Designing New Products


Designing New Products

A design is typically a sketch or blueprint for the design of an object, material or mechanical system or even for the effective execution of an action or procedure, or the end result of this blueprint or design in the form of some manufactured object. The word ‘design’ actually comes from the Greek word which means to imitate. So, in order to create a design, one must first imitating what is existing. In engineering terms, the term design is used to mean the output of an experiment, the desired end product and the methodology of its creation.

Designing is an important part of the creative process and can be considered as an independent field of study. Good design thinking is necessary to create innovative products and services. It is not enough to design good products, but also to create good business designs. It is not enough to have a good design process or to follow good design guidelines. You must have a good understanding of creativity and innovation. A strong knowledge of human psychology, aesthetics, communication and psychology is also extremely helpful.

Creative designing starts with a problem. An individual comes up with many questions, needs and wants. These are then transformed into creative designs. There is a big difference between designing and making things. Designing means coming up with many different answers to the same question; making things means making a physical object out of abstract ideas. When you ask someone to make a design or to make something, the person would describe it in relation to his experience and talent.

People do not automatically come up with designs that meet our needs. An artist has to take many different types of inspirations, images and thoughts before he can develop into a great designer. Inventors are also unique because they can adapt many types of inspirations and inventions. In order for an innovator to become a successful designer or an artist, he has to take into consideration the different aspects of creativity.

Before designing, we always start by sketching or doing a hand sketch. A good designer should never start designing until he has at least sketch all the possible designs. The best way to start off is to have an idea of what kind of product or service he wants to offer. Once he has a clear idea of what he wants to produce, he can carry out a hand sketching.

Hand sketches are essential because they offer a quick idea of how the product would look like. When you design new products, you need to get several good sketches. The best way to design new products is to get at least 5 sketches done, but this will not be required when you are just beginning. However, if you are just starting to design and have an idea of what your product would look like, you can still follow the above steps because they are to ensure that the designs remain consistent.