The Importance of Designers

A design is a blueprint or specifications for the production of an object or structure, or even for the realization of an idea, product or procedure, or the end result of that blueprint or specification. The word design also refers to a variety of processes involving planning, designing, and implementing. The verb to design normally indicates the process of creating a design. The other common use of the word design is to refer to a variety of aesthetic arts forms such as painting, printmaking, sculpture, music, architecture, and computer software. Designing is used to refer to an inventive activity, a product, a structure, and many other things.


The word design originates from the Latin word ‘design’ and the Greek word ‘designs’. The meanings of both words are similar; however, the French have added ‘ise’ to design meaning ‘improvement’. These two languages have been very helpful to designers in their quest for meanings associated with design. The Latin root words, ‘designed’,’modus’ and ‘opus’ both mean ‘workmanship’.

Designing is very important because it helps us to make things which are beautiful and interesting. It also has a deep meaning. Designing also involves the use of colours, shapes, textures, and materials. Thus, it has a broad meaning, including creative thinking, aesthetics, the ability to produce quality work of beauty and elegance, form, structure, and so on.

In business and industry, designers play a major role by coming up with innovative ideas and solutions to improve the functionality and effectiveness of existing products. They implement this solution by designing the layout of the manufactured object, creating the function and appearance of the product, and testing its performance. A user experience designer creates the concept of a user experience by evaluating the interaction a user has with a certain type of product. He can determine the expected outcome after completing the required tasks, and can help create the best user experience for his customers.

In other fields such as art or architecture, designers work with architects to conceptualize a design before implementing it. In manufacturing, designers make physical products more efficient and effective. Fashion designers provide ideas and concepts to make clothes that look fashionable and attractive. Graphic design artists give images and objects to be manufactured aesthetically appealing. While some designers focus only on one particular application, others have wide interests and expertise in many areas.

As you can see from the above, designers have a deep meaning that affects every aspect of their work. Their creative thinking helps them to design beautiful items and elegant structures that satisfy their users. Their eye for details helps them to create a user experience that surpasses the level of their imagination. Thus, they play a vital role in society.