Google Reader Shows Significant Impact for Current Bloggers


Google Reader Shows Significant Impact for Current Bloggers

Google’s Blogger application is free and allows bloggers to display their blogs on the internet. This service connects users to the World Wide Web through Blogger. Blogs on Blogger are similar to those on other hosting services, such as WordPress. Blogger also provides a feature that allows users to search for other blogs based on keywords.

Google’s Blogger is free, web-hosting service hosted directly by Google. To utilize Blogger, bloggers must create an individual Google account; users with already established Gmail addresses can also utilize this account. Google’s Blogger allows for several user profiles, which can be changed at any time.

Google FeedBurner is another blogging tool provided by Google. FeedBurner is different from Blogger in that it displays RSS feeds on a blog page instead of individual blog posts. Each time you create a new blog post, a notification will appear on your main Google page. The feed shows the latest content on your selected topic and is updated whenever you publish a blog post on FeedBurner. This functionality makes FeedBurner the preferred method to subscribe to feeds on blogs.

Google+ Social media is another way for bloggers to promote their websites. Similar to Blogger and other web-based applications, Google+ Social media is free for users with an account. With a Google+ account, bloggers can share content on their chosen social media platform using their Google+ profile. This function allows readers to comment on a post as well as share the content on their own social media platform. A recent update of Google+ Social media reduced the maximum number of contacts that can be linked to a single account. As of this writing, the maximum number of contacts that can be associated to a Google+ account is seven.

Google Reader is Google’s latest offering designed to help readers save time while browsing through online content. Google Reader enables readers to search and consume blog content from blogs around the world via a desktop program or smartphone app. When a reader finds a blog post that he or she enjoys, the article is sent to the reader in a PDF file. Depending on the length of the article, the reader can either save it or refer back to it later. This technology is similar to Yoru, a blogging application that was recently released by Google.

Google Search Blogs is a web search engine that provides the ability to browse the most recent blog posts from any category across Google’s suite of products including Google News, Google Places, Google Slate, and Google+. Users can perform an advanced search within the search bar or from a directory of recent blog posts. Users can search for keywords, tags, and even find articles from specific subjects. Bloggers can organize information in various ways, such as categories, tags, and archives. Google Search Blogs has been successful at providing users with up-to-date information on blogs.