Five Ways a Blogger Can Earn Money Online

Bloggers are able to build a loyal audience by blogging and contributing content. Blogs used to be referred to as “web logs”. They were used primarily so that people could write about what they day-to-day tasks. Today, blogs are more likely read in the social media sites, in print media, and via electronic mail. Bloggers are also able to host web logs and blogs on their own websites.


The first step to be able to make money with your blog is to start building your audience. When a blogger has an audience he or she will have people who are interested in what he or she has to say. The number of readers determines the income that can be made through a blog. With every post, a blogger should attempt to get five to ten percent of that readers’ opinions. This will result in an increase of views, and therefore, a rise in income. In addition, when readers like the blog, they will usually post a comment, which will give the blogger exposure and hopefully more readers.

After the initial few posts, the blogger can begin to earn revenue by selling digital products. This is done by displaying advertisements on the blog or within the blog itself. These advertisements can be displayed on the sidebar, within charts, or within blog rolls. Bloggers may also choose to offer digital products such as eBooks, audio files, video files, or membership websites.

Another way that a blogger may earn revenue is through the use of social media. A blogger can make their presence known by using social media, such as Twitter, Digg, Blogger, etc. each time that they post blog posts or video links on their website. In addition, readers should be encouraged to share these links with others by making a comment on the post or sharing the URL via email or social media.

There are a variety of ways that bloggers can monetize their blogs. This includes Paypal, Google AdSense, LinkShare, ShareAsana, PayPal, and others. Bloggers can choose to accept one or more payment methods, depending on their budget and convenience. Some blogs provide advertising revenue for affiliates who place banner ads on the blogger’s site.

Bloggers who choose to become affiliate marketers often use a blog platform that allows them to control how much they earn through affiliate sales. Bloggers can decide if they want to place advertisements on their pages, or if they want to sign up as an affiliate. Affiliate marketing has many benefits to a blogger, especially to those with a small audience and limited financial means. Affiliate marketing allows a blogger to earn additional revenue from a loyal audience and a list of customers.