Starting Your Own Blog Directly From Blogger

Blogger is an American blogging software application that allows multi-user blog hosting. Pyra Labs created it in 2003 before being purchased by Google. It is hosted on its own servers, which are also available from Google. It supports the applications PHP and MySQL. Users can create or upload blogs using a graphical user interface (GUI) or by using the command line interface (CLI).


As a blogging platform, Blogger has several benefits over other blog platforms. It provides bloggers with features like RSS feeds, polls, statistics, and ads on the side bar. Bloggers also have the option to manage their bandwidth, email addresses, and keywords for search engines. Blogger offers a “lish” function which allows users to publish their blogs to their own sites or send them out to the public. This allows bloggers to build up a readership and generate revenue.

Blogger has been designed in a manner that allows the hosting of multiple blogs. In case you want your blog to focus on a particular niche, Blogger allows you to create multiple blogs under the same domain name. You can also have multiple authors for each blog. Another great feature of Blogger is that they provide a mechanism for automatic back-links. Bloggers can set their back-link target to blog directories like Yahoo!. Google also provides blog directories for Blogger users.

One of the first things that novice bloggers will ask about when they are deciding which blogging platform to use is the cost. Blogger is absolutely free to use! You don’t need to sign up for a paid account to be able to create and upload blogs. The basic blog design with a sidebar containing a login area and a toolbar is all that is required for an individual blogger. Blogger was developed by two highly skilled web designers who are also very active bloggers themselves. The combination of these skills, along with a free blogging platform, makes Blogger one of the best blogging platforms on the internet today.

There are many other blogging sites that allow the hosting of more than one blog. These sites are, obviously, more complex and require more extensive set-up. Blogger is easy to use, flexible, and doesn’t require much set-up. Once the initial installation is completed, bloggers can begin to blog. Blogs are supported by advertising programs that allow companies to place banners on blogs and publishers can choose the specific products and services that they wish to promote through their blogs.

Some bloggers use their blogs as additional tools by doing consulting work for other individuals and companies. If you’re thinking about starting your own blog, why not start one with Blogger? Not only is it free to use, but you can host as many blogs as you like and Blogger has a variety of add-on plug-ins that make it easy to manage your blogs. Starting your own blog directly from Blogger is easy, straightforward, and most of all, free!