Principles of Designing

Designing can be defined as the process by which an idea is developed through the interaction of various people in order to arrive at a specific design or pattern. A design is essentially a pattern or a blueprint for the design of an object, a process, or the output of which, in the case of a process, is an object. The verb designates the act of developing a design, however it should not be confused with the word design. A designer would most certainly create a design, but a designer is not specifically a designer.


A number of different disciplines help us to design. A group of designers together constitutes a design team. A number of designers together constitutes a design group. Together, they come under the discipline of architecture, which is concerned with the creative application of architectural principles in creating designs and structures.

Many designers are trained as consultants. They apply their knowledge and skills to the design principles while coming up with suitable designs for clients. Some designers specialize in particular areas of designing. The use of technology plays a vital role in the field of design principles.

The design principles should be consistent with the user experience. A design should provide ease of use. It should have a good hierarchy so that users do not have to go very far to find what they are looking for. Also, a good hierarchy encourages experimentation, which can possibly point out mistakes and flaws in the designs.

There are a number of techniques designers use to put forward the design principles. The composition of elements is one such technique. Elements can include text, images, color, forms and white space. White space is the area that surrounds an object, idea or concept. It is the part of a design that does not have any content.

A good designer should also be able to create good sketches of his designs. It is through the sketches that he can improve his designs and make them better. A good designer also knows how to modify a sketch once he has made it. He can alter it by changing colors, changing the proportion of the objects or by making them bigger or smaller. These are some of the important things that a designer should know to implement the design process effectively.

Another way a designer can effectively apply the principles of graphic design is by using repetition in his works. It is a good rule to use one type of design on the entire canvas. It is a good tip for beginners to start with one design on the top layer and then proceed to the next layer. This principle can help him create different styles of designs easily.

A designer can also apply the principles of describing design to his product design. Product designers create appealing product designs to persuade people to purchase their products. A good product designer knows how to express the idea of his product in an attractive manner. This way he can ensure that the consumer will buy his products. Appealing designs are part of the overall package a product needs to be successful in the market.