Metric Software Fuzzy Logic Gen 2

In Fx2LP, what is different (bands/speed) point in wordwide/word neighbors? What if I was able to see wordwide neighbor frequency bins on the grid. This would give me a way to look at word frequency bins over different scales. Such as – frequency bins on a log-scale, frequency bins on a scale where there are no break-ups (such as with a Wordbird chart) or bins on a continuous scale such as “a” where there would be no splits or breaks up of the letter “a”. Perhaps an “X” bin where the break up occurs every 1000 words.


So now I have the bins for word frequency scales, ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’ and the ‘log’ bins. But there are many more… how about ‘f’? ‘g’? ‘h’? ‘I’? ‘j’? ‘l’?’m’? ‘n’? ‘o’? ‘p’? ‘r’?’s’? ‘t’? ‘u’? ‘v’? ‘w’? What about ‘z’? That’s right, ‘z’ is my favorite metric. It doesn’t matter what the scale is, it’s always better to ‘Z’ than it is to ‘I’. In general, the bigger the range, the better (I hope) it is to plot z-scores.

One last thing about wordwide metrics and Fuzzy Logic: I find that I use Fuzzy Logic much more often than I use Wordwide. I like to think of it as a “superior” tool for organizing my data, but Wordwide is really just a spreadsheet. And in the future, perhaps it will be a document management system but for now Wordwide is good “just another spreadsheet”. I find that the metric Fuzzy Logic gives me a consistent view of my word frequencies over time. In other words, it reminds me exactly when I’ve used a word.

If you’re not familiar with Fuzzy Logic, it’s an internet application (developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated) used by some of the more savvy Wordwebers. The application generates “zoomed-in” versions of documents as PDF’s or “printable PDF’s” and allows viewing of Word graphs, when these are available. Currently, the product is available for Macs, PCs and “the all-in-one” Macintosh. My test lab included a PC running Word 2021 and a Macintosh running Mac Office. The results were pretty impressive!

A second aspect of my Wordview usage was generating HTML output. Once again, Fuzzy Logic helped out, providing nice WYSIWYG toolbar options for formatting documents. Also, Fuzzy Logic provides a nice metric viewer that allows me to visually see how my data has changed from the last view. The data can be viewed in different color schemes and with different font styles.

In conclusion, this is a great tool for anyone who uses Word Wide Application usage to manage data within a document. I particularly like Fuzzy Logic for graphing and data visualization tools. Please consider this tool for your organization! !