Wordwide: World Coverage at Your Fingertips

Wordwide FX is an out-of-the-box translation service focusing on forex trading markets, particularly in the major worldwide languages of English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. The mission of Wordwide FX is to deliver accurate, real-time translations of currency quotes from foreign exchanges. It provides a number of premium services such as: tracking and tracing currencies, instant translations of key terms in forex trade, advanced analysis of exchange rates, quotes checking and quotes translation services. Besides this, it also integrates with industry-leading data tracking and analytics tools such as Traders toolbar, Price Checker and Big Data Explorer. Wordwide FX offers these services with zero price tag.


Another unique feature of Wordwide FX is its ability to access and display the latest news items from all around the world through a single interface. This global news agency services have been crafted with user friendliness and ease of navigation in mind. You will get instant access to the latest news from India Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Asia Times and Aljazeera among others. You can also have the facility of bookmarking any news item that interests you. In this way you can be alerted whenever a new news item appears on the web.

Wordwide FX offers a wide range of benefits. As I mentioned above, the service is meant for casual traders and has a simple but effective user interface so that newcomers can be hooked straight away. The news agencies listed above are all reputed news agencies in their respective countries and serve their purpose just fine. In fact, some of them are even available in English and so are convenient for those people who are not aware of the local language. For those who reside in countries where there is no or little English language, Wordwide news agency can be a great help, as you will get access to world coverage in your own language.

There is a huge list of news items that you can choose from. Among them are breaking news, entertainment, financial news, weather, business, kids’ news and much more. You can choose news items from these online news agencies that interest you most and have them delivered straight to your desktop.

Another great advantage that you can get from using Wordwide is that it is totally free. It does not matter whether you subscribe for its weekly report, daily update or monthly report. It is completely free. You can browse through and get the information that you want. No extra cost, no obligations what so ever.

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages of subscribing to Wordwide. It is free and has no strings attached. You can even customize your subscription plan to suit your preferences. Subscribe today! Start enjoying the world coverage in your language. You won’t be able to find a better option for your news updates.