Why Choose Blogger?


Why Choose Blogger?

If you have an interest in blogging that enjoys the rewards and benefits of the social networking sites, then Blogger is a site you should definitely consider. Blogger is an American online content portal that allows multi-user blog accounts with timestamped posts to be hosted on its servers. Pyra Labs developed this tool before being purchased by Google in 2003.

Google hosts the bloggers, which are accessible via a subdomain of blogspot dot com. This is a great advantage for bloggers that would rather host their blogs on another server besides the one offered by Google. The same goes for those who would like to have more than one user logging on at a time. The platform also provides additional functionality like RSS feeds, blog comments, blog search, blog subscription and so much more.

Unlike most blog platforms, Blogger offers users full control over their account settings, which include themes, colors and templates among other things. The bloggers are able to make changes to their blogs via an inbuilt editor provided with the program. Blogs can be easily organized according to categories and tags which allow easy searching for specific items.

Blogger also comes with its own set of blogging tools such as ‘accelerators’ that helps bloggers create compelling titles and create compelling headlines. Blogs can also be protected from certain unwanted IP addresses, which helps prevent spammers from creating blogs within the network. Bloggers also has its own built-in shopping cart software, which allows bloggers to easily upload and manage their blogs. Blogs are also supported with desktop publishing tools, which is absent from other blogging programs.

Blogger is, however, not the most popular blogging platform in the world. WordPress, Google Reader and EzineArticles are the three most popular blogging tools today. Compared to Blogger, the blogging software offered by these three companies is far more user friendly. Users of all skill levels can use these programs with relative ease.

The best part about using Blogger as your blogging platform is that it allows you to customize your blog posts however you want them to look. No matter what type of web design you are used to, Blogger can easily adapt to your preferences making it a great choice for bloggers around the world. Using Blogger, you don’t have to worry about your marketing strategy as you can simply make any blog post as unique as you want. You can add custom graphics, videos and more to your blog posts to make them as unique as ever.