What Does It Mean When Talking About UI Design?

A design is an artistic conception or pattern for the construction or the implementation of a structure or object, usually of some physical form or aspect or for the efficient performance of some process or activity, or the outcome of this plan or specification as a model, machine or product. The word ‘design’ itself suggests a creative faculty and in design psychology the term design may refer to the ability to adopt an innovative course of action. Design can mean art, but more often it refers to the generation of new material, appliance or process that is both functional and pleasing to the user. The word ‘design’ is also used in engineering jargon to mean the planning of the erection of some building or structure or the designing of certain aspects of the existing structure, including its appearance.


The word design has many other meanings. In the context of architecture, it refers to the selection of suitable materials and construction techniques for use in the building or construction. In industrial design, the word design refers to the manipulation of raw data into forms that satisfy a specific need. In graphic design, the word design means the process by which patterns and designs are generated and constructed into useful products. In software design, the term design means the arranging of hardware devices or data structures so that they can be used or desired by the user.

The meaning of the term user experience is more specific, referring to the means by which the user will achieve the intended end or effect of the design. This meaning is more important in the context of website design as the aim of website designers is to create a user experience that is satisfactory and effective, so that the targeted audience can find the information they are looking for. A meaningful user experience will meet the needs of the human mind and help to build the brand or reputation of the company. Therefore, designers who want to contribute to these goals should be aware of the different meanings of the terms design, user experience and usability.

User experience or user interface design usually refers to the means by which users will manipulate the information or content on a website, for example selecting what tool they want to use, how to change the font size, or whether to change the colour. Designers can help to make this easier by understanding the goals of the company, determining what the audience for the website is likely to be like, and choosing the layout or format that will make things easier for people to navigate and interact with the site. They then need to think about how they want to implement the various features and functions that they have chosen, and what technologies they will need to support these things. Once this has been established, designers will need to think about ways in which the various elements of the site can communicate with each other and work in harmony with each other. A good example of this can be seen in creating an app design, which is the graphical interface or layout of a particular application or website, and which will allow for easy and convenient interaction by the users.

Another field that one can consider when talking about user interface design would be visual design, which deals with creating the appearance of something. An example of visual design can be found in creating an artistic or layout style for something, as well as creating an overall theme or style. A good ui designer must be able to take all of these different aspects into consideration, as they will then need to work out how to create a user interface that is both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing for all viewers of the website.

Designing is such a massive field that it is often easy to get confused about what it really means. The confusion stems from the fact that there are different types of design and each of them has different purposes. For example, if you were to talk about typography, you would talk about the way the letters of the word are made, and this would include things like using different fonts, spaces, and even the way they are positioned on the page. A graphic designer on the other hand would be more concerned about things such as the shapes, colours, and even the lines that are used to form the images that we see on webpages. Therefore, it is not surprising that people sometimes have very different understandings of what it means when talking about UI designing.