | Reply

    I’m a very caring 46 year old African American man and I’m seeking to share correspondence with interesting women of any race because I’m searching for my soul mate. Well, I enjoy reading a variety of novels as well as writing my own fiction because I’m striving to have a successful writing career one day. So ride along with me, okay?

    Reginald D. Porter #104266
    KSP 5-1-B-4
    266 Water St.
    Eddyville, KY 42038

  43. connie backes | | Reply

    HI. I’m looking for ladies to share correspondence with for friendship and possible marriage. I’m 5’11, 150 lbs, brown hair/eyes, age 48 and never been married. I enjoy music, playing guitar, movies, books, cooking, swimming, camping and fishing. I look forward to hearing from you, race is not an issue. Please write me at:

    Paul Glenn
    #924507 Allred
    2101 FM 369 N
    Iowa Park, TX 76367-6568

  44. connie backes | | Reply

    I’m looking for a good woman, size doesn’t matter, for a serious relationship. I get out in Sept/Oct of 2014 and want to spoil you like a queen. No games!! please write me at:

    Adriane Soles DC#h03271
    Santa Rosa CI
    5850 E. Milton Road
    Milton, FL 32583

  45. Larry Smith | | Reply

    I am looking for someone special because I am someone special and I sure could use some mail!
    My name is Lawrence Smith, but you can call me Larry. I am presently incarcerated and have 8 years left on my sentence but that may change because I am still in court.
    I am 52 years old, 5ft 8in, 200 lbs, brown hair & eyes, average build & Italian decent. I am pretty out-going, open-minded, intelligent, witty, kind-hearted & romantic, with a great sense of humor.
    I like to listen to country, smooth jazz & classical music.I like to watch movies, especially romance movies. I like to read autobiographies & biographies because I think the lives of other people are interesting.
    I like to watch sports like most other guys & Auto racing (mainly because I have done auto body work nearly all my life, so if you car breaks down you can save money by having me fix it)
    I am also into politics because I care about other people & where our world is going.
    Basically, I am a laid back person looking for new friends. So please write me so our friendship can start. I respond to all letters. Here is my contact info:
    Lawrence Smith D84024 – Suwanne C.I. Main Unit – 5964 U.S. Highway 90 – Live Oak, Florida 32060
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon so we can start a new journey to a friendship.

  46. connie backes | | Reply

    Hi, my name is Ernest Cordell, but i go by Mike. I am 49 years old, a white male, 5’9″, 210 lbs, brown thick hair and hazel green eyes. I am looking for someone to write and get to know. To make a friend or acquaintance. your age/race matters not, nor does where you live or what state or country. i can also call you. So if you are interested please write me at:

    Ernest (Mike) Cordell
    P.O. Box 9000/01574525
    Henderson, TX 75653 USA

  47. connie | | Reply

    I am a man who is romantic, intelligent and spiritually growing. my most prized possessions are my family and friends. My heart smiles when I see them happy. I consider myself down to earth because I love to live. sometimes I don’t always take myself so seriously because I believe life was meant to be enjoyed. My interests are music, sports, working out, traveling, learning and of course, you. I am 5’7, black and muscular built. please write me at:

    Christopher Williams
    #1466372 Robertson
    12071 FM 3522
    Abilene, TX 79601

    • Greco Campbell | | Reply

      look forward to writingyou I will write you in the next week

  48. connie backes | | Reply

    my name is Alvin, I’m a black man with a golden complexion, I’m 5’9, 195 lbs with a muscular build. I have brown eyes and black hair with a bald fade. my b/day is 12-13-59 and my release date is in 2014. I am seeking friendship or romance with a wonderful female. I’m a professional care detailer and body builder. May God bless you and keep you safe always. Praise God. Please write me at:

    Alvin McKnight SR.
    #464960 Clements
    9601 Spur 591
    Amarillo, TX 79107-9606

  49. ALONZO | | Reply

    P.O. BOX 7100
    CORCORAN,CA 93212.


    • akbar | | Reply

      i will assist you have your people text my cell phone at

  50. connie backes | | Reply

    my name is Nathan D. Grant, I would like to write a beautiful lady, race don’t matter and the age 40-65 and up. I am 46 years old, 6′ tall and I weigh 170, i have brown eyes. I am a good man to be with also i have 39 years and have been in for 26 years. So can a lovely lady please get at me? I need some love, i don’t have any family to support me.

    Nathan D. Grant
    #632429 Darrington
    59 Darrington Rd.
    Rosharon, TX 77853

  51. connie backes | | Reply

    WANTED: down to earth, female pen pals who are REAL! Wrote to:

    Kerry M. Dronso
    #1644689 Robertson
    12071 FM 3522
    Abilene, TX 79601

    I love all shapes and sizes so don’t be shy baby girls. Remember, if the world didn’t suck; we’d all fall off – SMILE!

  52. springrayne | | Reply

    Aaron Malone 1697643 mcconnell unit, 3001 s. emily dr. beeville, texas 78102
    Singel male american indian/black looking for penpal. release date not sure maybe 4/2014 I am an ordain minister since 2011 looking open minded person to talk about different subjects in life, I have two children. I will answer all who write


  53. connie backes | | Reply

    Hello, my name is Lawrence woodson short. I’m a 37 year old white male. I’m looking for someone to start a friendship with. I’m loyal, funny and honest. I made a mistake in which I’m using to better my life and learn from. I’ve made a great advance. I simply need someone to cross the finish line with. I hope to hear from some one soon. My release date is 7-2-17.
    Lawrence W. Short
    #1807836 Telford
    3899 State Hwy 98
    New Boston, TX 75570

  54. Joseph Rodriguez | | Reply

    Please read this book, and see how the F.B.I deliberately tried to murder three men. This case has been featured on “America’s Most Wanted” and “The F.B.I Files” television shows.
    We need help to get the word (truth) out. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.
    Joseph Rodriguez # 20260 – 050
    USP Lewisburg
    PO Box 1000
    Lewisburg, PA 17837

    *Please check link to supporting documents and video

  55. Joseph Rodriguez | | Reply

    Please read this book, and see how the F.B.I deliberately tried to murder three men. This case has been featured on “America’s Most Wanted” and “The F.B.I Files” television shows.
    We need help getting the word (truth) out. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.

    Joseph Rodriguez #20260-050
    USP Lewisburg
    PO. Box 1000
    Lewisburg, PA 17837

    *Please check link to supporting documents and video

  56. Edith and Clarence | | Reply

    A friend, David Hollinger, needs a lawyer to get his release from prison. He is currently serving at Polunsky Unit here in Livingston, Texas. He believes he has been wrongfully convicted. He has currently served 21 years on a life sentence. Please contact us. You can also contact Clarence at 936-650-8421.

  57. connie backes | | Reply

    Greetings and much respects, i am looking ofr pen pal friends. race, age, color or gender is not a factor. I am open minded. i am 5’9, 180 pounds, brown hair and green eyes. I am a body builder, real stocky built. I am also an artist. I am up for parole this year. Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, to teach a lesson or help you figure out who you are, or who you are to become. you never know who these people are, as they assume a myriad of forms of age, creed, color, gender, etc… and these people are so full of life, so full of promise, of fun, assistance but also so often overlooked. Allow your brilliance to help me navigate through the murky waters and unlit paths! help me turn our negatives into positives and our obstacles into opportunities. I depart you with hopes that you are in the best of health and prosperity.

  58. connie backes | | Reply

    hi, i’m a gay, white male, 52, blonde, blue eyes and a cute smile, lonely with lots of free time on my hands. i promise to write back. I’ll tell you about my adventures if you tell me about yours. Write:
    Ricky Moulder
    #836142 hughes
    Rt. 2 Box 4400
    Gatesville, TX 76597

  59. Roosevelt Harris | | Reply

    Help Wanted – Part Time
    Pen Pal needed. position available for an mature, dependable, and caring individual. A rewarding position with lots of benefits. If a quality friendship with a unique, SBM, poet & artist is what you’d like: Apply soon! Interested parties send letters of introduction to: Roosevelt Harris Reg#91509, P.O. Box 3, Pueblo, CO 81002. thank you in advanced.

  60. Michelle | | Reply

    Jennifer Culpepper(1696495)-1401 State School Rd, Sycarmore-Crane Unit, Gatesville, TX 76599. Looking for those who like to write anywhere from anything and everything. I love to be open-minded and find like minds that love to learn and be passionate in those things that they love and care. My nationality is Inuit (Eskimo) I have traveled to many different states and have also lived in Portugal. What intrigues you? Your goals? What is your favorite food or hobby? Lets talk. Look forward to seeing your letter.


  61. Connie | | Reply

    My name is Paul and I am looking for a pen pal, friendship, or a long term relationship.. I am a divorced white male who is 6 feet and one inch tall. I weigh 220 lbs. My hair and eyes are brown and I am 49 years of age. I am the baby of eight children, I have one older brother and six older sisters. I am known for being a caring, honest and loving son, brother, uncle and man. I am very down to earth and humble.I grew up in a close family even through the tough times we always pulled together and was there for each other. I have taken things for granted as a child into my adulthood but being incarcerated I have reflected into my past and realized I never want to be the person I was. The only wish I have in my life now is to return to my past and talk to that young man and make him realize how important the little things are in life are. I watched my nieces and nephews grow up, get married and have children of their own behind bars and through the pictures I would send. One important lesson I have learned is to respect all people from different walks of life.
    I am now 49 years old and have spent thirty years of my life behind bars and I now see a man growing older, a man who has made mistakes as any human does, but my punishment is much harder to bear. I once was told I need to learn by my mistakes and I have but I do not have any more room in my life for mistakes. I have pulled myself together, not by chance or being incarcerated but by choice. I know I can’t change the past, but I am able to move forward. I face many challenges behind bars everyday, some days worse than others but the strength God gives me pulls me through. A new friend or pen pal to write too would be great. I many never have the chance to drive a car, ride a bike, or even marry the girl of my dreams, but I do have the hope of a companion to write too.

    Paul Helmick # AP 6829
    P.O. Box 99901
    Pittsburgh, Pa 15233

  62. Abel | | Reply

    Hey Ladies!

    I’m a 36 year old, 6 foot 1, 220 pounds, Native (Apache)American/Hispanic who’s looking for those who can find the time to send and receive mail from a Big Hearted, Honest, Funny, Guy. Great friendship included!!
    Hope to hear from you soon
    In a Good Way, Robert
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Robert Solis III #AG3287 D3-116
    Box 8500
    Coalinga, CA, 93210

  63. Tyrone Adger #424309 | | Reply

    A Real Woman? A Friend?
    Name- Defines Her.
    Age-Just a number
    Weight-Make me use my muscles
    Eye Color-Shines like the sun
    Hair Color- Whatever style/color enhances your beauty
    Born- In heaven
    Completion- Race doesn’t matter
    If you have seen or know the whereabouts of the woman above- PLEASE contact me at the following address:
    Tyrone Adger #424309
    Elayn Hunts Correction Center/ B5-D#2
    PO Box 174
    St Gabriel, LA 70776

  64. Tony Church #32436-074 | | Reply

    Hi! My name is Tony. I appreciate you stopping to view my profile. I am a white male with brown hair and blue eyes. I have a genuine sense of humor. I’m also interested in the outdoors like: hunting, fishing, camping, etc. To the indoors, I like: quiet dinners, movies, and games. I believe life is made for loving not fighting. After this chapter in my life is over, I intend to take it easy and enjoy the pleasures I’ve missed, such as sunsets and long walks at night. I think I’m an interesting kind of guy and feel that I would be a worthy Pen-pal. So, if you are a woman who is not intimidated by my circumstances, by all means write. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    Please write me at the below address:

    Tony Church #32436-074
    FIC Allenwood-Low
    P.O. Box 1000
    White Deer, PA 17887

  65. Teasha | | Reply

    My name is Nijel Lee-Bey. I am 34 years young (in spirit, not maturity) Moarish-American man. I stand at 6 ft.2.in. and weigh 210 lbs. I have broad shoulders, six-pack abs, and a smooth dive brown complexion. My hair is styled in dreadlocks, and I currently sport a full beard but occasionally, I’ll cut it off. I take pride in my body and try t keep it in the best of shape by exercising regularly with weights and playing basketball- two of my favorite activities. I put my heart and soul into everything I do, and believe in striving everyday to be the best that I can be. And, I believe in helping others to do the same. I could really use a friend, right now. Because, truly, as a man I have to much to offer in ways that most other men fall short. I want and need someone special to share my heart and life with. There is so much more to me, so much love that is stored away inside of me, just waiting to be bestowed on that special someone. Perhaps that person could be you. I would love to hear from you.

    Nijel Lee-Bey
    P.O.Box 8
    Brunswick, NC 28424

  66. Joe Allan Bounds | | Reply

    Joe Allan Bounds, the author of Secret Tools for Post-Conviction Relief, The Post-Conviction Citebook, and the Self-Help Post-Conviction Handbook, created a petition to increase federal good time and posted it up on http://www.pcrconline.com When there are at least one million signatures on this petition it will be mailed to every United States Senator and United States House of Representative in the United States requesting that they pass the proposal into law through regular channels. Have your friends and family go to http://www.pcrconline.com and sign the petition. One million signatures will turn some heads in Congress. Please do your part!


    We the people request the Members of the United States Senate and the United States of House of Representatives to introduce and pass the following proposal, to wit:

    A proposal to introduce a bill to retroactively Increase Good Time for federal offenders, to wit:

    Title 18 U.S.C. A § 3624(b)(1) is amended as follows: by striking the number “54” in the first sentence as it appears and inserting in lieu thereof:

    Five days per month for sentences between six months and one year that the prisoner serves without bad behavior;

    Ten days per month for sentences exceeding one year that the prisoner serves without bad behavior;

    Meritorious good time limited to five days a months;

    and in the same sentence, by striking “prisoner’s term of imprisonment” and inserting in lieu thereof “term of sentence imposed.” This Amendment is retroactive.[End].

  67. chris | | Reply

    Daniel Granillo
    AO731449 RRCC / CCA
    1752 E Arica Road
    Eloy , AZ 85131-9550

    Hawaii Inmate Seeks Pen Pal will respond
    Sent to mainland due to HI over crowding. Outdoors, music laughs, good music and good friends to write

  68. joanna pimentel | | Reply

    Please help my mom.
    I’m writing in request for legal assistance. In other words I a need a Probono lawyer, paralegal, legal assistance, who will want to further his career with my High Profile and sensitive case. I was sentenced on April 2001, with 2 life sentences and 20 years plus 16 on paper, ck my judgment and commitment. As you will know Conspiracy is a word to put any individual for life and then some. Did I murder or sent anyone to be murdered, Absolutely Not! Career criminals testified at my trial with lies (perjury) to save their own skins, on my motions you see they were inpeached, yet they didn’t affirm it but they stated they were inpeached. My lawyer, Jeremy Gutman argued and objected many times, the judge told him theyed would discuss whatever was being objected, they never call him back for the objections there are several.there are plain errors in my case. Also too many harmless errors, are wrong, after all everyone goes home, but the petitioner, namely me. Cases like Crawford, Apprendi, Booker, Garcia, including Lopez have been filed with my motions and case, to name of few errors is too much. And the piece of resistance, Rico and Vicar was not proved, which thats how they tried to make this a federal case and its not, they have no jurisdiction. See the Appellate division where they stated they would not condone this, Judge Cabranes, Minor, and Droney stated it. Also see the jury when they question Drug Trafficking and they didn’t explained it in the case, because it was a lie, just told them that the judge, gave them a bunch a papers, read it and being that it was Sat, Feb. 10, 2001, going on midnight, that he the judge had a seminar to go to on Monday, if they could come to a conclusion. Five minutes later the jury came back out and declared us guilty.. I feel they felt to hurry my life up and thats what did.
    Joanna pimentel
    Fci danbury
    Rt 37 pembroke station 7g
    Danbury, ct 06811

  69. connie backes | | Reply

    Hello, yes, I’m locked up and lonely – looking to correspond with ladies who are lonely too for romance and possible marriage. i enjoy music (I play guitar), movies, books, cooking, swimming, camping and fishing. Race or age not an isue, but MUST be an adult! I have been in prison since 1999 and in “solitary confinement” since 2004. I am in my cell 23 hours a day, 7 days a week with no contact with family or firends. I get out 5-26-34. I am excited to hear from you and like “long letters”, so don’t be shy. I’m a good listener and want you to talk to me. Exactly what are you seeking in a pen pal? Obviously you are lonely too, why? What are your interests? Are you seeking romance or a mate? Please don’t be afraid to open up okay? Ho else are we going to get to know one another? All i ask is htat you be honest and don’t play games. I don’t roll that way. So feel free to talk about whatever is on your mind and heart. I will answer as soon as possible and will not keep you waiting. Life is too short to be put on hold. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
    Paul Glenn #924507
    HSH/Allred Unit
    2101 FM 369N
    Iowa Park, TX 76367-6568

  70. Joseph Douglas #1673785 | | Reply

    AGE: BETWEEN 20-35
    WEIGHT: BETWEEN 110-135
    HEIGHT: 5’4 -5’10

    Contact me at:
    Joseph Douglas #1673785
    Gib Lewis Unit
    777 FM 3497
    woodville, TX 75990

  71. Antonio Morales | | Reply

    I am a 50 year old prison inmate seeking a pen pal.If anyone is interested please feel free to write me at this location:

    Antonio Morales 18778-018
    U.S. Penitentiary
    P.O. Box 1000
    Marion , Illinois 62959

    My release date is july 2018

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post and even more writing someone you don’t even know. You are a blessing.

  72. connie backes | | Reply

    please post this inmate: He gets out in August 2013

    Eric Espinosa #1262379
    Rt. 2 Box 4400 Hughes Unit
    Gatesville, TX 76597

    Please write to me, i only have 5 months left and would love to meet some new people in the free world.

  73. Jeff Keeran | | Reply

    Jeff Keeran #385507
    Box 19033
    Green Bay, WI 54307

    Born: Monroe, WI
    DOB – 7/27/80
    Age: 32
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Height: 6’

    I am obliged that you have sacrificed your time to view my profile. It’s my hope that something that I have penned from my heart will somehow captivate yours. It’s rare that someone, in the midst of my current circumstances, is blessed to discover a loyal and trustworthy friend, and it’s that friend that I anticipate discovering in you.

    I was born and raised in Monroe, WI with my mom, dad and four brothers. I played sports all my life and still enjoy them. Since my incarceration I’ve met the Lord Jesus Christ. I’ve also strived to become a better man. I started writing poetry a couple years ago. I’ve also taught myself how to draw and currently I am in a vocational cabinetry class. Prison has become a blessing in disguise. God has used this place to transform my life and I am thankful I got to come here.

    There is so much that makes up the man that I am and it’s my heartfelt desire that you and I would soon embrace letters and that together as we journey down that beautiful road called “friendship” we’d be able to discover and share all that we are with each other. So until that moment and space in time I’ll be waiting for you on the corner. Please don’t leave me standing here in the cold for too long.

    • eric keeran | | Reply

      hey yo its ur cuzn Eric from down here in Ohio..man bro I seriously miss ur ass man..its been way too long since ive last seen u..i remember u n i were so close..shit man drop me a line if u want so i can get ur inmate #..im still here at my moms in the trailer park..address is 1423 Huntington Dr. Findlay,OH 45840……MISS U CUZ!!!!

  74. Micah David Torres #76393 | | Reply

    I’m a 32 year old Libra making my own way in life. Made some mistakes that landed me in Prison, but I ain’t trippin’. The future is still inside of me so it’s a must I try to stay positive and focus on the Bigger Picture; the bigger picture being freedom. Freedom is where I’m above average in any form you can think of. I have a great personality and a good sense of humor. I love to laugh. I hate to cry. I’ll never pretend
    to be something or someone I’m not.
    and wouldn’t change for the world.I love who I am as a person I’m not looking for love and I don’t want your money. I just want you. That’s why I’m seeking friendship all over from any State or Country. I don’t care if
    you’re a Baby Mama, Housewife, Service Woman, Teacher or College Student. I’m encouraging any female, from any race to take a chance on me and be part of something special. All I ask is you be 18 yrs old or older and open-minded. I can only read and write in English.

    Please write me at :
    Micah Torres #76393
    Hutchinson Corr Fac.
    PO Box 1568
    Hutchinson, KS 67504

  75. Jofama Reo Coleman | | Reply


    My name is Jofama Coleman, and this is my story to the world. I’m writing in hopes of gaining support during these lonely times of despair and darkness. I’ve been incarcerated since February 20, 2004, and was wrongfully convicted for a crime I did not commit. Convicted of murder, every day I spend behind bars as an innocent man is an injustice no citizen should have to suffer from. I’m now pleading to the world, please stand with me.
    I was falsely accused of being the driver of some mysterious white van that I have no connection to that was driven during the time of the shooting death of an individual named Jose Robles (a.k.a CHINO). This crime occurred on the night of May 10, 2003 around 9:00 p.m. On the night of the crime no one implicated me into this crime, however approximately two days later the victim’s brother Jesse Robles falsely accused me of being the driver involved in this crime. About a week later an individual be the name of Carlos Lopez (a friend of the victim) also falsely claimed I was the driver of this mysterious white van. I surprisingly discovered that Jesse Robles is no longer interested in falsely accusing me of this crime, this discovery is recent.
    Although the crime occurred May 10, 2003, I wasn’t charged until approximately two years and two months later, and my trial didn’t take place until a year after I was charged. By the time of my trial the prosecution mysteriously had two additional people, Albert Segundo and Maria Renteria accused me to be the driver for the first time in court, both of them provided statements to police during the course of the detectives investigation, but neither one of them accused me although given the opportunity to do so. All four witnesses’ statements to officers and their trial testimonies are riddled with inconsistencies, contradictions and improbabilities.
    I recall telling the detectives that I was not involved in this crime and that the witnesses may be accusing me because of a prior confrontation between the victim and my younger brother. I believe the witness assumed I was involved based upon this confrontation which led to them simply accusing me, although I’m completely innocent. The victim was a gang member with several enemies and as the victims very own friend admitted that anyone could have committed this crime.
    On the night on May 10, 2003 I recall being with several friends and loved ones, we intending on going to the movies but I ultimately ended up going to a Blockbuster Video store and rented three dvd’s . At the time of my trial the detectives claimed that they were unable to discover what time I arrived at the video store, or it was simply unknown. All that they can see in the Blockbuster video surveillance security tape is that I was there inside the store around 9:50 p.m., that being 50 minutes after the crime. With me on the security tape was Evelyn Medina (my wife at the time) her little brother who was 11 years old at the time. However, after my conviction I was able to obtain a copy of the security tape and I had it sent to an expert forensic who was able to discover what time I arrived at the video store. The expert discovered that I arrived or walked into the store at 9:25 p.m., after the crime, two (2) prosecution witnesses admitted to following the van to another location. The location the witnesses followed the van to was in the opposite direction of the video store that I was at, which helps prove I was not involved in this crime.
    A juror wrote a letter to the court exposing an issue that occurred during the deliberation process. Juror #5 exposed that, during deliberation they the jury came across new information that wasn’t a part of my trail. The new information was that of my prior arrest and criminal history. The juror stated in her letter that she knew for a fact that the details of my prior arrest influenced the jury’s decision in determining the final verdict.
    I believe this issue tipped the scales against me. The prosecutor claimed she accidently sent the information to the jury. Also, after my conviction I discovered Maria Renteria provided false testimony that was misleading to the jury. Both, the jury’s exposure to my criminal history and the introduction of false material evidence issued was argued and denied on direct appeal.
    The lead detective, who investigated this case Steven Katz, is the same detective who got caught acting in a cover-up of evidence in a previous case involving the late rap super-star Notorious B.I.G. (Christopher Wallace). In a civil suit the family of Christopher Wallace was awarded 1.1 million due to the detective’s intentional act of covering up evidence. (See pay B.I.G family [Friday 08, 2005]; Red Orbit News/slain rapper’s family to renew case against L.A.) How such a detective can remain in the field of law is beyond me, but it isn’t right that I remain in prison as an innocent man.
    I’ve been drowning in this pain for a very long time and since then I have become divorced and lost loved ones my grandmother (Virginia Sermons) and my aunt (Olivia Cunningham), I will never be able to see them again. My whole world was taken from me because of this wrongful conviction. My little girl is growing up without her father and time has become my x-wife is now my worst enemy. I continue to ask myself, is our justice system really so flawed that an innocent man can spend the rest of his life behind bars based on false testimony alone? I’m now pleading to the world for support. I hope this story reaches the open minded and kind hearted people that exist in this world. This is my story to the world, and my innocence is the truth.
    My address is as follows:
    Jofama Reo Coleman
    CDCR# V-27659
    CSATF/State Prison at Corcoran
    P.O box 5242
    Corcoran, CA. 93212

  76. Christopher Randle #97523 | | Reply

    Feb 2011 to 2016- current charge 3rd felony D.U.I. (6yrs)

    Background- a Christian, kinda since 1995. Born Oct 5th 1960 Seattle WA. – Harbor view hospital (age 53). I have 4 older sisters and no brothers (1 dead now). I’m the baby brother (was twice married with three grown kids). Single parent house hold “mother” 100% native American coeur d’Alene tribe, northern Idaho (died 1974) 50 yrs old. My dad was from Oak cuff, Tx (African Amer.) (died 2006) 81 yrs old.

    Likes and dislikes- females only with long hair (sexy) small to medium build. Let’s just talk and see (write to each other). Race and culture (any) human. (a must). Stable – home, car, license driver, financial dependent without children, spiritual (at least an effort). Clean and decent intentions (growth) would be nice. Pillow talk I want companionship and future. I am a one woman man for life (don’t worry).

    I have many job skills, apprentice mechanic, fork lift operator, warehouse/manufacturing (worker/supervisor skills) jack of all trades, trying to be.

    I like fishing, bowling, outdoors, biking, picnics, moon light drives, bar-b-ques, shoot pool and play chess.

    I’m not so bad, so don’t trip, thanks. Hit me back, holla.

    Please write me at:
    Christopher Randle #97523
    ICC K120A
    PO Box 70010
    Boise, ID 83707

  77. joanna pimentel | | Reply

    Please help my mother. She told me to post this message here:
    ok I have 5,6,8 and 14 constitutions broken on my case, they found their witnesses impeached with perjury and did nothing about it, i have booker, crawford, and apprendi that were and can be used on my case, and they gave me rico and vicar and didn’t prove it so they have no jurisdiction, told by the appellate division where they, judge cabranes, miner and droney, stated they would not condone this yet they affirmed because i didn’t state it. the district judge stated i need a good lawyer because this is a serious case, and i need to do a successive 2255 and put everything on it.

  78. Brian Cox 3284208 | | Reply

    Hello my name is “Brian” and I’m from the “Bay” but I now live in L.A.. I am 46 years old, I still look young and I’m “sitt’n” on “swole”. I’m tall, with a chocolate-brown complexion, light brown eyes, broad shoulders and short hair. I’m here for second-degree burglary, and I’ve been “in” since August 30, 2012, and I “bounce” April 30, 2013.

    My mind has been renewed by the SPIRIT of GOD, so I don’t think with a “criminal-mind” anymore. I plan to be an entrepreneur when I get out, as well as a youth- mentor, minister, marriage-counselor, and personal-trainer. Some of my hobbies includes: reading, writing, playing chess, basketball, going to concerts, plays, sporting events, and other exciting and interesting things. My favorite movies are Friday-I&II, House on Haunted Hill, Class Act-I&II, House Party-I&II. My favorite music is: gospel, R&B, hip-hop, etc. I like dogs, cats, and all furry animals. I’m looking for a pen-pal who is attractive, fun-loving, ambitious, understanding, intelligent, patient, and kind. If you have even some of these qualities, along with a willingness to get to know me through consistent correspondence, then your the one I am looking for. God Bless you and thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Your new Friend


    Contact me at :

    Brian Cox 3284208
    Terminal Annex
    PO Box 86164
    Los Angeles, CA 90086

  79. KD Black | | Reply

    I am looking for people who would like to write to me and be my friend and support my struggle while I am inside. This is a hard place and I try to keep a positive attitude but I don’t have people I can trust in here, so I am looking for those to write me. I am scheduled to be released in 8/2020. I am creative and funny and love writing.

    Please write me.

    KD Black 14-12-148
    Allred Unit
    2101 FM 369N
    Iowa Park, TX

  80. Christopher Lindsey 31813-039 | | Reply

    Hello. Have you ever made a mistake? Wow, me too. So do you like to laugh?
    To have great conversations? Me too. I’m very interesting, honest, love life, have a wonderful sense of humor. An average individual to those that don’t know me. While in coming to talk to me, learning the depth of me,you will quickly learn it’s all the way safe to say I’m not average. I love family and friends. I enjoy maintaining my health through the week for about an hour a day. I’m looking for a friend first. One who is beautiful on the inside first with real goals in her life. Who sees me as an asset, because I know success is awaiting me. I will be starting with my books and continuing to reinvest my energy into new projects throughout my life. While a good,loving, caring, lady who knows you are an asset is needed, I feel that the universe will give us all we ask for as long as we stay positive and believe. In which I do very much so. I know for a fact I’m here to contribute to the world and be of great help to others. There’s so much to share, while also for me to learn. I listen well, and find real enjoyment in seeing others happy. Dreams and real goals, do you have them? Because I do, and they are materializing every day. In all truth, I’m a real person, who will respect you and be honest with you. So with you being intelligent, with a desire to use your beautiful mind, loyal is willing to be a friend to someone who shall build a solid future with you. Well, I already said hello. Now it’s your turn. What are you waiting for? And please don’t forget to smile.

    Please write me at:
    Christopher Lindsey 31813-039
    PO Box 1000
    Milan, MI 48160

  81. BRENDA PARKER | | Reply

    My name is Brenda . Im from Houston, Texas . Im a mother of two beautiful daughters and one grandson. Im currently incarcerated looking for nice people to write. Im a very loving outgoing god fearing woman. i love to have fun, crack jokes and smile. With that being said I’m just a woman whose looking for a good conversation. So if your interested in knowing more so feel free to contact me at

    BRENDA PARKER #1749788
    1916 N. HWY 36 BYPASS

  82. Stephen Skepple | | Reply

    Hello my name is Stephen, I’m 5’7 – 160lbs African american male, well built currently incarcerated at, for racketeering will be release in June 2013. Resides in Miami, FL.
    Looking for Female Friendly writers.

    Will replay to all letters

    Photos are available upon request

    Write me:

    Stephen Skepple
    DC #424003
    Columbia Annex/S4207U
    216 S E Corrections Way
    Lake City, FL. 32025

  83. Daniel Mass 30053-039 | | Reply

    Hello there ladies,

    And thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of capturing your attention

    for a spell.

    My name is Daniel. From Los Angeles California. I’m 40 years old. 5’10”, 1951bs.

    I love working out, reading, playing chess, long walks, swimming and much more.

    In early 2002, I was arrested for conspiracy with the intent to distribute marijuana in the state of Michigan. Quite a long time for weed, huh? I know,but I’m making good with the time so that I never come back. I have a little less than five years left. Just want to be clear up front, so you’ll know that there’s still a stretch ahead before I’m released.

    I’m looking for a woman who’s willing to learn that the confines of Where I am doesn’t define who I am. A strong and seasoned woman that makes

    her own decisions; independent, intelligent, sexy, and definitely knows how to treat a man that means her no harm. I’m looking for a woman that understands that sure, men make mistakes and some make them a little more often than others, but at some point in life, there are a few of us that change for the better. And now, I would like to share this change in me with someone.

    Please write me at:
    Daniel Mass 30053-039
    PO Box 1000
    Milan, MI 48160

  84. Andre'a L. Johnson | | Reply

    Andre’a Johnson
    TDCJ-ID #839659
    5’7 170lbs
    Black Male
    D.O.B 10/7/77
    Convicted: Murder
    Expected Release: 03/03/38
    Status: Single
    Seeking Friend, Will respond to all letters!

    My name is Andre’a and I was kidnapped from the streetz of Dallas, TX. I am now being held captive by the State Thus. I consider myself a political prisoner.
    Though it has taken me some time, I’ve finally pushed through the dark cloud that seemed to cover me. I’m hoping to find friends to exchange words, ideas, and who’ll allow me to view the world through their eyes.


    Convicted for Cap. Murder Dallas County, Conviction based on statement. Original brief denied. I’ve taken Paralegal Course through Blackstone Career Institute. I have proof as to why admissibility was in error. However with the change in law with concern to Miranda Rights and also A.D.P.T.A. I’m hesitant to file Art. 11.07 Habeas Corpus and looking for help.


    Respectfully Submitted:
    Mr. Andre’a Johnson
    Telford Unit
    3899 State Hwy. 98
    New Boston, TX

  85. Brian Downey 84220 | | Reply

    I’m a tall, slim, “drink of water”. As you can see by the photo, I didn’t take a very good picture that day. I am obviously going bald, what you can’t see is my long pony tail in the back, what can I say last of the aging hippies. I was seated in my wheel chair for the photo; you see I have Multiple sclerosis. I can walk fine with my crutches but I much prefer the wheel chair.

    I will answer all letters. I’m hunting for a 26 to 66 year old lady, as you can tell age isn’t terribly important to me. Hair color, eye color, skin color, all unimportant. What matter to me is someone who is a friend and/or more.

    So, are you game? Write me

    Please Contact me at:

    Brian Downey 84220
    ASPC-Eyman Meadows #7014
    P.O. Box 3300
    Florence AZ 85132

  86. Orlando D Calbert #719358 | | Reply

    My name is Orlando Calbert and im a male looking for a very special pen-pal who would love read a nice sweet letter from time to time.
    Everyone at one point or time have made a mistake, some are just bigger then I say others. Age over (21), color, sex, size does not matter when it comes down to real friendship. In my eyes friendship is the only cement that will always hold this world together. I have no problem with answering all letters that is wrote to me. I have no problem with being a open book to any and all questions.

    Please contact me at:
    Orlando D Calbert 719358
    3001 s Emily Dr
    Beeville TX 78102

  87. James Murphy | | Reply

    Hi my name is James Murphy and I am making this inquiry related to a serious case, a prosecutional misconduct, and a grand jury abuse. Three individuals were originally indicted by a grand jury with drug conspiracy and distribution. Moreover, all three individuals were convicted. I was not charged as a part of that case, however, the prosecuting attorney went back to another grand jury or the same jury on that same case. In addition, had me indicted based upon an alleged conspiracy, when the original case or “conspiracy” was completely terminated. The law and prosecuting attorney manual for the U.S. Dept of Justice says that a prosecutor can not go back to a grand jury on the same case unless he seeks a superseding indictment. I AM NOT CHARGED ON A SUPERSEDING INDICTMENT, also I am charged with a conspiracy BY MYSELF. The law states, two or more people are required to constitute a conspiracy. Therefore, I am seeking for some sought of legal assistance, public exposure, and interested in soliciting donations for a legal defense fund.
    James E. Murphy
    P.O. Box 1000

  88. Sherell Wray | | Reply


    How are you? as for my self I’m fine, I’m just hoping and praying I can find me a True Pen-pal, who don’t Judge a book by It cover, I’m a young black male, who’s big on life, now now that i have been Incarcerated 13 years, lets get to know each other, one thing about me i love the Lord’ and i love my parents and i love the color red’ LoL HOPING TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON God Bless.

    Sherell Wray #1097045
    RT,2 BOX 4400
    GATES VILLE, TX 76597

    • frances lopez | | Reply

      So, I see your looking for pen pals….well this is your wife….so no more pen pals…..

  89. lil rob | | Reply

    Hello, My name is Rob. I’m 31 years old, 6’1″, 230lbs.,w/ nice build. I’m single, no kids, but in a family man, goal orientated and driven. I love to laugh and I’m a good listener. Nevertheless, I have a desire for true friendship/ companionship from a mature non-judgemental good hearted woman. Looks aren’t important- just a great personality and a great heart. Whatever you want to know about me just ask. I keep it 100 and thats all i ask for in return:100 % realness. Thanks for reading this, if your interested– dont hesitate—get at me !!!! Truly ROB……Robert Davis, #K83821, 2600 N. bronton ave., Dixon, Il. 61021

  90. king love | | Reply

    hey, well I hope your not the type of person who judges a book by its cover; because some people say that my mug shot makes me look upset and mean. I’m actually a considerate person who loves to see a woman smile. I am a very open minded person, who enjoys all of life’s diversities. As ironic as it may sound by me being a jail bird, I’m still a big believer in being honest and just being yourself. I like a person who can speak their mind, but also at the same time be understanding. Unfortunately, I have been incarcerated since I was 18 years old, but over the years I have grown into a man. This experiance has changed me in many ways; most of all, my views of life. I have achieved my G.E.D. and also have completed some college classes. I’m 5’11” 165lbs, on the brighter side: I’m single with no children, nor do I have any tattoos. I enjoy light rock, pop, and country music. If your looking for someone who is different, who understands life, who stands out from the crowd and a friend who is a good listener, then drop me a line……..Arthur Garcia, #R42941, 2600 N. Brinton Ave., Dixon, Il. 61021

  91. Tyrik Gray #Hk1842 | | Reply



    The potential female that I am seeking,is someone who is willing to develop a friendship/romance. A woman who is caring,understanding,loyal,sincere,and willing to take time out of her personal life to get to know me. Size,race,and looks don’t matter and it will not be a disappointment for you.

    I am a fun person to hang around. I’m not a begger or a user. I look forward to making the most out of life and having success. I have made some bad decisions in my life,and have learned my lesson. Which I look forward to
    bettering myself as an individual.

    I am simply looking for good conversation and developing a mutually beneficial friendship!In closing,if you believe that I would be “Worth-While”,please reply to this “AD” and you will not be disappointed •••

    I would like to thank you in advance for your time,consideration and understanding,and will look forward to your welcomed response.

    Please write me at:

    Tyrik Gray #Hk1842

    SCI forest

    PO box 945

    Marienville Pa 16239

  92. Lawton Avery Merritt | | Reply

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    My name is James Stuckey, and I’m currently serving a 100 year prison term at Menard Correctional Center in Chester, IL for the offense of attempt murder and aggravated sexual assault. This is a crime I absolutely did not commit, and I’m respectfully seeking the help of an attorney or private investigator in my quest to prove my innocence.
    On March 28, 1986 a young girl in Chicago, Illinois by the name of Thelma Shaw was allegedly raped. Police and prosecutor’s alleged that I and two co-defendants raped and then tied this young woman to the bumper of our car and proceeded to drag her through the streets of Chicago causing her serious bodily injuries. My conviction is the result of the victim’s sole testimony, which is plagued with inconsistencies and contradictions. There was absolutely no evidence presented at trial to remotely suggesting I committed this horrendous crime.
    My case is currently being reviewed by the Appellate Defenders Office. On February 9, 2012 the trial court denied my motion for DNA testing in this matter and I’m appealing their decision. The following evidence is what can prove my innocence today if given a chance.
    1. The victim testified to being raped in a forest preserve at 103rd Street and Calumet in Chicago, Il. I’m a long time resident of that area and I know for certain there is absolutely no forest preserve in that particular area. This will not prove my innocence, but it will discredit the victim’s ability to be truthful. I’m respectfully asking for your help in investigating whether there is a forest preserve where the victim claims she was raped.

    2. Prosecutors are currently in possession of the victim’s pants and panties that she wore on the night of her attack. According to the prosecutors, there are semen stains on both of these clothing items. In addition to that, a lab microfile is available via subpoena; biology reports indicate sperm were identified on the smear made from the victim’s vagina. I’m confident that if these items were tested for DNA it’ll clearly show that if I’m not the perpertrator of this most horrendous crime.

    3. I also have an alibi for the night of this crime occurred. The records will clearly show that I was in a lounge having drinks with friends on the night this crime was committed. The lounge was approximately 15 blocks from where the victim was found by police. My alibi witness made a statement to police. In his statement he said that I left his presence while in the lounge to answer my pager and I was gone for half an hour. Prosecutors are alleging that I left the lounge and committed this horrible crime in a half hour window. I promise you that it would have been virtually impossible for me to have left the lounge and drove 15 blocks, and raped the victim and returned to the lounge within a half hour.

    I’m respectfully asking for your help in investigating my alibi to show that I could not have traveled that distance and committed this crime in the half hour window prosecutors are suggesting. I have proof to show I never the lounge. There are many more inconsistencies surrounding my wrongful conviction, but the few I presented are strongest.

    I appreciate the time you have taken in reading this, and any consideration you’re considering in helping me in this matter.

    If you need any additional information concerning this case please contact Susan Hannenberg at 701-340-9192 or I can be reached at the following address:

    James Stuckey # A83822
    P.O.Box 1000
    Menard, IL 62259


    James Stuckey

  93. Ronald Williams | | Reply

    ” Law in the South”

    My name is Ronald Williams. I’m a prisonet at Louisiana State Prison. I’m seeking legal help for the following situations: The prosecutor did not
    established that the crime of arm robbery that I was
    on trial for was reported in Caddo Parish or that any police officer investigated the said crime. No police officer at any time testify
    That a arm robbery was reported or that I was the person arrested for such crime. Jurisdiction was not established at any time. No witness testify that a arm robbery happen in Shreveport, Caddo Parish. How did the trial court have legal authority (power) to decide this case when the prosecutor never establish the crime happen in court’s jurisdiction? For the last 13 years, I have been incarcerated and the sentencing judge never committed my sentence to any form of imprisonment. Can you share legal perspective on these two issues? If you can please write me at : Ronald Williams#403681 Camp-J General Delivery La. State Prison Angola, La.70712

  94. Ann Williams | | Reply

    “your friendsjip matters”
    Friendship is like a flower; at the right season, it blossom. I’m envisaging some seasons hoarding your friendship. My salient point in posting this ad is to find a friend like you who is enmeshed in integrity. I’m the type of guy that aerify life into one’s heart. I am advertent and mellow. I’m amorous because I got it from my moma. Seriuosly, I have been incarcerated 13 years. I’m trying to free my mind by reading your words. Why not bless me?

    Write me at:
    Ronald Williams#403681
    Camp-J General Delivery
    La. State Penitentiary
    Angola, La. 70712

  95. Lamar Montgomery | | Reply

    I am currently incarcerated but due to be release in a couple years. I’m looking for a strong minded sisters willing to open her life to a brother who willing to travel different heights with her. I am a good listener and loves a woman who is willing to share herself with me. This doesn’t apply to those who are fake, phony, and plain ignorant. Only those who are trying to establish a connection because what were about to have is something bigger than you and I. I am very outgoing, charming, good sense of humor, and overall positive about my future. I have a lot more to share but only to the one who is just as serious and considerate as I. Only real WOMAN who is on her stuff shall apply. Please feel free to write me for any other details at.

    Mr. Lamar Montgomery #1027583
    PO Box 16482
    Chesapeake, VA 23328

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  96. Earl Jackson # JV3717 | | Reply

    Stop here!

    I’m the guy you’’ve been Browsing for!!

    The potential female pen-pal that I am seeking, is someone who is willing to develop a friendship and/or romance. Someone who is willing to take a risk, and who believes in second chances. A woman who is caring,understanding, loyal, sincere, and willing to take time out of her personal life to get to know me. And most of all, someone who can make a difference in our lives. I possess the following characteristics/ qualities; Genuine, Vigorous, Open-Minded, Generous, Adventurous, Out- Going, I am a fun person to get to know and be around, and enjoy making people laugh. I look forward to making the most out of life and having success! I’m not perfect, and have made a lot of poor choices in the past. However, with the past behind me, I am looking toward the future and finding ways to better myself as an individual. I am simply looking for good conversation and developing a mutually beneficial friendship! In closing, if you believe that I would be ”worth while”, please reply to this “AD”…. I would like to thank you in advance for your time, consideration and understanding, and will look forward to your welcomed response.

    Please contact me at:

    Earl Jackson # JV3717

    SCI-Forest,PO.Box 945

    1 Woodland Drive

    Marienville, Pa 16239-0945

  97. David J. Foell | | Reply

    Hello, my name is David Foell #0082130 and I am incarcerated in Iowa State Penitentiary, Unit 218-E-8, P.O. Box 316 Ft. Madison Iowa 52627.
    I am a 44 year old down and out Native American who is looking to correspond and get to know a female Pen-Pal between the ages of 20’s to 40’s, Single, to get to know one another for a good time each letter we write. I look forward to hearing from that special someone real soon.

  98. Omar Lopez De Leon | | Reply

    I am writing this for Omar.
    Omar Lopez De Leon is 45,hispanic, 5’9, 153 lbs., brown eyes, blk hair. Does not speak English. Must read and write Spanish. Looking for Someone special to correspond with. Not much left on his sentence. Anyone interested my write to:
    Omar Lopez De Leon-#1229513
    Telford Unit
    3899 State Hwy 98
    New Boston, TX 75570
    Thank you,

  99. Eugenio L Rodriguez | | Reply

    Greetings to you all out there:
    My name is Eugenio L. Rodriguez, TDJC#382692, Telford Unit-3899 State Hwy 98-New Boston, TX 75570.
    I have been in prison for 30 yrs now for a murder I did not commit here in Texas. Oh yes I have filed Habeas Corpus, and 11 times requested DNA test, but the court always comes up with a different excuse. “No Evidences to Test”. They told me, however on a DNA test hearing held on 6-21-2004 the town sheriff testified there was a (Half eaten hot-dog and a texsun juice can) recovered at the crime scene and which were pointed out to the sheriff’s people, by “eyewitnesses”.as been left behind by the person who committed the crime. Still it did not do any good.
    I know I can prove my innocence, if given the opportunity, but I don’t have the financial resources I would need to hire an atty or even an investigator or paralegal and even though I have sent over 600 letters to different lawyers and organizations, nobody has taken the time to respond.
    The Innocence project of New York and West Texas also ran into a brick wll when they tried to find the evidence but there are other ways to get such stuff. So anyone out there interested in hearing me out notify me. This is no game, and I expect no games in return.
    Thank you all for reading my ad,
    Hopefully, I remain

  100. Lindsay Rodriguez | | Reply

    My name is Anthony Don Rogers, #125066-Telford Unit-3899 State Hwy 98- New Boston, TX 75570
    I am a white male, grey eyes, 6’1, dirty blond hair, 183lbs. I am very lonely and alone, looking for some one to correspond with. I got 1 1/2yrs left in my sentence. Looking for friendship, race nor gender is an issue. All mail will be immediately answered. Males of females, Gay. I do not have a mind problem. I’m just looking for friends to correspond with.

    Thank you all for reading my ad,

  101. Earl Jackson # JV3717 | | Reply

    Stop here!
    I’m the guy you’ve been
    Browsing for!!

    The potential female pen-pal that I am seeking, is someone who is willing to develop a friendship and/or romance. Someone who is willing to take a risk, and who believes in second chances. A woman who is caring,understanding, loyal, sincere, and willing to take time out of her personal life to get to know me. And most of all, someone who can make a difference in our lives. I possess the following characteristics/ qualities; Genuine, Vigorous, Open-Minded, Generous, Adventurous, Out- Going, I am a fun person to get to know and be around, and enjoy making people laugh. I look forward to making the most out of his life and having success! I’m not perfect, and have made a lot of poor choices in the past. However, with the past behind me, I am looking toward the future and finding ways to better myself as an individual. I am simply looking for good conversation and developing a mutually beneficial friendship! In closing, if you believe that I would be ”worth while”, please reply to this “AD”…. I would like to thank you in advance for your time, consideration and understanding, and will look forward to your welcomed response.

    Please contact me at:
    Earl Jackson #JV3717
    SCI-Forest,PO.Box 945
    1 Woodland Drive
    Marienville,PA 16239-0945

  102. Jeffery Palmer | | Reply


    I’m seeking friends from all walks of life. I’m an open-minded man in need of new and interesting friends. I’m not discriminatory and all are welcome to write me. If you’re willing to give me a chance at being a part of your life, even if it’s only a small part at first. … I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Since I’m a lonely man in need of comfort, I reach my hand out to the world in high hopes of finding someone willing to give me an opportunity at friendship. If you’re that someone, please write me a letter, and if you have a picture of yourself send one with the letter. Don’t be shy and feel free to ask me anything that might be on your mind. I have nothing to hide and I will accept all questions with an open mind and great understanding. I enjoy reading, Action Movies and staying in good shape. I like making others smile and laugh. l’m told that I have a big heart. I’ve made some mistakes in my life … but I have learned from them and I’m working on putting the past behind me and preparing for my future and a new life. So, whoever is reading this, give me a chance at becoming your new found friend from afar. I’ve made the first step toward you; only you can take the next step toward me. So no matter what type, race, weight, height, looks, you’re more than welcome to respond to this ad.

    Please write to:

    Jeffery Palmer# 85625

    PO Box 1490

    Carlin, NV 89622

  103. Gerrilyn Boer | | Reply

    Hi my name is Geraldo Bascomb. I am 34 years old (May 27, 1978). I am African American, 6′ tall, 200 lbs, with brown eyes and black hair. I am a born-again Christian. I was incarcerated in August of 2003 for murder with the earliest possible release date of 2030. I am honest, compassionate, and a friend to all. I love sports, especially football. I played in high school and junior college. I am seeking female pen pals and I am willing to write overseas. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Geraldo Bascomb #F13633
    P.O. Box 2199
    Blythe, CA 92226

    • Robert Rodriguez | | Reply

      Sup G it’s Rob hit me back if you see this! Rob90012@gmail.com

  104. mary dean wilson | | Reply


    My name is Dewey Johnston, D.O.B. 12-22-1972, 185 lbs, green eyes and brown hair. Ethnicity: Irish and German. I am from Rockford, IL near Chicago. I am serving a federal sentence for possession of a firearm. I have been incarcerated since 10-02-2006 and counting the good-time and halfway house, my earliest release date is 03-12-2018. The good news is I am looking at huge relief with pending meritorious appeal due to an unconstitutional enhancement and I am expecting to be free much sooner. We will see.

    I am not sharing downtime with anyone special. I am engaging, deeply learned and energized. I am down to earth and I never think the future to be far away because I am incarcerated. I think it makes the future look bright with many possibilities and opportunities that are out there waiting for me. I hope to catch your attention, as well as your time. If you think the Sundown is with purple, blue and gold enhanced colors in the skies, means another a beautiful evening filled with splendor then we should talk. If you like the outdoors, walking in nature and believe solitude can be found anywhere, we should write. Should you also enjoy the occasional hustle and bustle of the city, maybe great food, great conversation, great views and great shows, then when I am Free we should meet! If you love a good book, can laugh out loud and enjoy life, we should communicate. If you want to be heard and want to be an equal or more than equal, you have that here. If you want to express yourself from the Alpha and to the Omega without criticism, but with honesty, this is the place. If you like physically fit and smiles interest you look no further. If your love of music is marked by a good beat that makes good sense, tune in here. If you can listen to most genres of music, this is the station for you. If you like your bread and butter at a secluded Bed and Breakfast or your toes buried in the silky sand somewhere in a Caribbean type atmosphere, we should go in the near future. If you just want to be heard, you can talk. If you just want to listen, I can be heard. I you are searching like me and so many others, you can look in this area. If you want someone who is honest, not a game player, hard working and can forgive a person for making a mistake in their past, as that person is non judgmental, caring and also looking, let’s take a chance. Do you want an intelligent word or maybe more? Then please write! Life is beautiful even under the most unusual of circumstances. We have to be ready to grasp a hand as it’s extended to us or risk losing one of God’s greatest blessings – Companionship.

    Dewey Johnston
    Federal Register #33690-044
    Federal Correctional Institution – Allenwood – Med
    Post Office Box 2000
    White Deer PA 17887

  105. Lindsay Rodriguez | | Reply

    My name is Eugenio L Rodriguez, TDCJ#382692, Telford Unit-3899 State Hwy 98, New Boston, TX 75570;
    My wife is writing this reply hoping to get me some help.
    I have been in prison for 30yrs now for a murder I did not commit here in Texas. I have filed Habeas Corpus and 11 times requested for DNA testing, but the court always comes up with a different excues-No evidences ro test-
    They told me, however on a DNA test hearing held on 6-21-2004 the town sheriff testifies there were a (“Half eaten hotdog and a Texsun juice can”) recovered at the crime scene and which were pointed out to the sheriff’s people, by “eyewitnesses”. as been left behind by the person who committed the crime. Still it didn’t do any good.
    I know I can prove my innocence if given the opportunity, but I don’t have the financial resources and I would need to hire an atty or even an investigator or paralegal and even thought I have sent over 600 letters to different lawyers and organizations, noone has taken the time to respond.
    The Innocence project of New York, and West Texas also ran into a brick wall when they tried to find the evidence but there are other ways to get such stuff.
    So anywon out there interested in hearing me out, please notify me. This is no game and I expect no games in return please.

    Thank you all for taking time to read my reply.

    Hopefully, I remain

    Eugenio L. Rodriguez

  106. Davon Reece #T27696 | | Reply

    Forbidden Touch

    An erotic pleasure I crave, a sensation with-held. Profound feelings that swarm me: a soothing aroma that life wont let me smell. It starts in my heart; in my very soul it spreads through my body…I have no control.
    My life starts to curl, my face wears a grin; I’m reading your letter…my very sexy pen-friend.
    About myself…I really want to be a lover and a friend. Loyal and meaningful to your life. All the things I’ve done are now my lessons…and I move on.
    I love PDA and giving massages, I love older women, and race does not matter. I am African American, 32 yrs. old, fit(165lbs), brown eyes, handsome, and very dependable.
    Write me as soon as possible at…
    Davon Reese #T27696
    MCSP / C-13-218
    P.O. Box 409060
    Ione, CA 95640

  107. Tim Morris | | Reply

    I’m from West Los Angles. I have carmel complexion with a muscular build. I am African American, 40 years old, brown eyes, black hair, and weigh 250 lbs.
    I’m seeking the friendship of Lady friends. I am single and ready to build a solid foundation with a nice lady who has room in her life for a new friend and possible long term relationship.
    I am down to earth, honest, and do not have time for “Mind games” I’m open to All flavors of women. I hope to get a letter and photo from you soon. Bye Love.
    Please write me at…Tim Morris #AE7486
    C.M.C. East / 7332 X
    P.O. Box 8101
    Sanluisoblspo, CA 93409

  108. Richard Lee Roberts | | Reply

    30 yr. old single Mexican American seeks females to correspond with. I am not judgemental. Anyone over the age of 25 for friendship and possible long-term relationship. My release date is then a year, plenty of time to get to know each other.
    Please write for more personal information.

    Richard Lee Roberts Adc#144995
    ASPC-Eymen-Browning Unit
    P.O. Box 3400
    Florence, AZ 85132

  109. Cole Drayton | | Reply

    My name is Tradon Drayton and I’m a striving Sunni Muslim. I’m 33, 188 Lbs, of good nature, and is looking for a muslima to past time with. Looks are unimportant.

    Please write to:
    Tradon Drayton 10619-171
    Federal Correctional Institution
    PMB 1000
    Talladega, AL 35160

    • Amal Islam | | Reply

      I would like to know if this brother is still incarcerated so I can send him reading material and mail

  110. Sylvester L. Little | | Reply

    My name is Sylvester L. Little. I have asked a friend to place this information, but if you could help me with legal help, please get in touch directly with me.

    In short, my story is this: I am accused of murder, but did not commit this. It is hard to get through the legal procedures and I could really use all help possible. If you could be of help for me, and would like to put time and energy in my case, it would be very much appreciated. I cannot give you a salary, but I’m sure that God will reward you in heaven for all help and I would be so thankful.

    To get contact with me, please write to: Sylvester L. Little, #0243857, Johnston Correctional, 2465 VS Hwy 70 West, Smithfield 27577, North Carolina, USA.

    • J.T. Cooper | | Reply

      I have posted my email address if I can help.

  111. Rufus-Jenny Triplett | | Reply

    Thanks for the wonderful compliment. We try to write as often as possible.

  112. connie backes | | Reply

    My name is Charley Hughes. I’m 20 years old. I was bone on 8-2-91. “m 5’11 and I weigh 190 pounds. I”m light brown skinned with dark brown eyes. I’m bald headed with a thin mustache and thick goatee. I’m serving a 10 year sentence for battery on correctional officers. I am a single man who is looking for a female pen pal who I can share my feelings with and build a friendship with possibly more. I don’t needno playdate or playmate. I’m a grown man and you’re a grown woman so we can eliminate the cat and ouse games. I like a woman who has discipline, dedication and determination. What I tend to do is grrasp your mind as well as your heart. If you would like to get to know me better, you can reach me here:
    Charley Hughes
    EDCF #96576
    P.O. Box 311
    El Dorado, KS 67042

  113. Brian K Gilmer | | Reply

    Bio #1 (Pen-Pal ad)
    Need A Friend?
    Ronnie Dunn sings about the price of living being high—and going up. The world, like prison, is a fish bowl. It seems like we keep crossing the same paths each day. We tell the same stories to the same people. See the same faces at work, church, and even on T.V…Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to talk with a friend that can help you see the light at the end of tunnel? I don’t know about you, but I can really use someone like that. I have been in prison for the last 13 years. I have lost everything that has ever meant anything to me. I can’t remember what it is like to have a true friend. I have made my share of mistakes. I have no excuses. All I can tell you is that I have tried desperately to become a man who is responsible, trustworthy, honest, and dependable. If you are looking for someone to lie to you—I am not the one. If you are looking for someone to be there for you during the good times and bad—write me immediately. I would love to share my thoughts with you.

    Contact info:
    Brian K. Gilmer
    327156 N.E.C.X
    P.O. Box 5000
    Mountain City, TN 37683

  114. Daniel Mcgregordaniel | | Reply

    Hello ladies. My name is Ross. I’m 31, 5’11” and weigh 185 lbs. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes with an athletic build. I like sports,exercise,movies,studying case law, reading,cooking,traveling and culture.I’m serving 16-life and have been incarcerated since 4-15-08. I’m currently fighting to get my wrongful conviction overturned in the Federal Court. I was unlawfully convicted of 2nd degree murder for a man who had a heart attack due to cocaine use and died from a fight he caused. Hopefully justice will prevail in Federal Court. You can write me at:
    Ross Ivy CDC#AA2965
    California Correctional Institution
    C-3 225-up
    P.O. Box 1905
    Tehachapi, CA. 93581

  115. RONNIE STEWART | | Reply


  116. Thomas Smith | | Reply

    Hello Ladies,

    I’m a kind hearted, easy going, laid back cool type of guy. Just don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing! I love to travel and spend quality time with my kids. First and foremost, the lady dat I’m looking for have to believe in the lord Savior Jesus Christ.Gota be an intelligent, smart, independent woman, who has confidence within herself. Pretty much, I want someone who is looking for a long time friend or even romance. If you want companionship get at me.

    Please write to:

    Thomas Smith # 364449
    30420 Revell’s Neck Road
    Westover, Maryland 21890

  117. Alfonso Brown | | Reply

    Hello Ladies,

    I’m a cool laid-back, respectable, mature, and honest person. I always keep it real. I like to laugh. I like to make people laugh. I’m down to earth. I’m looking for someone that has my best interest, that’s compatible, and wants a friendship to build a relationship.

    I get released in July 2013

    Please write to:

    Alfonso Brown # 54527-060
    FCI Elkton
    PO Box 10
    Lisbon, Ohio 44432

  118. DONNELL SMITH | | Reply

    My name is Donnell Smith, and I am incarcerated for possession of a handgun. I’m 26 years old, and from BaIt. City, Maryland. I have no kids, and I’m looking for that special queen I can give my heart to. I am not too keen on looks, but high on morals and principles. I live by the codes of loyalty, honor, trust and respect.
    I’m at the point in my life where I am only interested in surrounding myself around people who can add knowledge to my growing mind. I consider myself an entrepreneur because I like to have common knowledge about different businesses I can get involved in, and with.
    I’m looking for that right person who will complete me. I promise that I’m certified in every category, and have never been a liability, but always an asset. Ladies, I can guarantee you that you’ve never dealt with a man of my caliber.

    Please write to:
    DONNELL SMITH, #351-959
    WESTOVER, MD 21890

  119. James Johnson | | Reply

    Thanks for stopping by. My name is Jay, and I am looking for a woman who has decided to open her arms to receive a good man. I enjoy a wide variety of things. Cooking is something I have loved to do since I was a child and it serves as a form of communication that enables me to bring a smile to someones face. I also enjoy various genres of music & literature. Handball/racquetball & barbering are a few of my hobbies that I like to do in my spare time. I am looking for a woman who is outgoing and sincere, with a sense of humor. If you’re Hot & Spicy … I have a palette that could truly appreciate an intriguing flavor. I am looking for a woman to establish a commitment with, and the opportunity to grow with her and pave a road of happiness that we could cherish together. I’d like to close with a quote, “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” -C. G. Jung

    Please write to:
    James Johnson# 02-A-1869
    PO Box 700
    Wallkill NY 12589

  120. corey gilmore | | Reply

    i need a sentencing memorandum

  121. johnnymarkham | | Reply

    My brother was convicted in 1984 for a murder he did not commit. His name is Benjamin A. Joyner. He is currently serving two consecutive life sentences plus sixty-five years. Benjamin was forced to participate in the crime at gunpoint. In the state of South Carolina; there is an aggravated coercion and duress defense but the judge did not instruct the jury correctly on this law. F.B.I. Special agent Victor P. Holdren gave perjured testimony to inflame the jury against Benjamin. Attorney Joy S.Goodwin, told the court and the jury that Benjamin was guilty of kid-napping and that he was guilty of rape but not guilty of murder. This further inflamed the jury to convict him. This is an open case of ineffective assistance of counsel. Benjamin’s co-defendant told him, “Drive the car Benny!” Don’t make me have to bust no cap in your _ss…Benjamin needs help…

  122. Robert Gunter | | Reply

    Hobbies/interest: I like to fish,camp,ride four wheelers pretty much anything to do with the out doors. I like to play pool. I love to be out on the lake in the summer time. I like to work also.

    Favorite movie: La Bamba
    Genre of music: Country, R&B,some rap.

    Hello ladies,

    My name is Rob I’m looking for a good pen pal to get to know and see where that goes. I am incarcerated for residential burglary for stealing my own TV back from a buddy but I can explain later in detail. I am a business owner and I’m just ready to get this past me to restart my life where I left off. I love to barbeque and do all sorts of things.
    In here I have so much time on my hands and I get out in a couple of years. If you want to know more all you have to do is write and ask. I will respond to all letters.

    Thank you for stopping in to read my ad I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    Please send picture with letters so i know what you look like also.Im looking for a great friendship and see where that goes! I’m very outgoing.

    Thank You!

    Robert M. Gunter #R28J95
    Shawnee Correctional Center
    6665 state route #146 east
    Vienna, IL 62995

    Conviction: Res. Burglary
    Earliest released date; 9-5-14
    Latest released date: 3-5-15

  123. Linda Cameron | | Reply

    Im looking to find some legal help for my husband (Danny R. Cameron) was given 25 to life for six cigarettes marijuana. He is now doing time in Soledad, Ca. any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thank You Linda Cameron

  124. Lori Keith | | Reply

    We are contacting you to tell you about the WRONGFUL CONVICTION of a man that resulted from a sham of a trial in a West Texas town. These facts may sound like a plot for a movie or novel,, but we assure you they ARE facts. There is ample material to prove it all.
    In 1994, 2 months after his 18th birthday, Lincoln Keith moved to Odessa, Texas.. Not 2 months later, he was accused of and arrested for murder. It was alleged that the victim’s granddaughter, Melanie Green, had offered Keith 400$ to commit the murder.
    There was NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE to support this allegation. (1) There were only accusations made by alleged accomplices and/or conspirators, (most of whom were long-time friends with each other and barely known to Keith,) and a VERY suspect claim by a detective who claimed Keith confessed to him.
    Lincoln Keith was convicted of capital murder based solely upon, 1) a co-defendant’s tainted testimony (2), 2) the transcribed statement of Josh Humphries, yet another co-defendant, who refused to even take the stand at Keith’s trial (3), and 3) a corrupt homicide detective’s false claim that Keith “blurted out” a backseat confession that no one else heard.(4)
    >> (1) There were no fingerprints, DNA, etc. linking Keith to this crime. The FBI did forensics testing of a .22 caliber rifle belonging to Keith, finding that the bullets removed from the victim could have come from ANY gun of that caliber BUT that a spent (fired) .22 caliber shell found with the victim’s stolen, discarded belongings was DEFINITELY NOT fired from Keith’s gun.
    >>(2)Co-defendant Jason Trent claimed he was present when Keith allegedly shot the victim. Trent ALSO claimed he had accepted 99 years in prison in exchange for his testimony and the prosecutor backed that claim. However, Keith later learned that Trent had NOT been given 99 years but was actually sentenced to only TEN years after Keith’s transfer to prison.
    >> In Humphries’s statement to detectives, he REPEATEDLY stated that Lincoln Keithh had nothing to do with the murder. Detective Snow Robertson and his partener then told Humphries that if “someone else” was teh triggerman, he would be a witness rather than a suspect and that “witnesses don’t go to jail”. Robertson then suggested a bathroom break and interview tape was stopped for a FULL 20 MINUTES.
    Afterthe taping resumed, Humphries had COMPLETELY changed his story, NOW accusing Keith of being the shooter. Even after this blatant attempt to shift blame away from himself and his girlfriend, Melanie Green, he was still charged with and later convicted of capital murder and sentenced to Life in prison.
    >>(4)Detective Snow Robertson’s pattern of claiming “blurted” confessions in order to strengthen weak cases became very clear when, two years after Keith’s trial, Robertson testified in another trial and AGAIN claimed that the defendant, Cleaver, had also “blurted out” a backseat confession that NO ONE ELSE HEARD.. Citing Keith’s trial, Cleaver’s attorney pointed out Robertson’s pattern of these claims. The judge, who had presided over Keith’s trial, recognized the pattern and ruled the alleged confession inadmissable.
    Robertson was also the detective who coerced the so-called confession from Josh Humphries AND it was later revealed that, at the time of Keith’s trial, he was dating the assistant D.A. that had actively aided in Keith’s prosecution.
    Finally, following Keith’s trial, a juror came forward and revealed that, during deliberations, some jurors had been leaning toward an acquittal until another juror, who had claimed not to know anyone involved in the case prior to being selected for the jury, suddenly revealed a LONG-TIME FRIENDSHIP WITH ROBERTSON’S FATHER and vouched for his credibility on that basis alone.
    Lincoln Keith was WRONGFULLY CONVICTED of Capital Murder (murder-for-hire), sentenced to Life in Prison, and, at the young age of 19, sent to what was one of the deadliest prisons in Texas at the time. In spite of appeals based upon lack of evidence and numerous constitutional rights violations, (not to mention the fact that Melanie Green, the person alleged to have hired Keith in the first place, was in fact ACQUITTED,) Keith’s conviction has never been overturned. His last appeal was denied simply because the courts ruled that he was OUT OF TIME to file an appeal. As though there is an expiration date on constitutional rights….
    Presently, Keith is still incarcerated although there is a glimmer of hope for finding justice in that the Innocence Project of Texas has agreed to investigate his case.
    If you or someone you know would be interested in looking deeper into Keith’s case, please contact him and/or his family. More detailed information will be forthcoming as well.
    We thank you for your time and hope to hear from you.
    Lincoln Keith and family

  125. Brother Taher Taher | | Reply

    Peace! I’m looking for friends in the outside world. Been locked up since 2004, looking for help mentally and emotionally, and if possible financially as well. I love to read, work out, and listen to Reggae music. Write me and send photo, i will respond to all letters along with photos of myself. Taher Taher 496/537 P.O. Box 120 Lebanon,OH 45036.(Im African Male, 26 years old with strong physique) Respect, Love, and Piece.

    p.s. Facebook me at Imam Al-Islam

  126. Shawn M. White # 36932-044 | | Reply

    “I’m a man and I was born August 24, 1974. My release date is 12-16-2016. About Me: Write to me and find out! I’m an open book. The kind of penpal i’m looking for: Anyone and everyone from anywhere! Surprise me. I would love to hear from you…”

    Shawn M. White # 36932-044
    U.S. Penitentiary
    PO Box 1000
    Marion, IL 62959

  127. William Irving | | Reply

    “Tell me again of embracing love, like desire encountering crave. Tell me again, love doth make one shine;… Spirits do meet, as breeze kisses day… Spirits do meet as breeze kisses day – like; More love hours that can ever be repaid’ – I can’t go on without you!…”

    More than less- we have some things in common, if you seek happiness, to spread open/honest expression, corresponding companionship, or the comfort of a loyal and devoted friend with a compassionate heart and sympathetic ear. After all, “I am only partial unless with you additioned with me, to come to be “I”. Here I stand the lesser of 2 addins…”

    I am a Missouri State prisoner. A 41 yr old S/B/M scorpio b/d 11/6/70, 5’7″, 157lbs, n/s from KC MO.

    I love writing poetry (I have been awarded and published), music and other literary arts. I am also into sports, exercise, reading, civil rights, and making friends. Photos are welcomed. I am open to correspond. Write me at:

    William Irving #182906
    11593 State Hwy O
    Mineral point, MO. 63660

    Tell me again of love embracing love
    Like desire enountering crave – they kiss
    Like true love makes out so: ‘Beauty Dove’
    Two hearts of one beat, kiss for kiss…. (to be continued)

    • William Irving | | Reply

      New address:
      William Irving #182906
      JCCC, 8200 No More Victims Rd
      Jefferson City, Mo. 65101

  128. Petey Adams # 323137 | | Reply


    I love music. I rap and produce. I’ve been a musician since a kid. I play drums, piano and bass guitar. I love to workout and write. I’ve written 5 books that I’m trying to get published.
    I’m very family oriented, am a good listener, and I love to help people. I’m looking for a female to connect with and develop a friendship, and if that friendship leads to more, I’m totally open to that. Looks and race not important. Having a good heart and personality is all that matters. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    Please write to:
    Petey Adams# 323137
    14100 Mcmullen Hwy
    Cumberland, Md 21502

    convicted of Murder- Waiting on appeal decision

  129. Lintez Motley# 14963-026 | | Reply


    I’m 6’2, 32 yr old black male about 185 pounds love jokin and always honest with my partner in a relationship. I love playing sports.I’m currently incarcerated for drug trafficking. I will love to hear from females to build good friendships.

    Please write to:

    Lintez Motley# 14963-026
    FCI Mcdowell
    PO Box 1009
    Welch, WV 24801

  130. Lynda | | Reply

    I have worked in the mental health field for more then 15yrs and these stories are just heartbreaking, I am located in the DC area so if there is anything that I can do, donate, call, write to please drop me an email.

  131. Jermaine Jenkins | | Reply


    My name is Jermaine Jenkins#43757-039. I’m 33 years old with no kids from Detroit Michigan. I’m down to earth humble as can be a good listener and thinker as well as leader. If i sound like someone you would like to meet send me a message so we can get to know each other until then one love j jenkins –

    My address is below:
    JERMAINE A JENKINS # 43757-039
    P.O. BOX 1000
    MILAN, MI 48160

    My email address is: jermainejenkins764@yahoo.com
    Convicted of possession of a firearm
    Earliest release date -12-29-2014
    Latest release date- 7-15-2015

  132. P.W. Furguson | | Reply

    Looking for Females

    Friends First…

    I’m mostly interested in women who are non-judgemental, genuine, down to earth, loyal, respectful, romantic, honest and trustworthy. A women who really appreciates an honest, loving, good-hearted, non-abusive, faithful, loyal, sincere, mature, educated, romantic, outspoken, sensitive to other people’s needs, respectful to others, non-possessive, has a really good sense of humor, has a great personality, outgoing, down to earth, talkative, likes to listen, is supportive, understanding, trustworthy, knows how to treat a real woman with the utmost respect.
    I love to be loved and I will love any real woman unconditionally. I love R-n-B music, jazz, reggae, music by piano, some hip-hop, and alternative music. Some of my hobbies consists of working out to stay physically fit, swimming, watching movies, writing letters, talking on the phone and much much more.
    If you’re tired of all the childish mind games that most men play, and posses some of the same qualities as I mentioned above and you’re a real women…then listen to your heart and give me a chance with you. Your race, looks, weight, religious background or beliefs, financial status are not important to me; but what is in your mind and heart is.
    Please write me at:

    P.W. Ferguson #14163-171
    USP Coleman 2 H-2 / 120
    Federal Correctional Complex
    Coleman, FL 33521
    DOB 9/7/73 Release Date: 9/9/9999 Height: 6′ Weight: 190 Eye color: Brn Hair Color: Blk Race: African-American Convicted of: Conspiracy to Sell 50gm or more cocaine base.

  133. Manuel S. Guardado #83903 | | Reply

    Looking For Men:

    Hello, my name is Manuel and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am a dominant Top, athletic, spontaneous, intelligent, very affectionate, open-minded, easy going and a great sense of humor type of guy! Seeking a submissive bottom who is strictly monogamous, loyal, funny,sexy, great sense of humor, non-judgemental and is 100% devoted to his man; rain, snow, or shine! Age, race, unimportant. Older, a plus. I would love to find a good friend…as you may know it does get lonely in here. I am very straight out and to the point. Honest and respectful. I will respond to all letters with all the quickness that I can. My words are limited, so if you would like to know more about me…please write and ask. I’ll be waiting for your response. If you don’t respond, you’ll never know what could and should of been for you and I.
    Write to: Manuel S, Guardado #83903
    1200 Prison Rd.
    Lovelock, Nev. 89419
    DOB: 9/27/75, Release Date: 1/18/2014, Race: Latino, Hair Color: Blk, Eye color: Lt, Brown, Weight: 165, Height:5′ 9″, Convicted of: Burglary, Receiving Stolon Property,

  134. Benjamin P. Foreman | | Reply


    Hello my name is Benjamin P. Foreman,

    I’m a federal paralegal specialist and I’ am currently confined at this time but this has not prevented me from setting and slowly but surely accomplishing my goals. Right now I need a true female friend in my life that is a legal assistant; paralegal or legal secretary or skills equivalent to such to assist me with my business an d I promise you it will be beneficial to you sweetie. I hope to hear from you soon I\’m a 36 year old black male 5\’8 ½, 164 lbs. and the photo should describe the rest. If you wish to contact me please write me or leave me your phone number and e-mail address, I will be in touch with you promptly bet that!!!

    My Address is:
    Mr. Benjamin Foreman #12658-040
    P.O. Box 1000
    Milan, MI. 48160

  135. Isaac Johnson | | Reply

    Hello Ladies,

    I was born in Gainesville, FL raised in MacClenny. Small town outside of Jacksonville, FL. I’m thirty eight years old. I’m in here for drugs. My e.o.s. date is 2028. I’m looking for someone that’s a people person and smart and got their life together. Age and race doesn’t matter. I’m someone that’s been fighting my case to get it overturned. So I can have a second chance at life and if you’re that woman that understands that everyone deserves a second chance, I’m your guy.

    DOB: 10-28-1973
    Race: Black
    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 198 lbs

    Please write to:
    Isaac Johnson 30315-018
    P.O.BOX 725
    Edgefield, SC 29824

  136. David W Smith # 13236-084 | | Reply

    I’m the friend you’ve been looking for! If you value
    honesty, above all else, then look no further. I’ll always be
    here with an attentive ear to share your hopes and dreams and
    a shoulder to lean on in time of need. I don’t play games or
    make promises I can’t keep. However, I have 10 years left on
    my sentence and it’s been tough for me to find someone who
    will invest their time exploring a friendship with me. My
    few past experiences with pen-pals has shown alot of people
    want to continue the friendship outside these walls, but are
    unwilling to wait for that day to come. So please don’t be
    discouraged by the length of my sentence. I have alot to offer
    if you value the beauty within a person as much as I do. Give
    this lonely guy a chance, you’ll be glad you did!

    Please write to:
    David W. Smith JR# 13236-084
    FCI Allenwood- Low
    PO Box 1000
    White Deer, PA 17887

    Incarcerated for: Possession of a firearm by Felon
    Release date: Dec 19, 2023

  137. peter Guzman 05a1286 | | Reply

    Hi I am a Hispanic male 5.4 150lbs. I am lookin for a friend to share my thoughts with I am a loving man that made a few mistakes in life. My earliest release date is 2-2016. Lets talk peter Guzman 05A1286 99 prison rd. P.O. Box 1000 woodbourne ny 12788-1000

  138. Norman Barnes | | Reply

    Hello Ladies,

    I am a certified plumber, custodian and janitor. I love to work out and keep in shape. I’m understanding, very out spoken and respectful and am concerned about others thoughts and ideas. I’m looking for someone who is real and enjoy having fun. I’m also very patient. I am currently incarcerated for Possession of a firearm. My release date is June 2013 but could be sooner.

    Please write to:

    Norman Barnes # 32560-160
    FCI Milan
    Po Box 1000
    Milan, MI 48160

  139. Eddie Fluker | | Reply

    Hello Adorable Sweet Angel,

    Listed below is a poem for you titled “I Searched The World.” I searched the world for you not knowing where you’d be, but always hoping that one day your lovely face I’d see. My name is Eddie Fluker, and most people call me Dean. I have a nice personality, wonderful sense of humor, very respectful, easy going, laid back, caring, responsible, friendly, easy to get along with, and I am the type of man you can always count on. And I will not let you down and most of all I have God in my heart.The things I like to do for fun are going to the beach, bowling,traveling, going to shows, concerts, and events. And I truely enjoy spending time with that special woman who I hope to find. Right now I am incarcerated but not for long. Please don’t let my incarceration give you negative thoughts about me because there are some good men that are behind these fences and if you give me the chance time and opportunity to show you that I am indeed a good man. I promise you that you won’t regret it at all. Your looks, weight and nationality isn’t important. I am seeking a woman 30 to 65 years of age for an everlasting friendship that can lead to marriage. I am allowed to send and receive email. Please send me your name, email address, and snail mail address.

    You also can send me a letter at this address below.
    Eddie Fluker# 03338-084
    USP Coleman- H-Unit
    PO.Box 1033,
    Coleman, Florida 33521
    United States of America

  140. George Hollis#29101-044 | | Reply


    I am in hopes of finding a good charitable friendship that will never end. I am on a lifelong journey of finding peace within myself and I wish to share that same peace with someone else. I am a God fearing man and wish to correspond with a God fearing woman. Due to my circumstances and bad choices in life I choose the wrong path in life that I am making amends for now. I am very family oriented and fun loving. Some would describe me as a unique individual who loves hard and loves to be love. I am straight forward honest and a great listener when it comes to the heart. I have lost all communications with society being that I am incarcerated and the key words are out of sight out of mind. My hobbies consist of reading, writing, and study my Bible studies. I want to convert into a man that stands on principles and morals. I want to be able to guide those who never been down this road to a better way of living. If given the chance to earn your friendship you would have no regrets. I enjoy working out and staying fit! I want you to ask yourself are you ready to be loved? Because I am ready to love. I am willing to relocate and I will respond

    Please write to:
    George Hollis#29101-044
    PO Box 4050
    Pollock, LA 71467

    Please women only
    Convicted of: Possession of a firearm and prohibited weapon.
    Earliest release date: Sept 2014
    Latest release date: March 2015

  141. Raheem Phillips | | Reply

    First & Foremost… I appreciate the fact that you took the time out to check out my profile! And in return I offer you open arms to “true friendship”. however… every soul desires romance, & dreams of that “perfect soul mate”. But we have to crawl before we walk. And the first step of trying to reach that goal is obtaining a “best friend”! Someone you can put your “Honesty, Trust, & Loyalty” into when consulting with them, without fear of harm intruding your thoughts or emotions. I understand that patience is a virtue, so i ask that we keep this in mind, because companionship doesn’t happen over night. I’m a very open minded person. I don’t discriminate on race, weight or shape. I rather seek what’s beautifully hidden in the two most valuable places of the body… “Heart & Mind”. I’m not judgmental I’m receptive & caring to others feelings. I’m well educated, spiritual, healthy (like to workout) & optimistic with my goals in life. I’m 33yrs old. (Feb 11) 6’1” 190-195lbs. Never married, i do have children & I’m currently incarcerated. I’m due for release in 2019. I’m from phil. PA., but looking to relocate. I’m looking for a “Women” that’s understanding. Someone who can see pass my past mistake made that caused me to be in the position I’m in. And not only that… but also be a “Complete asset” to my changes & goals for the future. Someone who has a head on her shoulders & knows what she wants in life. I need Someone who can be mentally supportive when blue sky’s appear to be gray a “Women” that i can call sunshine, because she brightens my day. Someone who can relate to loneliness & knows how to be good company. Someone that can be a great listener & give advice whether its what needs to be heard, or what might not want to be heard, as long as its “Sincere” & “Truthful” without intent of harm. Hopefully I’m not asking for too much….. & if this describes the person you are, please feel free to contact me at:

    Raheem Phillips 60014-066
    F.C.C. Yazoo Med. (F-4)
    P O Box 5888
    Yazoo City, MS 39194
    “Sincere Inquries Only”

  142. Donte White# 46331 | | Reply

    My name is Dalonte White. I was born in Chicago IL and
    moved to Rochester MN when I was 10.
    Some things about me … I enjoy movies, reading and music.
    I honestly couldn’t survive a day without those things! Most
    people are surprised to find out that I’m a writer. I write
    short-stories, poetry, and lyrics. I recently started my first
    novel which is a headache most of the time but still fun. I have
    a very inquisitive personality, so I’m constantly trying to
    learn new things.
    What am I looking for in a Pen-Pal? I really just want
    a nice woman to have a conversation with, even if it’s just to
    hear about “How your day went”. I like nice women who have
    something to say and are not afraid to say it. Most guys like
    women who are “quiet” and “obedient”, not me. I like my friends
    or girlfriends to be themselves and have their own opinions whom
    I can view as equal.
    I’d also like someone who is honest because I’m a firm
    believer that the world and people in general would be better
    off if they’d just say the “truth”. Yes, sometimes the truth is
    hurtful but there’s always a way to say it painlessly or with a
    grace in which the person will thank you for.
    Anyway if there’s anything you’d like to know all you have
    to do is ask. I’m a pretty open person. Hopefully I’ll be
    hearing from you soon.

    Please write to:
    Dalonte White# 46331
    South Dakota State Prison
    PO Box 5911
    Sioux Falls, SD 57117

  143. Dalton D Cozart | | Reply

    Hi, I’m Dalton Cozart from Sheffield Alabama. I’d like to find an understanding and compassionate person to correspond with. I’m 6′ tall, around 220 lbs., with a muscular build, sandy blonde hair and brown eyes. I’m hoping for someone who’s interesting and outgoing to appear in my life. There is no reason why you can’t be that person. I have a great sense of humor and try to see the best in all people. I love to read and write long letters to pen-pals. I’m seeking someone to share my dreams with. Take a chance and write me, and let’s have some fun. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Hope to hear from you soon, Dalton.
    Mr. Dalton D Cozart # 767441
    Connally Unit
    899 FM 632
    Kenedy, Texas 78119

  144. Kyle Harris | | Reply

    My name is Kyle Harris. I am a 29 year old White male looking for a nice white female to correspond with. I love country music, love playing basketball, and I also like to read. I have two wonderful kids. I’m not into any type of drama- please feel free to ask me anything and I will respond asap.

    Kyle Harris 13884-052
    FCI Beaumont Medium
    Federal Correctional Institution
    P.O. Box 26040
    Beaumont, TX 77720

  145. Dan Nicoletta | | Reply

    My name is Ricky Wright. I am a 42 year old Puerto Rican male looking for someone to correspond with (male or female). I love all kinds of music and I also read a lot. I’m not into games or any type of drama – please feel free to ask me anything and I will respond asap.

    Ricky Wright #AE5391 (C-5-104L)
    Kern Valley State Prison
    PO Box 5103
    Delano CA 93216

  146. Stephanie | | Reply

    I would like to place this Legal Ad for my fiance , Michael T. Rozzelle

    Prisoner of 20+yrs. seeks Legal Assistance to mitigate arguements
    within motion filed in the WESTERN DISTRICT OF NORTH CAROLINA,
    Michael T. Rozzelle,
    -vs- Case No. 3:97cv205-P

    13, 1997 AS BEING VOID
    For further enquiry based upon case or have any questions,
    email M.Rozzelle at:
    or visit the web at:

  147. Jerome Ford# 1034931 | | Reply

    Jersey Boy looking for Friendship


    My name is Jerome Ford. I am an African American male from New Jersey. I like to read, write, workout, play basketball and educate my mind so that I can better my future. I’m very outgoing and understanding with a great sense of humor. I’m seeking a mature lady I can become friends with and share some of our goals in life. .

    Please only serious replies. I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s take the first steps to a new friendship.

    Jerome Ford

    Please write to:
    Jerome Ford 1034931
    Southern Dusk Correctional Center
    Po Box 208
    Indian Springs, NV 89070

  148. Terrance Thomas | | Reply


    TERRANCE THOMAS #31509-160
    P.O. BOX 1000

  149. todd a kasck | | Reply

    Hello my name is todd allen kasch, i am a professional single white male looking for friendship and possibly more from open minded woman 25 to 45 years of age.I have sandy blond hair,blue eyes,with a medium build at 170 lbs,5’9”and 40 years young. Disease and drug free! non smoker. Very athletic and enjoy exercising,streching,swimming,camping,fishing and any and all outdoor activities.Other interest’s include,shooting billards,darts,reading,writting ,basketball,long walks,cooking and restoring classic cars&trucks. Im’ a very caring,loving,honest,creative,romantic,passionate,individual looking for penpals and frendship in tough times.thanks todd a kasch dc# 985235 Desoto Annex 13617 S.E.Hwy 70 Arcadia,FL34266-7800 looking to hear from yall……………

  150. sandy hembree#418064 | | Reply

    my daughter is in prison doing 20yrs. at 100percent she needs a lawyer that will take her case pro bono, my daughter had never been in jail before and was scared and took this plea but she didn’t hurt knowone yes she was there and should have to pay for her part but not 20yrs. if we could just get someone to look into this case they will find the man lived 2months after the other girl hit him in the head, their was 3 girls and all of them were on drugs and he was their dealer,and also when this happen it was elliction time and my daughter had an appotented lawyer and he told her if she didn’t take the 20yrs. she would get life and i know with all my heart thats not true, i beg you to take a look into this case and help my daughter she has been locked up over 6yrs now, and i was told he died from a heart attack because his daughter had sign paper’s for them not to do anything if something happen to him so i believe he would not have died if it wasn’t for that, and the other 2 girls even wrote statements saying my daughter did not do nothing she was not even in the same room.

    • Skipgrl | | Reply

      This is very heart breaking and sad….I need to asked a couple of questions:
      1) Was this a premeditated offense?
      2) Did your daughter have a prior criminal record?
      3)What crime was she charged with in this case?
      4)Who reported the crime?
      5)How long has your daughter been using drugs?

      Public defenders,(sadly)in some cases are not in the persons best interest.
      To be fair,if you feel uncomfortable answering these questions for public view,you can email me your answer.

      Disclaimer: I am not an attorney,I am a skip tracer, who researches information and laws, to help citizens who cannot afford the high cost of services that some professional organizations tend to charge. It just depends on the need of our citizens.


  151. Eriverto Cotto | | Reply

    Hi. I am a 33 year old Puerto Rican Male from Miami Florida. I am a cancer. I have been in prison for quite some time now, but my time behind these walls will come to an end next year on April 16th,2013. I am a laid back guy who tries to keep a positive outlook on life. I am looking for friends only that I can just have a good conversation with. Thank you and I look forward to your letters!

    Eriverto Cotto-51090004
    P.O. Box 340
    Salters,SC 29590
    United States

  152. Andre Pitchford | | Reply

    I have a friend in Prison -info follows- who would like to place a Legal Ad on your site. What do I need to do?

    Laura Berry
    #702853 BKS. 11
    302 Correction Dr.
    Newport, AR 72112

    • Rufus-Jenny Triplett | | Reply

      Hey Laura,

      All you need to do is place the add in the comments section. That is where ad go that are placed by friends and family. The only ads we place (up top) are the ones who purchase a year LEGAL AD in our magazine. Hope this helps.

  153. Tanya Taylor | | Reply

    I,m in prison for fraud in California i was orginally sentence to 7 years and the D/A appealed my case and i was resentenced under the 3-strike law to 26 years to life i had a prior violent case in 1998 which was used against me in resentence. But my third strike was non violent . that is basically unfair that people coment violent crimes are only receiving 10years 15 years and people with petty non violent crimes are receiving 25 to 26 years to life. can you please help me i,m in Central California Women,s Facililty Tanya Taylor W#84244 507-30-4L P.O BOX 1508 chowchilla california 93610. thank you

  154. Ahmad Pierson #87079-012 | | Reply

    I’m seeking the opportunity to correspond with a very nice woman. She may write me at the address listed below. I’m a 49 year old African American currently confined at the Federal Correctional Institution in Florenec, Colorado. I have a current projected release date of February 22, 2013. I would love to have the golden opportunity to cease the moment to develop a genuine friendship and see what evolves from there. Reach me at Ahmad Pierson #87079-012
    FCI Florence
    P.O. BOX 6000
    Florence, CO 81226-6000

  155. Elizabeth Hackett | | Reply

    Hi my name is Michael Chad Thompson. I am hoping to find a friend to write and talk to. I am from Union, SC and currently in Coleman, FL. Serving a 120 month sentence. Let me tell you a little about me. I have never been married but do have a daughter who is the light of my life. I am always in a good mood and like to cheer up others who are around me. I enjoy music, reading, and writing. I play guitar and bass guitar and am pretty good at both. I can play almost anything but prefer rock music. I am a college grad. With an associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I thank you for taking the time to view my profile. I’m a Federal inmate and do have access to email so please include your email address too. Thank you! I hope to hear from you soon.

  156. Nora Massey | | Reply

    It was an honor to have been sent this wonderful site by email from a friend.
    I’m in Buffalo NY and have a similar story to most of there request. I havebeen fighting for my 16yr old son who was in volved in a group Murder and wrongfully convicted, being he was the only Black in the crime all the whites got off by lies and pointing the finger at him left him with a 20 year to life sentence. It was a murder for hire. I have been on the battlefield for him for years and had paid legal Attorneys that robbed my family. He still sits in prisons for 8 years without and Appeal thta the Attorneys failed to represent him appropriately. In need of a honest person with their heart in what they do to get him back in court. I have lost everything fighting for my only son. He was an excellent football and basketball player whose dreams have been delayed but not denied. If you have any assistance in our area please help his story is long and complicated too much toi write. You can look it up on Massey Terrol search it on Yahoo.
    Thank you and God bless for any help or direction you could give to us.
    Peace be unto you and yours!!!!

  157. Esther Salas | | Reply

    I have a son that’s been wrongly covicted of murder.He has been in prison for 16yrs. he was ony 15yrs old at the time of his convicion. I’m a mother who is lookig for justice. I have lived through the gates of hell for what they did to my son.My son is INNOCENT.He was sentenced to 32 yrs. Please can someone help us. It’been to hard to live with.

  158. Forum for Understanding Prisons (FFUP);501c3 non profit | | Reply

    James Terry 373986
    WSPF PO Box 9900
    Boscobel , WI 53805
    Male/straight; French/American; d.o.b.: 7/14/64; 2024 release date; incarcerated since Nov 1998. Seeking divine intervention, let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. Remember the prisoners as if chained with them* those who are mistreated* since you yourselves are in the body also
    I do not have email. Write to address above. Hebrews 13:13.

  159. Parry Gully | | Reply

    I’m single and looking for a beautiful woman I can vibe with. I’m 6’1” 190 lbs solid with a washboard stomach. Brown skinned with long dread locks. I am a handsome dude with crazy swag lol. I’m funny, spontaneous, charismatic, smart, honest, loyal, and very caring. I’m a people person. I like to have fun. I’m very laid back. I don’t like drama. Looking for a woman who is down to earth and likes to go outside of the box. I need a woman or friend I can share my interests and goals with. So to all the beautiful women who are reading this if I sound like a guy you would like to get to know, don’t be afraid to get at me because I just might be what you need.

    Parry Gully S11321
    Illinois River Correctional Center
    Po Box 999
    Canton, IL 61520

  160. jason petersen | | Reply

    My name is Fred C. Proctor (AKA) Corky, MDOC Penal #178602, I was born in the Land of the Free, wrongfully convicted of Felony Murder, in the Home of 2.5 million plus incarcerated, sentenced to a slow, cruel and painful death, by the people of the State of Michigan. Based on DNA exoneration, more than 1,000 of Michigan’s 45,000+ prisoners are probably innocent – a thought that should shake everyone in Michigan, including the State’s Legislatures. Michigan’s Felony-Murder Doctrine, leads to many wrongful convictions of persons being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am one of Michigan’s victim’s. I have now been confined within the MDOC for 17 and half years for a robbery-murder I did not commit. DNA evidence will prove my innocence. Oakland County Circuit Court Judge, Rae Lee Chabot continues to deny motions for DNA testing claiming, that because I was convicted of felony-murder I am not entitled to DNA testing. Those running the criminal justice system, including criminal trial, and appellate judges, as well as, Michigan Legislatures should ensure that wrongfully convicted prisoners get out of prison – not make it nearly impossible to do so. If you believe in true justice and those wrongfully convicted should have access to DNA testing that can prove their innocence, I ask you to write to Judge Rae Lee Chabot, 1200 North Telegraph Road, Pontiac, Case No: 95-137359-FC. I can be reached at the address below. Peace and God be with all those fighting for their ever diminishing rights.

    Fred C. Proctor
    Penal No: 178602
    Michigan Reformatory
    1342 W. Main St.
    Ionia, Michigan 48846

  161. John | | Reply

    WRONGFULLY CONVICTED. I need pro bono legal assistance from a attorney, investigator, or any agency that deals with wrongful convictions. Im willing to prove my innocence with credible new evidence located by the victims family. Also requesting donations. CONTACT: Saahdi Coleman Doc#T-99368 HDSP P.O. Box.3030 Susanville Ca,96127

  162. Todd Blozen | | Reply

    Todd Blozen M08787
    PO Box 999
    Canton IL 60190

    Receiving mail helps break the monotony of daily prison life. If you love writing and are looking for a friend or pen-pal, write me. I love sports, music, outdoors, and living. I look forward to receiving a letter from you. Thanks for looking at my Ad.

  163. Rontez Newman | | Reply

    Rontez Newman R29640
    Illinois River Correctional Center
    PO Box 999
    Canton, IL 60190

    I’m a man who is laid back, compassionate, loving, and intelligent. I am looking for a female friend who is willing to share thoughts and a life with me. Is that you? Sometimes drawing outside the lines can be a work of art.

  164. candice | | Reply

    My name is Jared. I am an easy going guy who is just looking for some correspondence, hopefully consistent, to help deal with my time, develop friendships, and have a connection to what’s going on in society.
    About me: I am an avid painter. I am very into working out. I love motorcycles, cars, and anything mechanical. I enjoy reading on a variety of topics, everything from history, philosophy, art, science and fiction like murder mysteries. I am trying to finish my bachelor’s degree but the facility I am in currently has no classes I need so I have to save for correspondence classes. I love music. I am mostly into rock but like some country, anything that makes you feel good when you listen to it.
    I am a good listener and enjoy in-depth conversations about almost anything. Whether you want to vent about your week or philosophizing about the origins of the universe, I am your guy. I will respond to all letters sent to me just as soon as I have an envelope to return an answer.. Also I have a post-conviction petition pending and I could have five years cut off of my sentence. I hope to hear from you soon…
    Sincerely, Jared Rice.

    Date of Birth: 06/08/1980
    Weight: 206 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6 ft. 00 in.
    Race: White
    Eyes: Green

    Conviction: Aggravated Arson & Manufacturing Chemicals (Meth)
    Prison Sentence = Entered: 2019 Release: 2019 (Parole)

    Jared Rice S04681
    Illinois River Corrections
    PO Box 999
    Canton IL 61520

  165. Ali Muhammadi | | Reply

    I am a young educated muslin man age: 27 looking for a sophisticated educated woman to acknowledge me with her stimulating written existence.At the time due to litigation my release date has changed. and will be updated in due time. In the mean time I would love to have and intellectual individual to write me, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Peace be with you

    Lausteveion Johnson #82138
    P.O.Box 650 High .Desert.State.Prison
    Indian Springs, NV 89018

  166. Brandon Cordell | | Reply

    My name is Brandon, I am seeking a pen-pal, someone who I can correspond with. I am not looking for a wife, I need a friend. Someone who is not judgmental, but who can put a smile on my face, who can take me away from here, even if its for only a few minute and who will allow me to do the same. I am open to answer any questions you may have I am not a bad guy, I just made bad decisions, and I am paying for it in full. Have a nice day

    Brandon Cordell K68934
    Po Box 999
    Canton, Il 61520

  167. Arthur Ford | | Reply

    My name is Arthur, I’m better known as Asa. I’m a cool, calm and collective brother, who’s also respectful, responsible, honest, compassionate, optimistic, funny, spiritual, and generous My hobbies include praying board games/cards, exercising (lifting weights and jogging), yoga, reading cooking/baking, writing (novels, letters, poetry) and cutting hair. I also enjoy studying the Holy Bible, Jesus is very much so a part of my everyday life. I have mad a lot of mistakes in my lifetime and I know I have been forgiven. Studying the bible has changed my life gradually over the past 3 years, I have found the glory. I’ve been incarcerated and on my own for over ten years, I am looking to find a “virtuous woman” , a woman of good standing. Someone who has the same interests as I do. A woman who is in love with living life itself and don’t mind sharing it with a strong man. I prefer a woman with a strong spiritual background. One who understands the importance of companionship. They say a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. So I am making myself available in hopes of finding a friend, girlfriend, or wife. If you feel you are capable of being any or all of those, take this ad to the next level and reach out to me.
    Thank you for viewing my ad. I appreciate it.

    Arthur Ford K81946
    Po Box 999
    Canton, IL 61520

  168. Dicky Holsman | | Reply

    I like fishing and playing basketball, camping and I like to go to the movies, and hang with friends. I’m a nice guy and I play Play Station games. I like horror movies, south park, my favorite sports team is the Chicago Bulls

    Dicky Holsman S06217
    Po Box 999
    Canton, IL 61520

  169. Suzanne Turner-Slack | | Reply

    SBF, 38, Scorpio, A Diamond of rare kind, Genuine at heart. Looking for pen-pals for friendship, maybe more. If you are interested then feel free to write me. Race is unimportant. Please NO head games. Release date June 2012

    Suzanne Turner-Slack #56368
    4370 Smiley Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89115

  170. Andre Braxton | | Reply

    Hi, getting to know someone is easier said than done. For a while in the beginning we question the sincerity of the individual we are involved with, “is this real or is this true?” Not to any fault of that person who we are with, but past relationships or experience. So often we get in our won way of finding that special one. My intention is to simply bring joy and happiness into your life as well as mine. My friendship will NOT bind you or cost you a dime, I’m a straight forward type of guy, very understanding and not hard to please. “I enjoy the simple things in life “ I’m looking for a woman who has a nice personality, a sense of humor and love in her heart. And most importantly not looking to play games. If you are looking for some one who is honest and real and want to know more about me then write me! You have nothing to lose, only the opportunity to gain and create a friendship. Feel free to ask any question your heart may desire. Write or email me at: andrebraxtonk75692@yahoo.com

    Andre Braxton K75692
    Illinois River Correctional Center
    Po Box 999
    Canton IL 61520

  171. Wesley Gritmaker | | Reply

    Hello I’m looking for a pen pal or friend to write. Someone who can share their interests with me, I love music, wrestling, and automobiles. If you are looking for someone who will be there for you in the way you need them, I’m here. Thank you for looking at my ad!

    Wesley Gritmaker M05876
    Illinois River Correctional Center
    Po Box 999
    Canton IL 61520

  172. James Neal | | Reply

    First and Foremost I would like to thank you in advance for even taking the time to review my profile.
    I’m a good person with sound morals and principles. Even though I am here I am still a true asset to society and possibly in your life.
    Yes, I’ve made some mistakes in my life. I truly regret it and have prayed for forgiveness. Since I’ve been here I’ve done everything a man can do and achieved every goal that I have set for myself.
    I am seeking companionship and a long relationship.
    I consider myself a realistic person and very open minded. I have a great sense of humor and am loyal. I know many people are on the internet searching for relationships and friendships which requires taking a chance. So please feel free to ask any questions. I look forward to meeting you.

    Please Write me at:

    James Neal B73273
    Po Box 999
    Canton IL 61520

  173. Dionte Vaughn | | Reply

    I’m single and ready to mingle! I’m 5;11: 195lbs (all muscle) dark skinned with long corn roll braids. I’m also charismatic, honest, loyal, and very attentive. looking for a sweet, lovely, down to earth woman I can share my thoughts and interests with. I need a good woman in my life, not just for support, but for the natural balance between man and woman to complete me and this cycle of life. So to all interested, please don’t miss out on the opportunity to bond with a real good friend and/or future companion

    Please write to me:

    Diontae Vaughn S04473
    PO Box 999
    Canton IL 61520

  174. Daniel Portugal | | Reply

    Hey ladys,

    Before I start this brief Introrduction, let me introduce myself and give you a little 411 about the guy on the other side of your computer screen.

    My name is Daniel but my friends call me “Cano”. I just truned 27 and I’m currently serving time in the California Big House.

    I guess you can sa I’m naughty by nature with a bad-boy twist. I’m also friendlyand funny and on the look out for some Female friend, being in prison and surrounded by the Fella’s all day so a little female attention would be nice.

    I’m 5 ‘ 8 ” 150 lbs with a bedroom physique I work out everyday abd I also like to write. Since I am single, if the chemistry is right and cupid is on his job I would be open for something more. As for now i would be happy having a female friend to write.

    Well ladies with that I will close, if your a down to Earth female and not affraid of a ride on the wild side I look forward to hearing from you.

    Since I’m in prison it’s faster if you
    write me Directly at:
    Daniel Portugal #V51068 C-2-102
    Kern Valley State Prison
    P.O. Box 5103
    Delano, CA 93216

  175. Corey West | | Reply

    I have a desire to meet and write new people. The opportunity has met me and I am going to take full advantage of it. I love yoga, exercising, and reading. I’ve been taking school courses as I need them. so learning never stops. If you want a friend or are interested in a pen pal, I’m here. I won’t lie and will write you as long as you let me. You may email me at coreywestk57833@yahoo.com I look forward to hearing from you.

    Corey West K57833
    Illinois River Correctional Center
    Po Box 999
    Canton IL 61520

  176. Kenneth Perkins | | Reply

    I’m a peaceful caring person who likes to laugh and have a good time with good friends. I’m a very giving individual, sensitive of others’ needs, and loyal to those whom I befriend. I love to read, fiction novels mostly, romance, adventure stories, historical, and action novels. I also love to see a good movie too. Action, romance, sci-fi. In short, I enjoy living life to the fullest.

    Ps sorry about the bad photo, it really doesn’t do me justice in the looks department! hahaha

    Please Write, KP

    Kenneth Perkins B02043
    Illinois River Correctional Center
    Po Box 999
    Canton IL 61520

  177. Regiald S. Lewis | | Reply


    Imagine being trapped in the most horribly cruel and oppressive condition on Pennsylvania’s Death Row for well over two decades, marginalized, isolated amid the cold and darkness and despair as you struggle to find a way- any way- to reach out to the hordes of faceless, nameless Angels in the vast universe we now call, “Cyberspace.” I did just that self-publishing my first collection of poems,entitled, Leaving Death Row, (AuthorHouse, 2000),and my second book of poems, Inside My Head (iUniverse, 2002) , and my most recent book is Where I’m Writing From:Essays from Pennsylvania’s Death Row, (PublishAmerica, 2005.). But even after these publishers refused to pay me the agreed percentages and royalties for all the books I’ve sold throughout the years – IMAGINE FINALLY, finally, finally getting an opportunity to sign a contract with a New York publisher. However, my struggle doesn’t end here. I recently had to raise funds to hire a Professional Virtual Assistant to convert the manuscript for my powerful new book, entitled, Psalms of Death Row, to a Microsoft Word Document file. To promote my book to countless new readers, I’ll also need to raise funds to do a complete renovation and upgrade of my website: http://www.ReginaldLewis.org. As I’m widely known as “The Poet Laureate of Death Row”, I’d love to make my new book available toreadors on AmazonKindle, Nook, iPads, and other advanced sophisticated ereaders. I want to purchase ads in the most prestigious literary and book review publications. Perhaps even hire a “Publicist”. In addition, an MTV Political Street Reporter and International, Grammy-Nominated Artist named J. Nadir Omowale, agreed to “Score” the poems in Psalms of Death Row, he absolutely loves. But of course we’ll need to raise funds to hire musicians and rent studio time. Would you like to be part of the success of one of the most prolific imprisoned poets in America? If so, you can donate funds, large and small, by clicking onto: http://www.JPAY.com. You can either male a money transfer online, and/or mail a money order to JPAY,12864Biscayne Blvd., Box221,Miami, Florida 33181- USA.
    If using the U.S. Mail, fill out the “Deposit Slip”,and CLEARLY TYPE my name and Correct Inmate I.D and address.

    I AM –
    Reginald S. Lewis, # AY2902
    SCI- Graterford
    Box 244
    Graterford, Pennsylvania 19426- U.S.A.

  178. Gene England | | Reply

    Name. …. Robert England. Facility.. Pelican Bay Prison, DOB.. Dec 10, 1963, Race..White, Gender.. Male
    Martial Statues..Single, Sexual Orientation..Straight, Height.. 5′ 9″, Weight..170 lbs, Eyes..Blue, Hair ..Blonde
    Seek donations.. Not real, Write overseas.. Yes, Conviction.. Murder, Date Incarcerated..1993, Earliest release.. 2057
    Serving life sentence..Yes, On death row.. No,
    Seeking friendship/ relationship,
    If interested in writing a down and out scooter tramp doing time at Pelican Bay Prison SHU in California. Well give it a whirl. I’ve been down for last 18 yrs. Here’s a little rundown about myself.
    I’m a motorcycle enthusiast, tattooed head to toe. Im called Lefty due to loosing right hand in bike wreck, I’m from small town in Kansas,moved to Calif in late 70’s, got in trouble mid 80’s ended up here. My motto was to
    Live hard, ride fast, F.T.W. Now over the years I’ve been down I learned to take things in stride. But most of all I learned what loyalty, honor, and pride is all about.
    I don’t like head games, so no fakers or shakers. I’m into motorcycles,fast cars, country music, and like to draw.
    I will answer all who write.
    Robert England H94119
    Pelican Bay State Prison SHU D1- 122
    P Box 7500
    Crescent City Calif 95532

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